Morals and Squaring the Circle of Politics and Power

I’ve been thinking about morality quite a bit based on my fascination with all things conservative.

Morality is key to the conservative movement. They claim ownership of it while painting the left as anything from morally suspect to dangerously insane (liberalism is a mental disorder for example).

And we on the left have largely ceded this argument while trying to win just enough elections to stay in power.

But that, imho, was the wrong tact. We too are moral people. We are the movement of the bleeding heart after all.

It is becoming increasing important to reassert the morality of the left as the wealth of the wealthiest country in the world increasingly becomes focused into the hands of a powerful few. Remember, our government by design has very few means of actually re-distributing wealth (as opposed to income) from the wealthy to the masses and most of us would agree this is generally a good thing.

But there is a problem with this construction in an economic system that allows for two types of relatively unregulated income – income from labor and income from capital. If an individual has access to both – income from extant wealth as well as income from her labor – then there exists a fundamental problem, which if not addressed will only exacerbate the situation we have today furthering the distance between the haves [   Capital?-Yes! 🙂 ] and have-nots [  Capital?-No.  😦  ].

Is there a more fundamental expression of the inability of our current political system to address this problem than the actions of a Republican hegemony in our 3 branches of federal government?

As conservatives would frame it the plan, which will result in tens of millions of individuals losing subsidized health insurance and thus access to preventative medical care, is moral because it allows for access via individual choice with lower premiums.  The number of uninsured which will result from the Republican health plan in their view will remain the responsibility of those people who did not purchase the affordable (if not entirely comprehensive) health insurance. To add insult to injury, the Republicans will not even take responsibility for “cutting” Medicaid.  They wish to keep the moral high ground by arguing that they are not making cuts to Medicaid, only reducing future growth.

All of this is baloney. The bottom line is the one we’ve been hearing in the past 8 years. This isn’t about repairing or replacing Obamacare, it is about repealing Obamacare. It is about destroying any attempt at providing a collective answer to what is a problem of our commons – health care.

Our broken economic system which is designed to allow for winners and losers (based, on individual choice AND on luck, and one’s ethics, etc.) is facing a defining test and we cannot blame this solely on President Trump or on Republicans.

This is on us as a people and as individuals. We need to do what we can to take back the story about who we are. That story has to focus much more on the good and less on the evil. It has to focus much more on what is right and less on what is wrong. We have to be more proactive and less reactive.

In short we have to take back the cause of a collective morality instead of one that is focused almost entirely on an individualistic morality. The fundamental problem with focusing all our attention on our own righteousness is we lose track of those problems that can only be fixed by collective actions.

And that is what government is about. It’s not about solely protecting individual rights from governmental action, it’s also about taking affirmative actions based on decisions of elected representatives and making sure that institutions within it’s purview do not take collective action that harm the livelihood or interests of citizens.

Right now, those with money have not only the power of their wealth, but via the modern Republican Party they also have the power of the institution which should protect people from an out-of-control economic system. This is as much a moral issue as a political issue and it has never been as clearly defined as our current health care debate.

FF:  (forgiveness factor) = high.  Again, quick opinion before work.

more social media on the political dichotomy of morals:

I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People (Kayla Chadwick | Huffington Post | June 26, 2017)

Conservative Reaction (via Cato-employed conservative legal scholar). (Think “liberal morality is a mental disorder”)

More on American morality and the culture war in real time via a tweet-storm from historian Jonathan Wilson.


7 thoughts on “Morals and Squaring the Circle of Politics and Power

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Good points Jon.

    In fact, the reading reminds HOJ of the similarities and eerie connectivities to what Sheriff Honsal is alleging with publuc administrators office selling provate items to county employees… if he is calling out the local racketeering……thing is, the racket is not precluded to just conservatives ( most popo) as liberals (most gubbamint paper pushers) practice racketeering too…… really, this is just a cover to deflect much worse so people stay focused on the wrong bullshit.

    Nice try though by “pistol packing monkey no money bum” Honsal to refocus those peering eyes and ears and critiques, but a day late and a dollar short as the saying goes…….. “Got his hand in his pocket and his finger on the trigger, his posse is big and his Posse’s getting bigger…..brass monkey, that funky junky monkey, brass monkey

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Google voice to text still shitty…….very happy FANG investorsate dumping shares (FAANG on major media now, after HOJ exposed the fraud via electronic means, media alters the acronym)

    HOJ is against Zuckerburgh, Bezos, Cook, the 2 other ceo’s…..


    All price gouge the customers for billions so the ceo/owner can act and spew their political liberal bullshit……..

    Not defending those others who lean conservative either……like companies selling death trade tools like fighter jets, bombs, weapons, etc……tasers, police equipment, etc….anything police state or industrial military complex……oh boy, lest not jest about insurance companies and legislation either……gubbamint……blow us all.

  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Healthcare is not a problem at all for hoj….. It is unaffordable and not worth pissing in a bucket for….. For all others who want Healthcare, good luck paying for it all yourself…….. Cuz the HOJ’s of America will not be forced to purchase unaffordable healthcare plans, policies, insurance or anything else that the numbnuts in Congress fodder over like cattle before their throats are slit and they bleed out………not surprised about the punk congress shit foe brains traitor Scalise either…….America is falling apart again, and rather fast.

  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Morals – as if liberal and Progressive Democrats don’t go to church and act all uppity with their morals and classless standards…… What a hoot and a boot kick in the ass.

  5. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Not done yet JY, there is more:

    Another McFarland……

    Morals and Josiah and public employee namesakes and connectivities to political/ criminal conduct…….

    As moralism has ‘signs from God’

    For moralists:

    Fyre Festival Founder Arrested, Charged With Wire Fraud

    Federal prosecutors claim Billy McFarland promised a “life changing” festival but “delivered a disaster.”
    By Carla Herreria

    Billy McFarland, shown here at a New York benefit in July 2016. Federal prosecutors accuse him of using fake documents to lure investors into backing his exclusive music festival on a private island.

  6. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Road Rage – indicative that morals are waning and society has transitioned to self serving justice as no sanctid institutions exist as necessary to curb violence and vigilante reactions…..too many deserving folks go unpunished which is food for their victims……

    Thank You Jon, morals are an important topic to understand application-wise.

    Trump – No morals, fleeting principles, hipocrit, bullshiter, liar, 2 party system prostitute supporting pimpster, a political john who does latrine negotiating for half ass deals….. Still fully committed and then they have to listen to that hybrid model of of a water bucket it goes by the name of Sarah Huckabee Sanders……. Notice how politicians family members get hired by government at every level or get hired by the media and it doesn’t matter whether it’s fox or MSNBC or CNN or NBC or CBS…… It’s all the same “Show Intel”….. Pun intended…..

    Fence-sitting not allowed…….. as Humpty Dumpty only falls hard and cracks the very thin egghead shell membrane that is supposed to act as a protective shield so the bobblehead won’t get wobbled loose.

    Who really believes America is going to get better?

    Making America great again……. As if America was ever great in the fold of it all… Funny how people today try to use the history of yesterday as a means to keep propped up the social attitude of citizens in today’s reality which is subversive when compared to yesterday’s reality….

    Done, enjoy the holiday week upcoming JY, you deserve some goodness for your sincerities…..😇

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