Happy Türkiye Day Humboldt

Technically of course it’s Thanksgiving, but informally it’s Turkey Day and who knew, not even me, that turkeys were named after Turkey (Türkiye in Turkish), liberalFather’s homeland!  Hoorray.

Turkey (the bird) from Wiki
Turkey (the bird, named after the country) from Wiki

There is a fun and fascinating op-ed today in the New York Times explaining this fascinating linguistic window into history.

Briefly, a bird resembling what today we know as the turkey (a helmeted guinea fowl) from Madagascar was sold to the Brits who named them after the Turkish merchants who brought them there.*  Later on, when the Spanish discovered for the western world meleagris gallopavo (aka Turkey) it was apparently close enough in type to also be called a Turkey.  Therefore, if we were going to take our language back to it’s …differently-languaged source… Happy Türkiye Day!

The poor souls who have encountered me in the comment zone know I could write a short treatise about the competing current-day narratives on Thanksgiving.  I’m not going to do that today except to mention that we are one of the few remaining counties in this country where the Native American/Western world interface still seems current and important to our day to day lives.  I continue to hope for more days where both peoples – New World and Old World eat and celebrate harvest together. **

Since this is first meant to be a local political blog I would like to take this special day – a day where we come together as families and communities to give thanks to those neighbors and community members who on most other days of the year, especially 2014, might be subject to a tiny bit of adverse political attention from this particular url (and person).

So, Thank You to Matthew Owen, Richard Marks, Supervisors Bass, Bohn, and Fennel, and Sundberg Section 1500 and HumCPR crowd including Peter Childs, Dan Taranto, Bonnie Blackberry, Lee Ulansey, Bob Morris, and the hard working media maverick Charley Custer.

And I don’t mean this as a backhanded appreciation.  I mean this sincerely.  Thank you for the conversation and the political challenges.  Our political system is a less than perfect way to approach conflict resolution, but it is better than most or all of the others humanity has come up with.  Cheers to you and good luck next year with your political ambitions, many, if not most of our ambitions for our county are similar including wanting a better future than present.

One more thing… see that little spot right about WHERE HUMCO IS?  Yes!  Turkeys are native!  HOORAY!  I know Garbervillians know this first hand even if Eurekans don’t.  Pretty awesome bird.  (With a name from a pretty exceptional country (but, yes, with it’s own very serious troubles – present and past ))


* There is also this from the article…“That’s why the bird you’re going to eat is named for a country on the Black Sea. Other languages don’t make the same mistake. They make different ones. In France it’s called dinde, because they thought it was from India, or, in French, d’Inde. And in Turkey a lot of people thought that, too, so it’s called Hindi.”  Is it a coincidence that all these peoples gave another culture’s name to this…less than classically attractive… bird?  Just sayin’.

** (nourishing harvests btw)


The Eureka Fair Wage Act Coming to a Ballot Near You Next November

This is a special requested post by Verbena, one of the “Fair Wage folks”.  This will be an easy decision for me next November…yes..check.  If you have time – I think this is a great political cause and they could use your support.  I would be a great thing for Eureka’s large service sector employees for one, and it’s pretty clear we will have plenty of concern from the usual suspects on this so I think we will need all the help we can get.

Eureka Fare Wage

Eureka Fair Wage Act Meetings … EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT

People welcome to the meetings even if you live outside of Eureka.

The Fair Wage folks urge you to get involved in passing the Eureka Fair Wage Act, also known as the Minimum Wage Ordinance.  If passed through a popular vote in November 2014, the Act would require large employers with 25 or more workers in Eureka to pay a $12 dollar minimum wage.  A higher minimum wage, with a small business exception, will improve lives, make Walmart reconsider its presence in Eureka, boost the local economy, bring employment up, and allow individuals who work full time to rise just above the federal poverty level.

Meetings for the Eureka Fair Wage Act are now every Wednesday at 6:15pm at the Eureka Labor Temple, 840 E Street.  More information can be found and questions answered by visiting the Eureka Fair Wage Act website, fairwages.org, or by calling 707-442-7465.  If you are interested in helping the campaign in any way, wherever you live, please get in contact.

Another Sarah Palin Lovin’ HumCo Democrat. Welcome to the Club?

Well our big HumCo Dems tent just keeps getting bigger.  Thanks to the County Election Staff – (I hope I’m not giving you too much work by mentioning you – but I appreciate your service and the information) Chester Albin who is one of the 3 candidates in consideration for Lance Madsen’s open 5th Ward council seat is a Democrat as of…wait for it…

July 2012!

Wonder what happened in July 2012 that got Chester to change?  Was it Obamacare (more properly should be referred to as ACA, seriously all, the fun is over – it’s the law now) or was it, I don’t know a sudden realization that all that hot air about global warming denying was misdirection and lies, or what?

That might be a great question for the appointment committee to ask.  Why Democrat, why now at this stage in your life.  I thought one became more conservative as one grew older.

Here is what I wrote in response to Joel Mielke’s amazing discovery of Chester’s Facebook page which has all sorts of awesome conservativeness to it.

“Awesome! Us Democrats sure are persuasive with the ObamaCare and the Unions and all that stuff. Yey us!

That last paragraph is all sarcasm – but I have to laugh rather than cry – everyone seems to think the only way to be politically viable is to be a Democrat – one would think Democrats would be for that – but it is an absolute disaster for democracy – in all seriousness. It means one party rule which is an invitation for corruption and political malfeasance. Chester, Matthew, Virginia, Marian Brady, Melinda Ciarabellini…TAKE BACK YOUR PARTY from Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Please! For the love of God!”

I do not know enough about any of these candidates to know who will be the best choice.  Honestly, it’s out of my hands (as a voter) and we have a conservative Council and are replacing a conservative Councilmember.  The seat should be filled by a Councilmember of Lance Madsen’s choosing as far as I’m concerned.  That’s who the voters chose. (Technically he ran unopposed, but that’s another story.)

A note to conservative readers.  It doesn’t matter that Mr. Albin likes Sarah Palin or see’s himself as a Conservative or that he is affiliated with a Property Management Group etc etc.  More power to him and kudos for his beliefs and his source of income? My point is he should be proud of and be able to back up those beliefs.  They are true, they are proper and they are righteous – to him.  I would disagree with many of them I’m sure and I’d love to chat with him why.

So when I link to Joel Mielke’s link of Chet’s Facebook page, it’s not to point and laugh and say “this guy like’s Sarah Palin, what a maroon”.  NO!  Not from this blog or this Democrat or this person.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  What I am saying is simply this…  Stand up for what you believe and talk about it.  We need to have an open conversation.  We also NEED to have two functioning, viable political parties – yes – even for nominally non-partisan races.

Kudos to the Times-Standard

Another “credit where it’s due” post.  Blogs (lives)can’t always be about conflict you know…

I appreciated that the T-S had two editorials this weekend.  First, kudos T-S on the strong editorial stance on the most recent Ferndale dalliance with the “r” word.  They brought up the history of blackface and why it’s important to avoid – even when no offence was intended.

“The use of blackface belongs to a shameful tradition in this country of presenting demeaning caricatures of blacks for other’ amusement…. History matters.”

Exactly! … and…it’s about us in the broadest sense.  We are a civilization, a nation a people.  All of us are, even when we tend to self-segregate.  When America is at it’s best we are that culture that the 14th amendment is continually struggling to remind us to create.  From wiki…

“The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”..

Equal protection in law.  Also, imho, equal respect in culture.  This is not easy, we are dealing with human nature.  But having traveled the globe a little bit with my family when I was younger – it is one of America’s strengths.  If we can figure out how to create – not a melting pot – but a patchwork of unique and celebrated cultures united by our common interest in the future, well then we will be a model for other nations – and will have done a tiny bit toward healing what in part was a very dark past.

Also, kudos for two editorials in two days, the more editorials, the more better – even when we disagree.  The other editorial was on the E.P.A.’s management of the newly designated Samoa Pulp Mill superfund site.  (I think it’s newly designated, right?).  I have some contrarian opinions on this, but that’s for another day.

November’s HCDCC News and Notes … Arnie Klein for Humboldt DA Stopped By

This is what Arnie's appearance felt like Thursday night.
This is what Arnie’s appearance felt like Thursday night.*


Arnie Klein and his two young, attractive and eager staff members came by Wednesday night to announce to the Humboldt Dems his intention to run.  There was a chance to ask questions, and instead of feeling like a rude host I decided to hold back.  What I would have like to ask him was why he chose to switch his party affiliation in July from decline-to-state (DTS) to Democrat?  Was it out of change of principles or political convenience?  Is it any less rude to ask these questions here? I don’t know.

How did he choose Republican John Fullerton as his Treasurer would be another question.

It is really difficult to navigate the political waters in Humboldt.  The most vitriolic type of partisanship is on the one hand encouraged by advertising on stations like KINS (by Eureka City Schools no less), but when it comes time to campaign, the one most important talking point seems to be we should be non-partisan.

That’s one tactic.  The other is to just bite the bullet and place that “D” behind your name as Arnie has chosen to do.  Socialist, liberal, Communist and progressive labels and all.

What should be happening is this.  Humboldt Republicans should be proud of being Republicans and should start fighting to take their Party back from … the crazies (sorry but true).  There is a great deal of legitimate concerns Republicans are fighting for – property rights, lower tax rates, increased military spending, balanced budgets, reduced spending on social services to encourage self-reliance, etc. (Concerns I mostly but not entirely disagree with.)  But for some reason they can’t.  The result is a mess of a political system in our big little county.  Very little gets honestly discussed, instead what we are given is political maneuverings and public posturing and talking points.  It’s frustrating.  I would really like an honest debate about our County DA position from across party lines, not within the Democratic Party.

Because I think our County deserves a clear, honest discussion that the party system should be capable of producing.  Right now it is not capable of doing this, so we are left with what we have.  Our county DA is a position that is pivotal to our county’s continued efforts at grappling with the environmental, land use and social problems stemming from our weed trade.  The public deserves a clear and forthright discussion and debate.  Let’s hope we get one.

Also, just a note, Republican Woman (besides needing to separate Republican Men and Women, what’s up with that?)  While trying to access your site to find the link to your newsletter I received the following warning from Google.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it during my online surfings.  Just FYI.  It’s a little scary and I swear this is not some kind of devious Democratic trick – it really happened and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this warning.

I recieved this warning when trying to long on to the Humboldt Republican Women Federated's web site this morning
I recieved this warning when trying to long on to the Humboldt Republican Women Federated’s web site this morning

* Arnie’s photo from watchpaul

The Fur Ball

Under the category “Giving Credit where Credit’s Do” (literally btw, check it out).  Supervisor Virginia Bass and husband Matthew Owen are throwing a Fur Ball tonight.

I’m a sucker for the kitties (and dogs) and may discard all my strong feelings about the direction of land use policy in this county to support Virginia (and close associate Matthew) this June because of her strong pro-kitty stance.  Or maybe not, we’ll  see.

But still, I think this is a great effort and cause and name and kudos for Matthew and Virginia for their efforts.

Google has a hard time finding information, but John Chiv has written on this and has a good summary of what Virginia announced at the HCDCC meeting Wednesday.  From Virginia, via John…

 “Animeals lost their major corporate sponsor last year and Matthew and I, along with a handful of other local generous contributors, have been working together to keep this program afloat while we look for options and a long term solution,”

The ball is tonight 6 to 9 PM.  If you can’t make it, or you love cats (and dogs) but $100 is not what you have in the budget – but you want to donate, here is where you can send checks directly – Blessed the Beasts of Humboldt County.


c/o Bless the Beasts

P.O. Box 268

Eureka, CA  95502

Happy Veterans Day: #HonorVets

Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM)

Let’s honor and celebrate those that served, including those who are no longer with us, a little more than usual today.  Let’s also work to minimize the numbers of Veterans we will need going forward.  We can do both.

Projected: Lisa Ollivier Wins Eureka School Board Seat

If the Times Standard won’t do it I will.

Here’s my evidence.  a) The county’s election night final tally.  b)  Acceptance of the victory (loss) by both sides.  I have it from a source close to the Fullerton campaign that they feel “your (our) candidate was safely elected.”

Also, not to point fingers.  Going forward – especially people I support because I hold you (us) to a higher standard;  let us always make a concession call when we feel appropriate.  This may be after the certified count or even after that if necessary, but that call is important.  Partisanship is appropriate in politics, but after the election we have to remember we are partisan, but we are also neighbors.

Also, thank you to reader and friend Julie Timmons for correcting me.  The TS DID have a tally of the winners on Wednesday Nov. 6th (the day after the vote) that I completely missed!  I struggle to make it through the Times Standard – and that early morning I missed the results that were tallied along the left-hand margin – quite clearly.  Mea culpa T-S!  I still think my point stands though.  Despite that talley, there is NO reporting on what the vote means including the ripple of effects the probably winners will have in changing or maintaining the direction of our government.  It seems the only story worth reporting is the easiest – no one voted.

Other local political news… Congressman Jared Huffman was in town yesterday at the Eureka’s Women’s Club.  I did not attend, but did help set up and I’m not really sure of the occasion.  After hearing Congressman Huffman on the well advertised and executed town-hall format phone call, I’m a big fan.  Congressman Huffman is the least of Humboldt’s worries in the House, it’s good to know we are well represented.

Times Standard ESB Results Blackout: Day Three

There is a feeling that I have and that I have heard at least once that the Times Standard shifted editorial stance around the time that the Eureka Reporter  came and went into and out of existence.

I think this blackout is the ultimate expression of this editorial change.

It is definitely in the interest of John Fullerton and conservatives that might favor him that the extremely close race not be reported.  If this is not an attempt of ever-so-slightly pushing down on the scales of justice by ignoring results that are close but perhaps within the margin of error than I apologize.  But I sure will be watching the coverage closely in the future to see what the reporting is like if a conservative has eeked out a victory based on the final (unofficial) election night report.

So here is the news as reported by our media as far as I can tell.  Both the North Coast Journal and Lost Coast Outpost have declared Lisa Ollivier a winner by default by listing the Election Office’s last report as fact without qualifying the results as unofficial or certified.  The Times Standard has reported this by totally ignoring the existence of any results (as far as I can tell).  Please again inform me if I am mistaken.

Welcome to the infotainment of news everyone.  Above the fold articles on historically and perspective challenged dance – 2.  Mention of either the names “Ollivier” or “Fullerton” in the first four pages of the Times Standard – 0.

And this is after the TS chastised voters for not showing up at the polls.  Is it really any wonder that people don’t care anymore for local elections?

Just a Note… Day Two of the Media Blackout on the Election Results

And by “media”, I mean Times Standard.

However… The Model Railroad did expand it’s empire.  Hooray!  Want more?  Checkout the TS above the fold for the news. (sarcasm)

The best I have found is reporting from the Lost Coast Outpost which promised to “eat it’s hat” (yes they did) if the Elections Office final report changed.  (also this only race-by-race summary that I have found was headed by a picture of chimps replacing the MP’s in the UK’s House of Commons – classy).

If I’ve missed any decent reporting on the election, please let me know – I would like to acknowledge those who do it right.

Here is a cursory blog post in the NCJ who seem to nonchalantly declare Lisa as a winner (which would actually be big news – at least as big as our counties model railroad expansion)  (sorry, sarcasm again)


Also a cursory article by staff in the Mad River Union which focuses frustratingly on the Dan Johnson affair.  Nothing else of import of course. (sarcasm)