Focusing on One Post of Many at Lost Coast Outpost Today

 Kym Kemp:   Not many non-profits want to say “Yah, of course, we get the majority of our funds from growers.”

Me:  EPIC maybe? KMUD?

What about commercial? LoCO?

What about political candidates and political alliances?

The problem is Kym, it is still not ok with the majority of society once you lose the environmentalists. I used to be pro legalization and would have been on here cheering you on until this summer when I learned about the direct influence the weed has had through KMUD on our General Plan Update.

The Bohn/Fennell alliance is impossible to understand unless you understand who Bonnie Blackberry, Charley Custer, Tom Grover*, Lee Ulansey and whoever else are. It’s amazing really.

Then you get the silence or self-negotiating stance of EPIC’s Gary Graham Hughes. AHHHH! (Note: Kudos to Scott Greacen. He has been strong and relatively environmentally consistent this summer IMHO.)

Here’s the thing. That Bohn/Fennell alliance is not well understood. If Bohn’s supporters knew what was going on, they would kinda freak out IMHO – at least those who aren’t directly profiting from the GPU GP re-write, lax enforcement, and reduced county regulation.

The bad press and one sided reporting you are complaining about today is partially because it is important for advocates to keep quiet. (Again, IMHO)

Keep quiet or else people will see that this weed train ride we are on is on a downhill slope and we as a society are losing control. Nobody knows where this is headed or what legalization is going to look like. Will it benefit our rivers? I’m starting to believe it probably won’t.

Good for you for publicizing and promoting the weed trade, but your lonesome voice is probably at least partially due to the fact many growers are rightfully shy about the publicity.

Bonnie Blackberry and Charley Custer included. Where are they during the public GPU meetings? Bonnie is there, but not connecting the weed trade to her positions like she does on her KMUD radio show. That would not go over well in the Courthouse.

A bit of bookkeeping –  I repost a bunch of comments here in dHF! that may be hard to notice because they are buried in threads.  (I’m realizing as I type this that I have mistakenly been posting a bunch of the comment’s I’ve been making today at LoCO in the “miscellaneous” thread – they should be in the Cannibis thread.  Oh, well.)

Anyhoo, it is a different and probably confusing way of running a blog – but the long comment threads were characteristic of Sohum Parlance where I first began to actively comment – and I liked it.

A special shout out to Kym Kemp today at LoCO.  She was a trooper and really put up with a bunch of my nonsense.

* 9/2/13 Not sure about Tom Grover right now – I added him t o the list based on an appearance on with the civil liberties group on KMUD.  Based on an appearance on KMUD’s Enviornment Show on 8/6/13 I want to hem and haw a little here.


One thought on “Focusing on One Post of Many at Lost Coast Outpost Today

  1. It may be that this post wasn’t flagged at all. I’m still learning the disqus comment matrix and it appeared as if it was because a yellow flag was posted along the right hand side, but it that flag could have come up because I was searching for that particular comment, or a host of other reasons. I may change my headline to this post from “This Post Was Flagged by a Lost Coast Outpost Reader- So Let’s Give it Special Attention.” To whatever is up there now. Like I wrote in LoCO, I think I’ve been smoking too much weed – I’m becoming paranoid.

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