Planet Matters – Today (and everyday)

I’ve been meaning to post all the events this week like I did last week, but didn’t get to it.  Very busy and stressful week at work as I move out of training mode and into actual duties mode.

Anyway, a few more hours to publicise the North Coast Young Democrat’s “Planet Matters”

Here’s a blurb from their homepage.

Planet Matters will feature many diverse perspectives as we will bring together dozens of speakers, sponsors, candidates, and elected representatives–as well as hundreds of community members–for a conversation focused on policies and priorities for protecting and restoring the natural environment on the North Coast. 

As Young Democrats we have planned this event because we recognize that humans must be efficient and effective in coming years as we seek to protect and restore our natural environment and respond and adapt to climate change. We believe that the only way we make progress is by being more organized and focusing more attention on restoring and protecting our planet. 

This event is focused on several specific objectives that we think will help us in this challenge: 

– build relationships between local environmental leaders, elected representatives, candidates, stakeholders and community members

– showcase environmental priorities and the community leaders who are working everyday on those issues 

– honor and celebrate the work that our elected representatives have been doing to protect and restore our natural environment

This in particular should be “off the hook” has the kids say.*

Public forum for Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Candidates: 4 – 5 PM

Confirmed: Virginia Bass (District 4), Chris Kerrigan (District 4) and Sharon Latour (District 5) 

The doors open and registration begins at 3 pm.

* or was that 20 years ago?


Busy, Promising, and Fun Week(s) Ahead.

Tuesday and Thursday – Continued Planning Commission meetings on the Housing Element of the GPU. These are important to the direction of regional planning in HumCo. This is a part of the GPU generally, but a different task than passing the entire GPU update. It’s confusing and I do not know enough to say more. Time and Place: Tue & Thurs 6pm Courthouse.

Thursday – Sharon Latour for Supervisor campaign kick-off. This is our chance to return the public to “public” participation and our public sector. Supervisor Ryan has been extremely busy and deserves some R&R. Time and Place: Thursday, noon, HumCo Courthouse, 5th and I, Eureka.

Friday – North Coast Young Democrats (NCYD). Hezekiah Allen Chair. “Young” = under 35. Time and Place: 6:45 pm HCDCC HQ (see above)

Saturday – Fair Wage Cafe. Come join the family-friendly party. Fighting for a fair wage in Eureka and continuing to put together a progressive ground game that will certainly help both Supervisorial Candidates Kerrigan and Latour. Time and Place: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Labor Temple 840 E Street Eureka.

Thursday March 27th– Eureka Progressive Democrats Club – Time and Place: Thursday 7 pm, HCDCC (Humboldt Democratic Central Committee) Headquarters, 129 5th St. Eureka (across 5th from Denny’s)

Saturday MARCH 29th – Planet Matters at the Wharfinger hosted by the NCYD. More here.

Late Notice…HCDCC Meeting Tonight: Kerrigan, Latour, and Dollison May Introduce Themselves

As always, our meetings are open to the public, we just ask you sign in.  

Also as always, the meeting starts at 7PM tonight (the second Wednesday of each month) at 129 5th Street in Eureka.  (Right across from Denny’s)

Hope to see you there.  No better time than now for all you progressive/liberal Democrats to take back your party.  You can do this by participating.

Bob Froehlich and Judy Hodgson on Why We Need to Attend the BOS Meeting Tomorrow

Assuming of course you can make it…

Here is a link to Judy’s Publisher note in the NCJ.  And below is a text from a broadcast email Bob F. sent out.  (Posting with permission.)

Thanks Judy and Bob (and Hezekiah) for your vigilance on this! … and btw, everyone else who has given time and effort to be active recently.  You are making a difference and helping to change the minds of people like, say, Richard Marks who apparently is only interested in these issues when a certain threshold of citizens are as well.  Who knows what that threshold is, but it would be nice for Richard to start speaking up on this catastrophe of a process as well.


The Sups finally got their agenda up for this coming Mon. and it looks like they will be reviewing the recent proposed Planning Com. GPU changes and perhaps giving them direction as to what to do now. Of course, Ulansey, Morris, and others who are voting with them, want more time to continue removing and weakening the environmental safeguards in the GPU.

 I’ve copied part of the Mon. Agenda in below. The full agenda can be seen at:

Also copied in below is the letter the P.C. sent to the Sups. saying generally what they’ve done and asking for direction. The way the letter is phrased represented a win for our two environmental P.C. champions, Levy and Masten, because it does not specifically ask for more time which is what Ulansey and Morris wanted to do. 

So if you can make it to the meeting Mon. and speak to the Sups. putting an end to this current review by the P.C., that would be helpful for them to hear. If you can’t make it, writing to the Sups would also help.

You’ve probably all seen, and many of you have already signed, the petition generated by Hezekiah Allen (283 folks have signed up to this time) which I believe he will present at the Mon. meeting. This meeting should be a very interesting event…the citizens are aroused! The link to Hezekiah’s petition is below…reading the comments made by signers is a good way to stimulate you thoughts for presentations or e-mails to the Sups.:

See you there…in body or spirit,
Monday, March 10, 2014
01:30 P.M.


B.     PUBLIC APPEARANCES – 1:30 p.m.

Community Development Services

1.     Continued Board Review of the Planning Commission Approved Draft General Plan. In particular, the recommendations from the Planning Commission on the Conservation and Open Space Element (Chapter 10), a request from the Planning Commission for Further Direction; Chapter 4.8 Land Use Designations: Tribal Land; and Draft General Plan Schedule

Just say no BOS!  You all are doing enough damage as it is.  Please keep Commissioner Ulansey's mitts off of it - he's had it long enough.
Just say no BOS! You all are doing enough damage as it is. Please keep Commissioner Ulansey’s mitts off of it – he’s had it long enough. (LJ’s comment, not Bob’s. He has more class!)

It’s Up to Us Now: Thank You Chris and Sharon for Standing Up

We have two great candidates running who will be more than able HumCo Supervisors and help to move our county back to the direction it needs to go.   A direction that believes in private enterprise AND a belief in an effective public sector.  People that believe we have to have both to reach the complex and attainable goals of our community going forward.


Chris Kerrigan will be running against incumbent Virginia Bass in Humboldt’s 4th District.  Chris’ campaign kick off is today at 12:15 at 720 Wood Street in Eureka (H or I and Harris). Come out and show your support as Chris “tell’s it like it is”.

Sharon Latour is the “someone else” (Eric?!) who will be running in the 5th District and represents a great opportunity to help Supervisor Sundberg spend more time on much needed R&R after 3 and a half years behind the dais.

Take a look at Supervisor Bass’ and Supervisor Sundberg’s initial 2014 list of donors so far,if you haven’t already, to understand the popularity they both have with the development crowd in Humboldt County.  A very narrow group of business interests are very interested in helping to complete the conversion of the Planning (and Building? does the County Build?) Department to a Service Department.


Supervisors Bass and Sudberg are both of course good people and charismatic and effective candidates, so the next couple of months will not be easy as the June 3rd primary approaches.  It’s up to us to tell two people who will tell two people and so on about Faberge Chris K. and Sharon L. and the change they can make on our BOS as soon as 2015.

No question about it, this is an uphill “battle” but it’s doable with people power.  Come out today to hear what Chris has to say, and commit to making calls and/or doing a little canvassing.  You can’t outspend people power.  That is our open secret.  That’s why everyone is clamoring to become part of the left-of-center movement (sometimes in name only) toward a balance of enterprise in the private sector AND smart government (ie NOT BIG) to move our communities forward.


Chris Kerrigan’s Campaign Website – “Moving Humboldt Forward!”