Natalie Arroyo’s Campaign Kick-off Today

Natalie Arroyo for Eureka City Council

It’s exciting to have a young civically minded person taking the challenge of running for a position she knows may involve some unfair cost to her private life and after a grueling contest the reward will be untold responsibilities, a meager salary and countless hours of work.

But she did throw her hat in the ring and will make it official and public today at noon in front of Eureka City Hall at 6th and K.

Thank you Natalie for your belief in civics and knowing that one person can make a difference.  It’s something I hope you can spread to more people of all ages.  It’s desperately needed, especially up here in the North Coast.

In other related news … only three days left for someone, anyone (who lives in the 1st Ward) , to challenge Marian Brady.