BatDad! (and Quick GPU GP Review) (UPDATED 9/29)

Via, BatDad!  Who knew that he was also a great (or arguably obnoxious) dad too.

UPDATE 9/29/13:  BatDad’s greatest hit’s video was removed.  No matter, just Google BatDad vines.  Look for a compilation, they are great.  To make up for it, here is a primer on football English Premier League style from a post I made in the comment section.

Also, Board of Supervisors meeting on the GPU was last night (worth a look see if you didn’t go – check out the Raging Grannies especially as the first public speakers in the evening session).  More on that later but the TS has good coverage in today’s paper.  Spoiler alert, to a man (and woman) the Board did OK.  I was pleasantly surprised given the board’s 4-1 pro-private majority.  Kudos to them and everyone that showed up.  It was a good night for democracy.  Not done yet though, we left off at Guiding Principle #6.  The two whose meaning where most changed by the rewrite are on deck.  That milestone counter will change again later today to note the next GPU GP meeting on Oct. 7.  I’ll have to find out if or when there will be another public comment period.  It may be that there will only be a open public comment period at the beginning of the day.  We’ll see.  I don’t think it’s time to relax just yet.  Given the importance of the upcoming principles, I would strongly argue for another robust showing.  I think the public outcry did have an effect – good on everyone in that room last night. (With the exception of those paid to be there by private concerns – you don’t need any more thanks, I mean you are already being paid, right?)

UPDATE:  Good coverage by the NCJ.

5 thoughts on “BatDad! (and Quick GPU GP Review) (UPDATED 9/29)

  1. It was definitely worth going to but I fizzled out when they started the tedious comparisons of the different versions. That is certainly important but my ADD kicks in after a while. I’ll post something brief later. There was a GOOD turnout, closer to 60 than the 50 reported in the paper.

  2. Based on Access Humboldt thumbnail pics, looks like 37-43 speakers (depending on counting the Grannies as 1 or 7). A big thank you to the Times- Standard, and NJ for getting the two versions of the Guiding Principals out there.

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