Is “Trumpcare = Choice” a Lie?

Of course it is. The true is that Obamacare with Medicaid expansion (called Medi-Cal in California) now covers over 50,000 Humboldters. That at least doubled and close to tripled Medi-Cal coverage before the ACA.

To be eligible to Medi-Cal under the expansion, your current income had to be 138% of Federal Poverty Limit (FPL) for an adult and under 266% FPL for a child. 138% FPL is $1,387 per month.

With these new, simpler, fair and humane rules under Obamacare we as a Humboldt community were able to share first rate health care with 25,000 to 30,000 more of our neighbors.

If you have family in Humboldt, it’s likely some members of your extended family are aided under this program. Remember, with Medi-Cal roles in the 50,000 range we are talking about 38% of all 130,000 Humbodlters aided under this program.

And it’s a good program. We are a wealthy society and all other wealthy societies around the globe have figured out access to preventative and sustaining health care is a right. Medicaid under Obamacare doesn’t reach universal health care levels, but it does give access to the most needy in a conservative, market-friendly manner that does allow choice.

If you are over that 138% as an adult, or 266% as a child, you then get access to private health care plans on the Covered CA marketplace. Up to 400% FPL these are subsidized and thus affordable.

Again, Obamacare was a conservative approach to universal health care coverage, one based on markets and helping individuals to chose the health care they can afford.

But the chosen Republican party line to sell what the rest of us understand is a money and power grab where the rest of us are entirely vulnerable is to contend that Trump Care is about choice in health care.

And for some it is. For those making over 400% FPL, I imagine there may be expanded choices as the insurance industry again returns to you as their main profit center. But for those who were able to gain access to health care under Obamacare, there will no longer be a choice.

Trump Care = choice is a lie because Obamacare proved that we were able to expand the roles of those obtaining health care. This meant that money was a factor and reducing funding to Medicaid will again return us to the bad old days where health care is a privilege to those who are gainfully employed or have made many good decisions or have been fortunate enough to be born to a family with enough money or love to set us on the right path.

This just isn’t acceptable in our country and it would be nice if local Republicans who get this would speak to their friends and business associates and help their leaders in Washington get this.

Trumpcare will reduce the number of people who have access to health care, it does this by removing the cornerstone of a critical federally-funded program called Medicaid satisfying another conservative goal in working to reverse the FDR-Johnson vision of America with a strong middle class and access to basic necessities of modern life to those who live at or below poverty limits. Mainstream Republicans and conservatives, please do not let the Economic Royalists or loony libertarians do this to us. Our lives are in your hands and we depend on you to call a lie a lie. 25,000 to 30,000 of your neighbors and customers now depend on your integrity.



G.O.P. Health Plan Is Really a Rollback of Medicaid (Margot Sanger-Katz |NYT | 6/20/17)



(This is the forgiveness factor.  I’m asking for a high amount of forgiveness for editing/content b/c of the short amount of time I was able to dedicate to this post) 🙂 (ty)

GA06 Democrats Should Consider Voting for a Republican

Tomorrow is election day for residents of Georgia’s 6th congressional district. This seat was opened when Republican Tom Price accepted the position of Secretary of Heath and Human Services in the Trump Administration. This district includes the Northern suburbs of Atlanta and is generally a safe seat for Republicans.

But this year was different and money and a national reaction against the election of President Trump and his ongoing bungling of his first (and Insha’Allah, only) term means that the best guess election-watchers have is this race could be run by either candidate.
The candidates are Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. As of June 9th, Ossoff has raised $23 million and Karen Handel $4.2, but there are many others funding this race including the national Democrats who have contributed $6.7 million and the Republicans who have contributed $6.7 million. The NYT reports that this is the most expensive House race in U.S. History.

I’m giving this background because I understand how important this race is to both sides of the political spectrum. It’s important not only because of the diverging views of either candidate on critical issues such as LGBTQ rights and health care, but it is important as an indicator of what is possible in 2018.

But there is something even more important and as despicable as the advertisement is (sponsored by the unprincipled and anonymous money of the Principled PAC), it references something unimaginably more despicable. Last Wednesday there was an assassination attempt on a Republican Congressional leader by a former left wing political volunteer. I cannot think of an assassination attempt of a Republican leader since the beginning of this recent trend of violence in the 1960’s outside of that on President Reagan.

The reason the attempts on Republican are significant to a liberal activists is these occur, albeit with many, many degrees of separation, in our sphere of influence. This is why I believe it is so important that those left of center are taking a vocal and substantial stand against this unspeakably wicked and indefensible act of political violence.

This is the ultimate value that all Americans must share. We shall not kill one another. It’s pretty basic and clear.

Jon Ossoff is not in any way responsible for this killing, nor are Democrats. Mr. Ossoff an Democrats also have a responsibility to voters to continue to run a winnable campaign. Having said that, I also believe it is incumbent on those of us left of center who wish to send a message to anyone who thinks that the route to better health care or equal rights for LGBTQ communities and people or proactive societal efforts on global climate change is though violence to do so. For those voters in GA06 if that means voting against your interests on everything but political violence, I think that is a defensible position and I’d likely be joining you in voting for Karen Handel tomorrow.

more on the despicable advertisements against Ossoff – a concern for another day, another election:

More about that disingenuous ad and the emotions it is trying to evoke even if it is shown to be manipulative.  (I found this thread in the comment zone for the above video.)

ossoff comments

Dark Money, Oil, Private Prisons Fund Islamophobic Attacks On Georgia Candidate



Matt McFarland and Black Lives Matter Front and Center on The Root!

The Root
Screenshot from The Root this morning.

Fire Chief Wears ‘Police Lives Matter’ Pin But Says Firefighter Cannot Wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ Pin

Thank you for what you do Mr. McFarland, and thank you for so eloquently making your points in how you approach the important work you do.


Let’s find a way to help local emergency services understand the difference between political activity and their jobs.  Do you know anyone involved in politics that might be able to help develop and elect representatives that understand the difference and could pass their thoughts along to their employees?

(Answer, for those out of the area or unaware:  Tamara McFarland, Matt’s wife and major force behind the local organization changing the political landscape – the North Coast People’s Alliance.)


Thanks to the tweeter behind Teacher in CA for tweeting this story.  Also, ouch.  That hurt’s, but it ain’t all together wrong.

An Outlet for Comments Banned or Censored from Conservative Sites.

Turns out both John Chiv and The Humboldt Consequential* have banned my long boring comments as they are too long and too boring and nobody wants to reach that junk anyway.

I don’t blame them, it’s good ideological housekeeping and it’s not a First Amendment issue as both sites are theirs to administer as they see fit.   (I just strongly disagree, but that is a rant for another day)

Here is my therapy/reaction/alternative.  I encourage anyone else who is having the same problem to either join me or create another site where we can all go to have voices of reason heard.

Because there is not two sides of the issue here.  We are talking about voices of reason which proprietors of conservative web sites cannot handle.

Here is the website:

Shhh! Not OK to Say (In Humboldt)

If you have any comments which are being censored you can post comments here on this blog or the one linked above and I’ll create a new post for it.

The theme is reason and good will.  No personal attacks etc.  Liberals and progressives can take the high ground on policy issues in my opinion.  We (almost) always have and always should.

Because Humboldt, the United States and the World depends on liberal democracies and an open, honest and fair dialog is the foundation of that desirable political order.

(Turns out I got a bit of the rant in after all.)

*It may be THC does not realize I currently can’t post due to a comment I had that had 3 links.  It may be WordPress automatically filters out all future posts once a multiple link comment has been sent.  We’ll see.

Rose Welsh on Racists and Racism

This comment by Rose Welsh on that site I recommended all to ignore (I think “discount” would have been a better word) has been bothering me all week and I have yet found a way to address this comment in a context which is constructive and not in any way self-serving.

Here is what she said on a recent post by John Chiv letting us all know …wait for it… that the Arcata Police continue an investigation into a recent murder.

Rose WelchHere is where we all agree with Rose…

a)  We want the killer (or murderer) of David Josiah Lawson to come to justice within our justice system, and

b)  we agree, that in the light of the tragic or criminal death of David Josiah Lawson, he is remembered as he was, a bright young college student full of potential.

Rose, thank you for expressing those thoughts because it is important to hear them and it’s important to discuss our shared values.

Having said that…

In your defense of McKinleyville, as non-racist you intentionally used race-infused words.  Phrases like “lynch-mobs” or “stringing people up” cannot be used in this country without the context of our post-Civil War society.

For the record Rose, I don’t think you are any more or less of a racist than I am.  I think you used these jarring and inappropriate words in an attempt to draw attention to what you see as the reverse-racism inherent in any criticism of Humboldt county justice.   Criticism which, in turn, may impede the legal process on which we all depend to find and convict Josiah’s killer.

Isn’t that right?  Because that is pretty much the only defense I can imagine, other ones are less defensible and include ignorance and/or racism.

As always, I’m really hoping for some conservative or Republican engagement on this issue because we need your leadership especially on the issue of race and racism.  Yes, racism exists everywhere, it exists on the left (Bill Maher) and in the North (Boston/Adam Jones).  It also exists in Eureka* and McKinleyville.  It’s exactly because of this ubiquity that the great majority of us who are repulsed by racism need to be able to speak out together to condemn racist ideas and punish racist activities that harm others.

What’s up Rose?  Why did you chose to use “lynch-mob” and “stringing” people up in the exact same sentence you wished to defend where you live as free of racism?  Can any other conservative explain this and/or admit that we have a deep and seemingly intractable problem in this county that we need to address head-on?


This the home of a new neighbor of mine in Eureka.  This photo was taken on Labor Day in September 2016.

Conservatives or John Chiv, while you are at it, would you please address this comment from camelg1.  Because this bullshit has to be shunned. If it will be left to the left to do the racism-shaming, the comments can be discounted as partisan or self-interested.



Ms. Welch circa 2010 here.


“Pittsburg, Not Paris”

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”  OK, but please understand, the pact, signed in Paris, was meant to help protect the world from itself.  Pittsburg remains part of our shared globe.

From the NYT and Marie Gulliard…



We’ll get there Alex, we will.


Keep this in mind as you go to the polls in 2018 and 2020.

The Measure of a Fog: Finale from Undark Magazine on Vimeo.

Republicans:  Go on the record, speak out against bullies today!

You have until 8pm tonight when polls close in Montana.  It would be best if you could please do it as soon as possible.

In case you missed it…

Greg Gianforte is the Republican candidate for Montana’s sole Congressional seat (note that Montana has two Senators, but that is a gripe for another day).  He is in a heated race against a candidate, Rob Quist, who Bernie Sanders has been supporting very early.  The race was close before the assault on a journalist and was seen as one of a handful of liberal vs conservative races in the next few weeks which might portent how the Congressional elections in 2018 will go.

I’m worried, perhaps paranoid at this point, that Gianforte will win given today’s Republican Party and their supporters (one example is Lisa Smith’s tweet below).  Remember, candidate Trump warned us that he could shoot someone and still not lose his loyal voters.  I’m worried that the attack on the reporter, for finding an opportunity to ask a question about a Congressional Budget Office score of the American Health Care Act, will be a reason to go out and vote FOR Greg Gianforte.

I’m worried that this framing of the attack in Rawstory is what will actually DRAW many voters to the polls.


Also please note that the Greg Gianforte campaign then went on to blame liberal journalists for his actions.  Remember your rhetoric about “personal responsibility” and not blaming the victim?

That is why I’m asking for your statement today for like-minded supporters of yours to stay home.  This isn’t a trial, this is an election and it’s happening less than 24 hours after the assault.  We don’t need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to get on the record telling people who think and vote like you do more often than not to stay at home today.

I’m not asking for you to tell others that in this situation you would have voted for a politician with whom you don’t agree, I’m simply asking you to remind people that violence is not OK and to do it before the polls close at 8pm Central Time today.

Three of the largest of Montana’s papers have rescinded their prior endorsement and you should go on the record too.

The Billings Gazette

The Missoulian, and

The Helena Independent Record

Given the partisan record of Republicans when faced with potential scandals and/or non-scandals, I think we all know that if elected, Greg Gianforte will hold his position at least until the next election in 2018.  The time to act in support of our shared values against bullying and physical aggression and toward reporters is today.

Then let us all cross our fingers and wish Montana voters the best today.


PSA: Please Ignore John Chiv

This Public Service Announcement is directed specifically to those who are invested in the Humboldt justice system right now and may not be familiar with John Chiv’s work and his role in the community.

His views are his own.  He manages comments meaning is site is limited to only those comments he wishes us to see.

a) He is anti-SJW (Social Justice Warrior).  Here is a recent post about (I believe) a person who was injecting a drug in public near local businesses and was caught on tape.

His comment… “SJWs need to stand up to the drug dealers and those that contribute to this problem. They don’t, they attack those of us that did not cause it.”

This framework is critical to understanding his point of view.  Anti- Social Justice Warrior sentiment began with a small but vocal and unashamed segment of society.  Generally these voices are anonymous or hidden behind a handle.  I am not sure if John is aware of the background of the anti-SJW movement, but for John and other readers, here is a thoughtful and inspired (if dense) review of the use of “SJW” from a Fred Clark, a white evangelical liberal blogger.

What ‘SJW’ really means  (Fred Clark | September 13, 2016)

No, ‘SJW’ is not used to deflate pompous Comstockian moralists. That’s not how it’s used at all.  (Fred Clark | September 14, 2016)

b) He is vocal member of at least two local sites – his own and The Humboldt Consequential’s jihad against a local foundation’s funding of  True North Organizing Network.  From their site

“The True North Organizing Network develops leadership in communities with common values across Tribal Lands, Del Norte, and Humboldt Counties. True North supports families, elders, youth, and individuals of diverse faith traditions, races, cultures, and economic capacities working together for powerful change. United, using the power of relationships and a disciplined community organizing model, True North leaders are courageously challenging social, economic, and environmental injustice in our region.”

His latest post  on this subject was just yesterday and he asked the pressing question…”The Business of Race” brought to you by HAF ,True North Organizing Network and who else?”

The full title of the flyer is “The Business of Race:  Improving Our Business Climate by Welcoming Our Changing Community.”  (Aside, please read Thadeous Greenson’s take on his personal take on diversity here.  Business interests is one of the last reasons we share our community which belongs to all of us.  But sadly, this is how an inclusive message gets across to those whose first concern may be their bottom line.)

From the Equity Alliance’s site:

“The Equity Alliance of the North Coast (Equity Alliance) was created by local organizations, institutions, and community members who want our communities to be more inclusive of people who have been marginalized based particularly on race or ethnicity. The basic premise is increasing access to opportunities with good outcomes afforded equitably to everyone. Partners and supporters recognize we are operating from a societal blueprint that has historically excluded particular groups from some opportunities we all need to thrive. This initiative will increase practical understanding of individual and structural exclusion, apply best practices to achieve inclusion, and build a diverse network of peers working toward a common goal of equity – all while incorporating local voices and expertise to learn from and engage out-groups in the process.”

Are you noticing a pattern here?  It seems to me, seeking equity is seen, in and of itself, as unfair to those who will be less than welcome because of the extra welcoming heaped on those who have been marginalized particularly due to race or ethnicity.

c) Finally, John posts last night this “If the APD does not arrest and charge Parris Wright and the Castillo brothers immediately for “assault and battery” on Kyle we plan press charges to compel the APD to perform their duties in a responsible manner. “

This is from Kyle Zoellner’s uncle.  Kyle Zoellner is one of a handful of people found to have motivation to have killed David Josiah Lawson, but as of yet there has not been enough evidence to charge him or anyone else.  So, here is John simply following the path of justice as he sees it?  Kyle got beat up.  There was testimony by the person doing the beating to that effect.  Why isn’t the APD “performing their duties in a responsible manner“.

Maybe because this misses a pretty significant point.  We do not have a suspect in custody for the murder of Josiah Lawson.  First things first?  Or, put another way, black lives, Josiah’s life, matters.  Let’s investigate assault after we find Josiah’s killer.  Please?  It’s the right thing to do.

More from John Chiv’s totally not racist comment zone:

Post:  “So supportive people are defined as Elijah Chandler, Tina Sampay, and others still claiming this was a racially based crime without evidence and still maligning this community? “

Comments approved by John Chive with no replies from John Chiv:

Anonymous May 18, 2017 at 9:55 AM

Thanks for posting a photo of the “real” Josiah. Liberal outlets always show some kind of baby photo, making the deceased look like a child. Typical. But now???? Now we can see the real LL Dead J.


Problem:  If in this picture you don’t see a young handsome individual taking a selfy as people are want to do, maybe you should attend the implicit bias discussion sponsored by the Equity Alliance above.


Anonymous May 18, 2017 at 11:09 PM

see, the thing is: When dumb racist blacks label our entire community to be “racist”… the community will fight back against such bullshit. We WILL point out that dumb, racist blacks are dumb , racist & black. If dumb, racist blacks don’t like that… WHO CARES? This is OUR community, not theirs.


Go home, dumb racist murderers. GO HOME.

Problem:  I’ll just let this one speak for itself.  I think this is an example of explicit bias, not implicit.

Barbara Billings May 18, 2017 at 7:33 AM

Chandler is still trYing to get his 10 min of fame. Maybe when he fesses up to stabbing his bestie, he will get the attention he is ting so hard to get for himself. (As that posy being shared says)

Problem:  Assigning guilt (conveniently to an African American) – if you know something, the information should be given to the APD, otherwise it is inflammatory and wrong to spread innuendos.


Anonymous May 18, 2017 at 8:28 AM

Does no one else in the community think it’s very odd that Elijah has made sure to be all involved in this? I noticed he was with this young man’s mother the day she was speaking with the DA and I sure hope he wasn’t in the room when they were speaking about an active case. It’s very odd that he has done so much media coverage about this. His whole character is off and what I see is that he likes the lime light. Looking at his Facebook you can see he is going for the whole wannabe Abercrombie and finch model thing. But why isn’t anyone else aside from you asking these important questions? Have we become scared of looking “racist” because we want to know the truth? It’s a shame that this man has passed and what’s wrost is one of his friends know his did this and is covering up. Their slogan is “brothers before others” and it shows they are sticking to that


Problem:  Assigning guilt (conveniently to an African American) – No evidence here, just “his whole character is off”.  Hmmm.  Seems like a superficial judgement to me.  Important questions indeed!  Again, if you have evidence, it belongs with the APD.  They may not have time to take your statement though b/c they may be investigating the assault on Kyle Zoellner.


10 am Today, Humboldt Courthouse. #JusticeforJosiah. UPDATED! (I’m an idiot)

This was yesterday at 10 am.  I guess it was 4 parts not paying attention and 1 part wishful hoping.


Let’s not turn our back to equal justice for all.  Given the tenor of local social media right now, that isn’t what many locals feel David Josiah Lawson or his family deserve

Don’t allow the ignorant, spiteful, petty or hateful speak for our community as a whole in a quest for #JusticeforJosiah.  Do what you can to make your voice heard, shaming or shunning the anonymous words left throughout social media, but with a particularly wicked wake still visible at John Chiv’s site.

Bullshit like this…

AnonymousMay 12, 2017 at 9:47 PM

the dead black was a racist.
that has already been established by his facebook page.
he was in a racist, black gang.
that racist gang jumped on Kyle Z.
the blacks admitted it in court.

the dead black probably fell on his own knife

and the cops stood down, enabling the guilty crew.

shame on Arcata

shame on racist, enabling, sanctuary-city sjw con artists.

Or this…

I know a member of the Arcata Chamber Of Commerce.
The guy is a total racist (against White People)
You should hear what he says & … “thinks”!!!

I will NEVER spend another dime in that town.
It’s disgusting.

Or this… (includes either clueless or complicit reply from John Chiv)

If less than 20 protesters try to riot in Eureka, I predict fat lips will abound.


There were less than 20 this morning. Who knows if any will show up and how they will behave now that this post is up.

It just goes on and on and on.  On John Chivs site and in the comments below LoCO.   At least on LoCO we are allowed to reply, John Chiv does not allow comments he doesn’t approve.  So, btw, if you have something you’d like to post and haven’t gotten through, please feel free to post it here.  It’s best to copy and past what your are responding to so it makes sense out of context.

Coverage of yesterday’s events on Lost Coast Outpost, including an hour and a half of audio.

When Does the Campaign End and When Does Governing Begin?

Obviously the human tendency would be for those with an agenda would be a never ending campaign.  It’s also a human tendency to believe the worst in your political opponents.  That’s why from the talkers on the right you’ll hear complaints about an IRS biased against conservative non-profits or that Democratic immigration policy is really motivated by building Democratic voter roles.

And I’m about to return the favor, but I don’t think a fair observer of U.S. politics could disagree.

We know that a significant percentage of the U.S. population believes that Hillary Clinton belongs in prison.  A larger population, which would include all or most of those who sold that story, understands that the Benghazi hearings, the FBI investigations into a private e-mail server that conveniently ended the weekend before the election.

Wish to increase your blood pressure a bit?  It was the DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION that the NYT was finally able to print this headline.

NYT Comey

And now, President Donald Trump, who I would argue was elected by James Comey fires FBI director James Comey under the pretense that he is acting based on a memo of recommendation by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sent with a cover letter by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Here is a summary by David Lind of Vox.

Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department are helping Trump lie

“On May 9, after two weeks on the job, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a memo to Attorney General Jeff Sessions about how James Comey had undermined the public’s trust in the FBI by mishandling the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server in 2016. Sessions immediately sent the memo to Trump with a cover letter recommending Comey be fired; Trump fired Comey the same day, with his own letter, and notified him only after the fact — Comey learned of the firing himself only after seeing the news on a television screen.”

This all gets a little confusing.  So before we go further, it helps to review the organizational flow chart of the Department of Justice.


There you can see that Jeff Sessions, as the U.S. Attorney General is the head of the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General is directly below him and below both of them is James Comey’s position as the head of the FBI.

Now, if one side of a clamp on Candidate Clinton’s electoral viability was a politically driven FBI investigation into her emails, the other was a daily drip of information with backing with Russian interests.  The Trump campaign had some members with incredibly close ties with frightening Russian-backed puppets (Paul Manafort comes to mind).  Jeff Sessions himself was a lonely early supporter of candidate Trump and recently, and rightly, recused himself from his Department’s investigations into the campaign’s connections to Russian influence.

It is particularly grating then to realize that this letter that lead to the  termination of the FBI director came with a cover letter and recommendation from the Attorney General himself.

Given all this, outside of the obvious obstruction of justice concerns that Washington will be focused on in the days, weeks and months ahead,  we should also be asking ourselves and our representatives when do campaigns end and governing begins, and what steps do we then take to make sure their focus is governing.

Amy Davidson in the New Yorker yesterday recounts Jeff Session’s answer to Utah Senator Mike Lee who asked then Senator Sessions what guidelines he would follow in appointing a special prosecutor given his recent background in the Senate.

Jeff Sessions’s Role in James Comey’s Firing

“It is a matter that has created controversy over the years,” Sessions told Lee. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Attorney General just to willy-nilly create special prosecutors. History has not shown that has always been a smart thing to do.” But there were times, Sessions conceded, when a matter arose requiring objectivity, or at least “the absolute appearance of objectivity,” to an extent that made a special prosecutor appropriate. He had one particular time in mind. “Attorney General Lynch, for example, did not appoint a special prosecutor on the Clinton matter. I did criticize that. I was a politician. We had a campaign on. I didn’t research the law in depth. Just the reaction, as a senator, of concern.”

Ms Davidson goes on to indict the Attorney General for his short stint in his office remembering the incredible inconsistencies between the time on the campaign trail and what is happening now.  These inconsistencies only begin with the ultimate lie (of 2016) that the Republicans and conservatives told their audiences – that Hillary Clinton belongs in jail.

So to those in the Fox News universe firing James Comey may action makes sense, in fact it may seem as if President Trump is doing the honorable and courageous thing to fire the FBI director for his sins of failing to complete his job of finding Hillary Clinton guilty and putting her behind bars as promised.

But if some significant percentage of American’s can’t see through these lies, those telling the stories certainly know what they are doing and why.

Amy Davidson ends her piece with this, and I think it is profound.

“But Administration officials apparently thought that, since everyone seemed to have a reason to be angry with Comey, they could do what they wanted with him—even though he was the F.B.I. director and was investigating people connected to the White House, and even though there is such a thing as obstruction of justice. By all accounts, the White House was generally surprised by the outraged reaction—which came not only from Democrats.

Those expectations were based on a bully’s logic: if you beat up on the unpopular kid, no one will call you on it, no matter the right or wrong of the matter. And this is a bully’s Administration. With Trump, and with the Cabinet members like Sessions who help him along, one can focus on the absurd and miss the vicious.”

The victim of the viciousness in this case was James Comey.  His termination came only days before he (reportedly) had asked for significant more resources and staff for the FBI investigation into a foreign power’s influence on the 2016 election.

further reading:

An Open Letter to the Deputy Attorney General  (Editorial Board | New York Times | May 11, 2017)