Linda’s Back! Eureka Progressive Democrat Meeting This Thurs.

And with her the Eureka Progressive Democrats Club.  Come one, come all.  Thursday at 7:00 HCDCC hq at 129 5th St.  Here is an email from Linda . . .

“A reminder to let you know that the Club will be meeting this coming Thursday July 24th at 7pm in order to plan what we’d like to do for this Fall’s Eureka City Council Elections. Please come and get involved (and bring a friend!).”

Do you like your Democrat with a little less added Republican?   This is a great place to start.  June was a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to extract money’s grip from the people’s chairs behind the dais – at least at the County level.  It’s time to pull up our collective boot straps and get back to work to try to return at least the City’s seats to their rightful owners – the people.

And for those that remember 1992 as the Year of the Woman, it looks like November could be our HumCo equivalent.

And … In order to not appear unfair, I do want to stand up for men.  I think someone needs to think about running against Marian Brady in Eureka’s First Ward.  If, for no other reason to insure some semblance of gender equality on the Eureka City on November 4th.  Actually, now that I think, about it another woman candidate running against Council Member Brady would be just fine with me too.

So, plenty to do progressives, get out there and shake some hands.  All three candidates above will be looking for volunteers (and probably money too).  Also, don’t forget about the Fair Wage Folks.  Regular meetings are Tuesdays at 6:15 PM.  See you all out there.

Adding a widget – last day for someone to stand up against Marian Brady in Eureka’s 1st Ward- August 8th.  Are you interested?  Please call the City Clerk’s Office at (707) 441-4175.




Google Can’t Find Humboldt County Elections Right Now

Couldn’t find Humboldt County Elections with the Google this a.m.  So as a public service, here is a link to their new and aesthetically much improved site.

From there you can probably access much of the rest of the County web site you might be interested in.

This will be resolved naturally shortly as the traffic to the new site grows, but in the mean time…