Russian Interference Matters Bigly, but Republicans ARE in Charge.

I agree in part with the notion that Van Jones seems to be giving voice to – progressives cannot let impeachment in and of itself be a policy goal of the left.


However, the Russian investigation should be important to the left and “real people” because we need to be very clear about how bad of an actor Russia is on the international scene and we cannot accept any known interference from foreign powers on our national elections, no matter how that foreign power sells it’s interests.  That is another reason why this investigation is so important, yes we have to get the bottom to what President Trump and his campaign did using connections to Russia AND we have to take measures to protect future elections from interference.

This can get cloudy for progressives, in part because of a successful propaganda campaign by Russians that have offered a mouth-piece via Russia Today to outstanding progressives such as one of my heroes – Thom Hartmann, and have offered support to third party progressives such as Jill Stein.

Here is a very short list we on the left (and “real people” who I contend DO have a capacity to want the US to have a positive influence on international affairs) cannot or should not forget about Russia:

 *It is a brutal oligarchy.

 *Slain journalists and opposition.

 *Annexation of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

 *Support of Assad when he was vulnerable to regime change in the later stages of the Arab spring.

 *Support of Serbian nationalism in the mid 1990’s.

My views on Russia are of course informed by my sympathy for Muslims and other vulnerable people within Russia and within the countries they seek to either absorb or influence.  And I think these sympathies, or their political polar opposites are exactly why many on the right-wing fringe can see Russia more of an ally and less of a hostile foreign power.

Having said that, this is where I agree with Van Jones.  Republicans are in control and they will determine whether or not those responsible for crimes, if any, are held to account.  We need to be there to support those conservatives of conscience and principle who do take governing and equal applications of law seriously, but until 2018 at the earliest, we remain at the mercy of the Republican concept of governing.


I just wanted to share this tweet as an example of how thoroughly the right wing tabloid press has wrapped reality with a 30 year negative campaign against the Clintons.  81 year old Peter Smith who was a Republican operative in search of damning Clinton e-mails on the “dark web” has become a focus of the collusion investigation.

Sadly, you don’t really have to imagine, the seeds of conspiracy are already being sown.  From Glenn Beck’s digital tabloid – The Blaze:

Glenn Beck


more on Crimean Tartars under Russian rule:

Russia Is Trying to Wipe Out Crimea’s Tatars



Russia has not taken kindly to this dissent. Russian authorities have shut down Crimean Tatar media. Russian forces have raided homes and mosques, and harassed and imprisoned Crimean Tatar activists, some of whom have disappeared or been killed. Russia has tried to block the Crimean Tatars from publicly commemorating the deportation and has even re-exiled Mustafa Dzhemilev, the Crimean Tatars’ political leader.

According to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, about 20,000 Crimean Tatars have fled the peninsula since the annexation. This is devastating for a people who spent 45 years banished from their homeland. Many thought they were done with Russia once and for all when the Soviet Union disintegrated and Crimea belonged to Ukraine. Few predicted that their nightmare would begin anew in 2014.

If the Crimean Tatars are to survive, Western governments must do more to help.




One thought on “Russian Interference Matters Bigly, but Republicans ARE in Charge.

  1. Trump Is A Traitor says:

    Van Jones is wrong again. Just like he was wrong about Communism . impeachment is THE policy/strategy that will win the House & Senate in 2018.
    The Democrats have no chance of winning control of the Senate, unless they put impeachment of Trump the Chump front & center.

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