Why Care About the GPU GP Anyway?

I just realized, it doesn’t make a great deal of sense for me to start agitating for people to go out to the GPU GP meeting on September 23rd (at 7PM 🙂 ) if I don’t say why.  I’ve been writing about this all summer on Sohum Parlance but I don’t expect people who might be new to this to trudge through the comment sections there to see what the heck is going on.  (If you do, a good starting point is June 3rd – you will get all the players joining in at that point – after about a week, there was only a few die-hards remaining)

So.  This is a way of saying it’s on my To Do List.  I will write that post in the next couple of days.

4 thoughts on “Why Care About the GPU GP Anyway?

  1. Cookie says:

    Hi DJon. This is pretty cool. It is like your daily journal that we get to participate in. I wonder what Supervisor Bass will respond with to your email? What if she doesn’t respond at all? That was the one thing Kathleen screamed and yelled about with CLif, and asked a question about at every single debate. Was that Clif did not return phone calls or emails. There were a couple I know, but Kathleen and Estelle hammered Clif with this and made it a campaign issue. WIll be interesting to see if she responds.

  2. Hi Cookie. I’m so honored you are here. I appreciate the compliment! Thanks!

    Virginia got back to me saying she’s busy and will reply in a week or two. I do have to say I really feel like a heel on a personal level. Virginia is a genuinely sweet person who cares about what people think about her. I know it must be difficult to deal with an antagonistic constituent and also antagonistic member of our shared party. I feel like I’m being a poor host (ie as a long-time Democrat) and friend (because she is that sweet). Then I remember that I have to be true to my convictions and I somewhat get over it. But it goes to the point about how difficult politics are at the local level I think.

    Yeah, Estelle. I think I’ll write her soon to, not as a constituent, because of course I’m not, but as a Democrat (which she is of course). It was some good politics she played on Clif. I really feel bad for him – and us. But politics is part of the game unfortunately. It’s a rough world.

  3. Cookie says:

    What you said about ” Virginia is a genuinely sweet person who cares about what people think about her. ” For some reason that hits me wrong. She should care about what people think about the job she is doing, she should care about what is best for the county. Like it is about “her”. It’s not. It’s about the job she was voted in to do. Yes?

    1. You are right of course, and that is why I am doing what I’m doing. It is difficult though.

      You know I do a lot of trying to promote people to vote, become involved, etc. This is one of the reasons people don’t like politics. It’s like that adage that you don’t talk about politics at family reunions.

      What I’m trying to get across is maybe it is possible on some level to disagree, but still be human and civil to each other. I know it is possible because people do it. But I’m realizing how difficult it is.

      She does care about what is best for the county. We just disagree. Maybe it’s because we have different priorities or know different people or have different life experiences, or whatever, but I do believe she is doing what she thinks is best for the county. I just think she is misguided. 🙂

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