Open Space and Conservation Element of the GPU Opened Tonight

The element of the GPU that the Board of Supervisors chose to send back the Planning Commission is due to be addressed tonight.  The meeting is at 6 pm in the Supervisor’s Chambers at the Courthouse.  It’s likely that there will be another meeting Thursday at 6 pm also.

Remember, the Planning Commission has been well-stacked by the members of the BOS who would like to empower the private sector in matters of planning rather than us, the public, the County.  Commissioner’s Lee Ulansey, Bob Morse, and Alan Bongio are among those appointed by the newly conservative Board after the tea-party fueled local election of 2012.

Also…a thank you for many years of service in the blogosphere and good luck on future endeavors to Eric Kirk and Sohum Parlance.  Apparently he isn’t retiring, just taking a well deserved step back from blogging.


Progressive Democrat Meeting Tonight

After our two month hiatus for the holidays, the progressives are “in” again tonight at HCDCC.

  • 7pm
  • Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee headquarters
  • 129 5th St., Eureka

Now’s a great time to start working to elect progressive Democrats locally in addition to  nationwide.  Come help us out.

New Episode in the BOS GPU Deliberations Today

Here’s the agenda for today’s meeting at the Courthouse at 1:25 today.

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to attend and from what I’ve seen from the past few meetings that means the only ones left in the room will be HumCPR, Chamber of Commerce, Humboldt Builder’s Exchange – type environmentalists.  Ask any one of them and they will say they too are environmentalists.  This current process finally is one that is fair, balanced and addresses the diversity of Humboldt.  Of course that’s not true.

This process is lead by 4 very conservative Supervisors when it comes to relinquishing our right as a community to plan to private interests.

A couple of meetings ago, I did see one member of the public who spoke very eloquently at the September 23rd meeting against changing the Guiding Principles.  Bob – cheers to you, and here’s hoping you will continue to attend as you can and please let us know what is going on from someone who has been there first hand.

Unfortunately I know of no leads of to challenge Supervisor Bass and Supervisor Sundberg this June.  Of course I think this is a travesty and I have been doing everything I can to motivate the few people I know – including those in the HCDCC.  I think the HCDCC’s campaign focus will be Eureka this year maybe partially because the left has one viable candidate who may be motivated and able to find a couple of other people to run with him.

But remember, that election isn’t until November and the County Supervisor elections begin with a primary in June – and we’ve got bupkis.

So speak amongst yourselves Humboldt.  It’s going to be up to you because at this point, unless there is super-secret planning going on, the Democrats do not have candidates to run against the conservative Supervisors Bass and Ryan.  The plan of either not running as a conservative (Supervisor Ryan) or running as a Democrat (Supervisor Bass) is working wonderfully.  It’s a viable way to maintain an ultra-conservative planning regime in a majority liberal county when all indicators demonstrate planning could not be more critical to future growth and sustainability.

Ms. Hodson I of course agree with your passion on this.  I’ve been waiting since you wrote your op-ed back in June for people to pick up the standard(s).  No one has – yet.  I don’t think this is because there isn’t a demand for someone to run.  There IS a demand as demonstrated by Lisa Ollivier’s victory over the conservative John Fullerton for School Board.  HumCo deserves a chance to vote against the conservative approach to regional planning that does not believe in, oh, say, “protecting agriculture and timberland for the long term”.

Humboldt Democrats Meet Tonight

Same Democratic time, same Democratic place.  (7pm across from Denny’s in Eureka – 5th and C)

It’s going to be a very busy, very important and very exciting year.  Resolve to get more involved.  Voting is one thing – it’s critical.  You’d be amazed at the influence one person can have if you only give it a sustained shot.

Mea Culpa John Chiv

St. Bernard's pre-dawn 1/2/13
St. Bernard’s pre-dawn 1/2/13

I was planning a much different post on the heinous murder of  St. Bernard’s Rev. Eric Freed.  Unfortunately I need to add a personal apology to John Chiv.  I ran into John yesterday then again this morning.  Yesterday we had a short conversation I thought nothing more about until this morning when John and I accidentally crossed paths again.  John expressed his clear anger because I added politics to this community tragedy and his very personal loss by bringing up the death penalty and the Catholic Church’s stance against it.  My point was much different than was taken and most probably expressed.

John, I apologize.

What I was hoping to express, in this post, was my deep commiseration with both Catholics and our community.  We have more than our fair share of violent crime in our small community.  This one is particularly painful because a huge segment of Eureka’s population lost someone akin to a family member.   Also, the community at large lost a great man for no reason other than a totally senseless, and deeply troubling murder.

My thoughts may ring hollow, especially to you John Chiv.  I hope you can forgive me for my untimely and ill chosen words and understand that this loss is felt deeply by many others, myself included, who did not share the good fortune of knowing Rev. Freed.

Rest in peace Reverend Freed.  You will be missed.  What is quite clear in the few days since this unimaginable tragedy and crime is your good will and impact will ripple through our community for many years in to come.