GA06 Democrats Should Consider Voting for a Republican

Tomorrow is election day for residents of Georgia’s 6th congressional district. This seat was opened when Republican Tom Price accepted the position of Secretary of Heath and Human Services in the Trump Administration. This district includes the Northern suburbs of Atlanta and is generally a safe seat for Republicans.

But this year was different and money and a national reaction against the election of President Trump and his ongoing bungling of his first (and Insha’Allah, only) term means that the best guess election-watchers have is this race could be run by either candidate.
The candidates are Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. As of June 9th, Ossoff has raised $23 million and Karen Handel $4.2, but there are many others funding this race including the national Democrats who have contributed $6.7 million and the Republicans who have contributed $6.7 million. The NYT reports that this is the most expensive House race in U.S. History.

I’m giving this background because I understand how important this race is to both sides of the political spectrum. It’s important not only because of the diverging views of either candidate on critical issues such as LGBTQ rights and health care, but it is important as an indicator of what is possible in 2018.

But there is something even more important and as despicable as the advertisement is (sponsored by the unprincipled and anonymous money of the Principled PAC), it references something unimaginably more despicable. Last Wednesday there was an assassination attempt on a Republican Congressional leader by a former left wing political volunteer. I cannot think of an assassination attempt of a Republican leader since the beginning of this recent trend of violence in the 1960’s outside of that on President Reagan.

The reason the attempts on Republican are significant to a liberal activists is these occur, albeit with many, many degrees of separation, in our sphere of influence. This is why I believe it is so important that those left of center are taking a vocal and substantial stand against this unspeakably wicked and indefensible act of political violence.

This is the ultimate value that all Americans must share. We shall not kill one another. It’s pretty basic and clear.

Jon Ossoff is not in any way responsible for this killing, nor are Democrats. Mr. Ossoff an Democrats also have a responsibility to voters to continue to run a winnable campaign. Having said that, I also believe it is incumbent on those of us left of center who wish to send a message to anyone who thinks that the route to better health care or equal rights for LGBTQ communities and people or proactive societal efforts on global climate change is though violence to do so. For those voters in GA06 if that means voting against your interests on everything but political violence, I think that is a defensible position and I’d likely be joining you in voting for Karen Handel tomorrow.

more on the despicable advertisements against Ossoff – a concern for another day, another election:

More about that disingenuous ad and the emotions it is trying to evoke even if it is shown to be manipulative.  (I found this thread in the comment zone for the above video.)

ossoff comments

Dark Money, Oil, Private Prisons Fund Islamophobic Attacks On Georgia Candidate




11 thoughts on “GA06 Democrats Should Consider Voting for a Republican

  1. Strenuously disagree that this guy is in liberal’s “sphere of influence.” I have no influence over crazy murderers. Nor do you. How is this different than when annoying anti-muslim racist people say terrorists who kill and claim it is for Islam are within the sphere of influence of other muslims? Should I not go get a delicious shawarma for lunch because some crazy person ran people over in London? Of course not, that would be silly.

    Voters should focus on the issues, not make these sort of thrice removed principle over policy votes (even if one agreed with your principle–I think it is flawed.) Karen Handel is pro-voter ID, limited planned parenthood funding during her tenure with the Komen Foundation, and has been vocal in her support of Trump. Bad Republican, no Congress for you.

    In less articulate words I would simply say you are advocating that people vote for a shitty republican who will go do shitty republican things because some idiot crazy-person decided to claim he was doing something horrific in the name of Bernie. You said it yourself–Osoff has nothing to do with that guy. No normal human being does. If you believe that then the rest of your post does not follow.

    1. MOLA42 says:

      Sorry Jon, I’m with your brother on this one.

      The politics of the shooter have nothing to do with with an evil deed done by an evil person. I didn’t hold all conservatives responsible for the fellow who shot up the South Carolina church and killed eight people during a prayer meeting for whatever garbage reasoning that caused him to go amok.

      And I’m certainly not going to punish a viable candidate just to make an obscure and flawed point.

      And how is this point to be made, exactly? Is there a third option on the ballot that says, “I’d vote for this candidate but I’m voting against him/her in solidarity for something?”

      Usually I’m with you Jon on the things you say, even if I don’t entirely agree. But you missed it on this one.

      1. Henchman Of Justice says:

        Really, that explains Kyle, Usama bin laden assassination because it was not murder to many, it was getting even steven……

        (whenever on this site, words get misspelled because the site runs on an app platform that has major flaws with processing inputs, fyi)

      2. Henchman Of Justice says:

        That is like,

        “writing that because a Hollywood movie depicts some grotesque version of fictitious King style plot filled evil life, but it’s not simple enough for some piece of shit in the world as we know it to commit it in real life, you know the movie that is….”

        Most evil begets evil, no different than rats following the piper……no different than a baby sucking on adult tits at both birth and adult fornication…….learned experiences is 99% of evil………book it and profit……..its what Stephen King does…..the douche he is.

      3. Henchman Of Justice says:

        Disagree because anybody who runs for an electable office as part of the Republican or Democrat parties is no less a piece of shit treasonist.

        No explanation is necessary in today’s given state because everyday is an explanation as to why the two party system is a fraud.

        It is like religion and the delegation of people within congregations and denominations of their religion……. They got to know that a certain percentage of their congregation are flat-out frauds and don’t believe a word they heareth or speaketh……. Which spits in the face of actual true human beings who believe in their faith as opposed to those who use the faith as a hedge in life to make false appearances and false Impressions upon the rest of us…… Seems if the religious folks in the world need to clean their own homes out first before they start getting involved in politics trying to push their faith upon everybody else in society and let’s face it……… What percentage of people who are electable officials at any level of government local state or federal are involved in the church somehow……… Watch out for those of whom you put trust with……… Because in the end the real innocent people not only will remember who the abusers are but they will remember who the talking mouthpieces were who aided and benefited the abusers and help protect the abusers and helped elect the abusers because there’s more those people in and around the vicinity of those people who are going to come looking for you down the road…….iow, politics is a death warrant in today’s society moreso than it ever has been in the recorded history of governance………note: recorded history suggests much worse has transpired in the far distant past to those who created “society”…………probably explains partly why religion, big bang, carbon dating, science are all conflicting and Hollywood enjoys filling in the voids with learning experiences that mold and shape mindsets……

    2. Henchman Of Justice says:

      How are you so sure YOU don’t have influence ………as if a whack job always mentions her or his influences……..

      Your surety most likely is YOU knowing YOU…….but how can YOU know everyone’s influences…….so speaking to the theory of whackjobs who fulfill their desires they formed after learning of something or someone and being influenced, it is hard to accept that violence is inate when 99% proof is that learned experiences create human activities…….. aside from hunterer/gatherer/explorer means…….and it ain’t always good………..even whackjobs like Mark Zuckerburgh had to thieve, steal from another human being in order to become what he is now……a human douche bag who cares nor about the human race, but himself……..AI will make humanity perish as we know it and Fuckerburgh understands that, but profit in his pocket means more to him than humanity.

      Facebook fuckers is all.

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The democrat dude is a walking premeditated mouthpiece who has done well to articulate bs…….

    The republican replicate is sane ole, same ole story different nano second.

    Vote for neither Georgians or be considered treasonists.

  3. Julie, I couldn’t agree more!

    Rams and MOLA, thanks for the response and I don’t disagree with you. (Is that possible if I am standing by my stance? I think so, because I’m not asking anyone else to follow my recommendation, I’m only stating how I would have voted if I lived in GA06 given what I know and given there was very little chance Ossoff could have won.)

    A couple of notes about this election I want to mention before I respond

    a) David Frum tweeted a couple of days before the election that the few hundred or thousand voters in GA06 might influence the direction of our national health policy. I find that idea offensive because it negates leadership responsiblity for the 536 (and possibly 537) other Representatives, Senators and President.

    b)Chris Cilliza this morning is tweeting that winning is everything in politics. It’s not.


    I don’t know if the person who tried to assasinate Republican leaders (he had a list btw) was an evil. Making that judgement is above my pay grade and above all other human’s pay grads imho. I can say, without a doubt that that act was an evil act.

    Last night, in response to Chris Cillizza’s tweet that “Winning isn’t everything in politics. It’s the only thing.” tweeted this back…

    “It’s almost as if idiots like Cillizza think this is a game.”

    When I went to his timeline to see if this is someone who might get it (outside of the use of the word ‘idiot’) one of the first tweets I found was this one…

    which was a response to …

    This is where you and I disagree MOLA:

    “And I’m certainly not going to punish a viable candidate just to make an obscure and flawed point.”

    a) there is nothing you and I can do MOLA, nor should there be, to influence GA06 other than contributing more money into the already overflowing trough.

    b) the point is not obscure, it is the basis of the narrative and our job on the (not-center) left is to tell our story. We are not who Rush Limbaugh or the makers of that dispicable ad say we are and actions do speak louder than words.

    Not only that, but we do have a problem. Kathy Griffin’s faux beheading is a problem. The attempted assasination of Republican leaders is a huge problem. Supporters of yours who respond to supporters of your opponents by saying “fuck that bitch” is a problem. I think the use of the mantra “political revolution” is a problem. How do we respond to these problems(outside of Bernie’s campaign mantra)? Who is accountable for these problems ? I agree with my brother that no court in this land should find Jon Ossoff guilty for the sins of Kathy Griffin or the blankety blank guy who tried to assasinate Republican leaders. But how do we dissacociate ourselves and a movement that supports FDR economic policies from real problems within the movement other than with just words? How do we tell the story of who we really are to the people that matter – in yesterday’s case – the people in GA06?

    I don’t have a good answer to this, but I do know a) there is a worrisome trend in our politics *gulp* ON BOTH SIDES, b) resistance has to be done very carefully with affirmation of our positive goals, and c) I litterally just forgot “c)”. Department of Energy?

    Gotta take the doggies for a walk, see ya all and have a great day. I hope this makes some sense and isn’t too disjointed.

    HOJ. I don’t know about the spell check deal. Let me know if there is something specific I can do to help.

  4. Trump Is A Traitor says:

    Jeffrey is Henchman of Fascism’s actual name. You don’t mind me calling you Jeffrey, do you little GOP snowflake?

    And like a typical greedy narcisistic Republican, Jeffrey will not take any personal responsibility for being a poor speller. #SAD!

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