Science and Awesomeness


Come celebrate science while Republicans and the Trump Administration are doing everything they can put it in a box, safely away from any policy decisions.  They need to do this to pass so many of the priorities on their agenda.

The March for Science is a national campaign that Mother Jones introduces like this

“Amid the Trump administration’s plan to gut the Environmental Protection Agency, cut billions in scientific research, and eliminate science advisers’ role in the government, thousands of people around the world are expected to participate in marches for science today to defend the role of science and evidence-based policies.

The marches, which coincide with the annual Earth Day celebration, have sparked debate within the scientific community over whether scientists should be actively engaged in political actions. Organizers for the march say the event is nonpartisan—there is no mention of Trump on its website—but assert silence is no longer an option amid the threats posed by Trump and many of his advisers.”

Locally, we are doin’ it too.  From the North Coast People’s Alliance Calendar and the Humboldt March for Science Facebook page

The Humboldt March for Science will consist of four parts:

From 9 am to 1:30 pm, the Science Expo will be open to the public in the D Street Neighborhood Center. (Jon’s note: 1301 D St. Arcata, map below) Community members will be able to learn about science-based programs and issues, such as Klamath River dam removal, climate change implications to Humboldt Bay, college and high school science clubs, water and air quality, and health care. Coffee, tea, and light breakfast fare will be available.

At 2 pm, there will be a rally featuring diverse speakers from our community, including scientists, teachers, students, politicians, and Tribal members. The stage will be in the D Street cul-de-sac. Seating will be available near the stage for the elderly and community members with special needs.

The march through Arcata will begin somewhere between 2:45 and 3:00 pm. While the exact route has yet to be determined, it will be about 20 blocks long and include the Plaza area.

Following the march, break-out sessions for small group discussion (ie, “what do we do next”) will occur in the D Street Neighborhood Center between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.

We encourage participation by community members of all ages and are looking forward to seeing lots of creative signs, hats and costumes. We will be filming the event and are encouraging rally and march signs that include science-based poster session material. Our March Marshals will be awarding random prizes for creative and unique posters and signs.

There will be face-painting by Butterfly Body Art available for kids (of all ages) during the science expo and a couple of food trucks parked onsite.

Please note: The Humboldt March for Science is a drug and alcohol free event. Please leave your furry friends at home, and do not bring glass containers.

Limited parking will be available on the Humboldt State University campus, just north of the D Street Neighborhood Center. We strongly recommend carpooling, busing, walking, or biking to the event.

The Humboldt March for Science is an educational, peaceful, non-violent, inclusive event encouraging solidarity, involvement, and interaction from a diverse community of thinkers who hold Science to be valuable in this complex, inter-connected world.

The Humboldt March for Science recognizes the role of science as a means by which all people can seek a deeper knowledge and understanding of our world. We come together in unity as a community to advocate for sound public policy, access to science for everyone, and the protection of our planet.

This is all awesome and I hope to see you there, AND I do also wish to take this opportunity to begin a new category for this blog – Signs of Awesomeness.

The sign above will be the first.  Just awesome and so true.  Science is for reals and kindness is everything.

Happy Earth Day and let’s continue to make every day an earth day in our lives and communities.

directions to arcata’s d street neighborhood center…


Meet CA Dem Chair Candidate Kimberly Ellis TODAY!

From the North Coast People’s Alliance Facebook and Robert Shearer, CA Democratic Assembly member from Humboldt County comes this announcement:

Kim Ellis

Town Hall Meeting w/ CA Democratic Party Delegates

For an introduction to Kimberly Ellis here is 20 minutes of awesomeness in her own words…

..and here are a couple of highlights from this campaign stop…

“I remember my Grandma telling me at a very, very early age what it meant to be a Democrat.  And my Grandma taught me Democrats are the ones who care about poor people, Democrats are the ones who care about the working class…”

…and this…

“This race about who will be the next Chair of the Democratic Party is not about Kimberly Ellis, and it’s not about my opponent.  This is about the heart and soul of this Party.”

If you, like me, support a change in the direction of the CA Democratic Party please come meet and support CA Democratic Chair candidate Kimberly Ellis at the Labor Temple today, April 9th, 5pm at the Labor Temple (840 E St., Eureka).

background articles:

How Democrats and progressives, spurred by Bernie Sanders’ candidacy as a Democrat in the 2017 election showed up for the little known ADEM elections hidden in plain sight right after the holiday season.

Sanders backers take over California Democratic Party | The Hill | January 19, 2017

“As final vote totals trickled in, Sanders backers claimed to have elected more than 650 delegates out of 1,120 available seats chosen at this month’s caucuses. Those delegates will choose the next state Democratic Party chairman, along with other party officials.”

“Longtime Democratic activists, used to low-turnout caucuses in which only party regulars show up, were stunned by the long lines they faced this year. One party strategist in Sacramento said he waited 45 minutes in line before being able to vote, when he was used to walking in and out in the span of five minutes.”


And more about the two candidates from this Feb 2016 article.  (Sadly, there isn’t much in the media about this race, at least that Google can find).

Bauman has large lead in race for CA Democratic Party chair | | February 29, 2016

The article itself leans toward Mr. Bauman, so here is a comment that balances that out (from David Steel on 12/2/2017)

Eric Bauman is exactly the type of Democratic party boss we intend to get rid of. He is constantly on the take, goes against practically everything an FDR Democrat would automatically regard as a no-brainer, and if you let your conscience be your guide and go against his brand of glad-hand corporatism you are finished. Eric Bauman is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with the Democratic party. Democratic adviser Eric Bauman collects cash to fight drug measure

On the other hand, Kimberly Ellis says what she means and means what she says. She put Bauman in his rightful place recently at a debate in San Diego when she show herself to be thoroughly knowledgeable of the issues that normal Californians care about.

The CA Democratic Chair will be elected during the 2017 CA Dem State Convention May 19th to 21st in Sacramento.

Hopefully I’ll see you at the Labor Temple later today!