The “Bottom Line” for Those Against a True Ward Electoral Process for Eureka.

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Numbers: A Little Perspective on Our Place in the Universe

Link from The Presurfer.

Did the music bring anyone else back to from Carl Sagan’s late 70’s PBS shows?  It’s Vangelis’ “Alpha” btw.

If you happened to miss the cycle, play the beginning of the video again.  It’s a nice touch, even if it the multiverse isn’t a thing.

I’m So Sorry Eureka, I Couldn’t Do It

I suspended what in the end was little more than an intention to run for the 2nd Ward.  There are three main reasons for this…

a) I am not ready to be a public official.  I need to know more, I need to be more connected to our community and I have work to do in my life.

b) My current impetus for running is based largely on the negative reaction to the vision Matthew Owen has for Eureka.  I was not able to articulate positive reasons for voters to vote for me that don’t involve eyes glazing over or napping. (yes the latter happened)

c) I need to understand how to overcome a deep personal aversion to self-promotion.

And that was not because of a lack of support.  I want to thank, those who showed an interest in supporting a campaign.  This includes my employer who approved leave to allow for a campaign, a handful of current and former public officials and those within political and labor organizations to whom I reached out.

Most of all, thank you to humboldt49 who I have been so blessed to have as a Mother.

I can believe that this is for the best.  Even if Mr. Owen does waltz in without an opponent (we still have until the 12th to find a candidate), a movement which represents a new local perspective on governance that does not believe that landlord or business interests always trump those of working people can maintain a 3/2 majority as Councilmember Atkins terms out as Allen McCloskey appears to be running against John Fullerton in Eureka’s Fourth.

Also, there will be a measure on the November ballot which, if passed, will be much more important to effective governance in Eureka that any one race or campaign.  I plan to put all my discretionary energy and time this summer and fall to assisting the campaign to begin to return representative democracy to Eureka by making it a true ward system not to mention supporting Mr. McCloskey in the Fourth.

FYI, here is the latest opinion against the true ward system (Sunday’s “My Word” in the Times-Standard).  It’s by former City Councilmember Thomas Hannah who apparently has the amazing ability to see into the hearts of “true ward” supports like me and the thousands of voters who will be voting this November…

“Far from being concerned with public good, supporters of this change are focused, as before, only on advancing personal goals and special interests.”.

Darn voters and their personal goals and interests!

Having said all this and with personal direction and motivation for the future, in 2016 I failed in my intentions to do everything I could to give Eureka’s Second Ward a choice.  With my early and public announcement to run and then stepping back at the 11th hour, I’ve likely hurt any chances for another candidate to step up against someone who understands the politics of the working class and environmental sustainability are not “regressive”.  I am truly sorry!