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Will California Bloggers Kill the First Amendment?

John Chiv has linked to his second FOX News post in a month and I think there needs to be a conversation.

Of course the best place for this conversation to take place would be John’s blog, but many of you might have had the same problem I recently had – comments not getting published.

Now, shout out to Richard Marks and Rose Welsh for they have posted every comment I’ve made – even when I disagree with them.  This is sadly not true for John who has not published my last two comments.

So for those of you who are similarly flustered and don’t have the $400 (DireWolf’s comment) it takes to start a blog of your own, please consider this thread for any disagreements you might have with a post of John’s.  We’ll see how this works, maybe I can restart/refresh this thread each month as needed.

Here btw, is the ridiculous spin on a FOX News story for those of you unfamiliar with our local political/crime reporter.

“Will California environmentalists kill the bid for these living wage jobs?”

And John, the offer still stands – any time you are interested in going to an HCDCC meeting I would be honored to have you as a guest.

(For the record, this is not really a 1st Amendment issue.  John has every right to post only the comments of his choosing.)

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Natalie Arroyo’s Campaign Kick-off Today

Natalie Arroyo for Eureka City Council

It’s exciting to have a young civically minded person taking the challenge of running for a position she knows may involve some unfair cost to her private life and after a grueling contest the reward will be untold responsibilities, a meager salary and countless hours of work.

But she did throw her hat in the ring and will make it official and public today at noon in front of Eureka City Hall at 6th and K.

Thank you Natalie for your belief in civics and knowing that one person can make a difference.  It’s something I hope you can spread to more people of all ages.  It’s desperately needed, especially up here in the North Coast.

In other related news … only three days left for someone, anyone (who lives in the 1st Ward) , to challenge Marian Brady.


Linda’s Back! Eureka Progressive Democrat Meeting This Thurs.

And with her the Eureka Progressive Democrats Club.  Come one, come all.  Thursday at 7:00 HCDCC hq at 129 5th St.  Here is an email from Linda . . .

“A reminder to let you know that the Club will be meeting this coming Thursday July 24th at 7pm in order to plan what we’d like to do for this Fall’s Eureka City Council Elections. Please come and get involved (and bring a friend!).”

Do you like your Democrat with a little less added Republican?   This is a great place to start.  June was a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to extract money’s grip from the people’s chairs behind the dais – at least at the County level.  It’s time to pull up our collective boot straps and get back to work to try to return at least the City’s seats to their rightful owners – the people.

And for those that remember 1992 as the Year of the Woman, it looks like November could be our HumCo equivalent.

And … In order to not appear unfair, I do want to stand up for men.  I think someone needs to think about running against Marian Brady in Eureka’s First Ward.  If, for no other reason to insure some semblance of gender equality on the Eureka City on November 4th.  Actually, now that I think, about it another woman candidate running against Council Member Brady would be just fine with me too.

So, plenty to do progressives, get out there and shake some hands.  All three candidates above will be looking for volunteers (and probably money too).  Also, don’t forget about the Fair Wage Folks.  Regular meetings are Tuesdays at 6:15 PM.  See you all out there.

Adding a widget – last day for someone to stand up against Marian Brady in Eureka’s 1st Ward- August 8th.  Are you interested?  Please call the City Clerk’s Office at (707) 441-4175.



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Google Can’t Find Humboldt County Elections Right Now

Couldn’t find Humboldt County Elections with the Google this a.m.  So as a public service, here is a link to their new and aesthetically much improved site.

From there you can probably access much of the rest of the County web site you might be interested in.

This will be resolved naturally shortly as the traffic to the new site grows, but in the mean time…


It’s Official…Congratulations Supervisor Bass.

It’s that Democracy again, laying down what’s what.

Newly re-elected Supervisor Bass…Still wondering what steps are we taking at our local level to fight climate change?  Will they be enough?  Will future Supervisors be called on to do more, or should we depend on State and Federal state governments to address this?

Nah…Enjoy your day, congratulations and we can work on those questions tomorrow.

Also, to Chris, Mitra, Adele, and all the other volunteers – you all were great and did great.  It was really a pleasure to have worked those consistently beautiful Spring 2014 Saturday and Sunday canvassing shifts you all set up.  You have bright futures and should be proud of what you accomplished.

You took on a well liked incumbent and came really close – and you did it with class, and positive energy.  Thanks for caring enough about your community to make the efforts you did.

Also, special heart-felt thank you to friend, family and puppies too for putting up with my time away and focus on the campaign.



Hooray for Natalie Arroyo! (and some notes about who she is running against)

Natalie I’m sure I will be voting FOR you in November for my (unconstitutional) vote for Eureka’s 5th Ward Council person, not AGAINST your opponent.

Having said that Councilmember Albin represents the pinnacle of a strategy that has worked for many years in Eureka and Humboldt, and I’m hoping this era of political deception is coming to an end.

Councilmember Albin registered as a Democrat last I checked at the Elections office back in 2013.   If I’m not mistaken, he registered as a Democrat in 2012.  The reason is simple.  People know that the “D” means 5 to 15 points next to your name on election day.  Can anyone name an elected official in Humboldt County who is a registered Republican?  Frank Jager?  Mike Newman?  Rex Bohn isn’t, nor are any of his Supervisorial colleagues.

But aren’t conservative and Republican values very, very, well represented in this County?  How is this possible?  By the strategy that Chet is using so transparently, that Chet has become a caricature.

So Natalie, good luck to you.  I look forward to learning more about you and what principles and ideas you will bring to our City’s Council of 5.  From your Lost Coast Outpost comments I’m pretty optimistic about you and your chances.

But, for old times sake, below is a screen grab of Chet’s Facebook page I made the minute I heard about it from Joel Mielke on a LoCO comment.  Not sure why Chet took it down.

Mr. Albin – if you still believe in  advocating “drug testing all Welfare recipients, abolishing the separation of church and state, closing the borders and speaking English ONLY!”.  As you shared from realtor and friend Larry O. Doss.  You should be proud enough to say so in public.  (and by the way you will not find support for those in the Democratic Party post 1965 in case you are confused)  Many of your supporters will, you should be able to too.  The fact that you quite obviously hold these values, but don’t choose to share them publicly is exactly what I’m struggling against in HumCo.

To many, these are righteous and proper conservative principles and values.  Rush Limbaugh and hundreds of others speak about them every day.  Run on them.  Be who you are.  Don’t poison our civics by being deceptive.  It may help your chances and the principles you believe in by giving you a slight electoral advantage in what is clearly a blue county and city.    The problem is it’s corrosive to our politics and in the end leads directly to backroom deals and corruption.  This is what happens under one party rule when there isn’t an open and honest (ish) public discussion of ideas and principles in a way that allows the public to see and understand what is being decided.

i.e. civics.

Chet Albin's Facebook page before he took it down

Chet Albin’s Facebook page before he took it down

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Henry Paulson, Climate Change Action Advocate?

Apparently the Wall Street-er is now.  The last guy I’d want to see on a financial advisory panel is now jumping aboard the climate change is a thing bandwagon.

And after careful consideration – welcome aboard Henry.

Here is a quote from his opinion piece in Sunday’s NYT

“We’re making the same mistake today with climate change (as we made in the financial crises). We’re staring down a climate bubble that poses enormous risks to both our environment and economy. The warning signs are clear and growing more urgent as the risks go unchecked.

This is a crisis we can’t afford to ignore. I feel as if I’m watching as we fly in slow motion on a collision course toward a giant mountain. We can see the crash coming, and yet we’re sitting on our hands rather than altering course.

We need to act now, even though there is much disagreement, including from members of my own Republican Party, on how to address this issue while remaining economically competitive. They’re right to consider the economic implications. But we must not lose sight of the profound economic risks of doing nothing.”

This is a point I wish conservatives would consider.  

“The solution can be a fundamentally conservative one that will empower the marketplace to find the most efficient response.”

Not only that, but many of the things we liberals are trying to protect are things that conservatives pretend to want to protect too – things like agriculture, timberland, things like having local governments be empowered to take action with local methods instead of State or Federal governments. (I’m going off of Paulson’s talking points here but working to minimize the damage of climate change should be a conservative calling as well as liberal.)

Here is more…

“But climate change is a more intractable problem. The carbon dioxide we’re sending into the atmosphere remains there for centuries, heating up the planet.  

That means the decisions we’re making today — to continue along a path that’s almost entirely carbon-dependent — are locking us in for long-term consequences that we will not be able change but only adapt to, at enormous cost.

And maybe Henry can convince Mr. Dunn of Redway whose T-S letter to the editor I linked to last week.  Mr. Dunn was bringing up how much more innately responsible conservatives are than liberals.  You would think Mr. Dunn.  Unfortunately, they’ve put all their eggs in Rush Limbaugh’s basket.  Here’s Mr. Paulson again…

“When you run a company, you want to hand it off in better shape than you found it. In the same way, just as we shouldn’t leave our children or grandchildren with mountains of national debt and unsustainable entitlement programs, we shouldn’t leave them with the economic and environmental costs of climate change. Republicans must not shrink from this issue. Risk management is a conservative principle, as is preserving our natural environment for future generations. We are, after all, the party of Teddy Roosevelt.”

And like I’ve been trying to say, we need local leadership too.  We could make the State and Federal regulations or policies so much more effective if we would not only employ businessmen and mortgage brokers like Mr Paulson recommends in his piece, but also empower our local planners to work in the interest of the public rather than the Chamber of Commerce.

Climate change is the real deal folks and it’s not ever going to go away.  Let’s just start working for solutions today instead of tomorrow.

Looking forward to your leadership on this Supervisor Bass – you said during the campaign climate change is real.  How is the all-but-certainly newly re-elected 4th District people’s representative going to lead on this issue?

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Anatomy of a Conservative Headline: The Common Core Edition

The Humboldt Republican Women Federated (HRWF) last week declared on their extremely entertaining web site that . . . “Over 80 PERCENT Of New York Residents Say Common Core Is A Disastrous Failure”.  Now, it is always difficult to decipher what content exactly is the HRWF’s.  In this case, the entire thing is from the  Daily Caller,  tie non-conformist Tucker Carlson’s site.

Humboldt Republican Women Federated

Humboldt Republican Women Federated

The Caller’s story from “Education Editor” Eric Owen.  Here is some reporting…

“The poll, by the Times Union of Albany and Siena College Upstate Education, shows that a whopping 82 percent of the Empire State’s residents want to abandon the Common Core Standards Initiative in its current form.”

This article in turn can be sourced to NBC’s Albany affiliate WNYT whose headline takes the hype down a notch and returns the at least a little closer to reality… “Poll: overwhelming majority of NYers oppose Common Core”.

Neither story links to the poll itself, but thankfully, this is one that publishes much of the crosstabs, and here they are.

I’ll go through a few that I think get to a clearer picture (and a number way below HRWF’s 82%) that say that Common Core is if not “disastrous” then at least confusing and perhaps implemented to quickly.

Question 1 A1. Overall, would you rate the quality of public education in New York as excellent, good, fair, poor, or do you not have enough information in order to say?

Question 1 A

Question 1 A

46% said good-ish  37% bad-ish.  Of the good(ish) folks 56% were Dems,  47% Republican and 40% other.  Take home – more thing the system is working than not, most that do think it’s working OK are left of center.

Question 7A below then asks “How much attention have you been paying to each of the following recent educational initiatives in New York? Have you been paying a great deal of attention, some attention, not very much attention, or no attention at all to each of the following?”

Question 7 A

 The following are the answers for Common Core.  73% are paying some attention or more. And of the registered partisan folks – 79% of Dems and 79% of Republicans are paying somewhat or more attention.

Question 8A then asks if the surveyed supports the implementation of Common Core in their schools.

Question 8 A

23% do, 43% don’t, and 23 % don’t know or refused to answer.  That is the number I think the Caller’s Eric Owen and the local Republican women were  looking for – not 82%.  Of those that support the implementation – 28% were Democrats and 20% Republicans.  Of those opposed the corresponding numbers were 37% and 55%.

Finally, the sexy headline that was first taken out of context, then hyperbolized stemmed from Question 10 A.  Has the implementation of the Common Core been rushed, resulting in confusion?

Question 10 A

Question 10 A

82% said yes (ish).  49% of Dems and 57% of Repubs strongly agree with that contention, and I don’t disagree.

But here’s the thing.  If it isn’t implemented now, even with strong backing from many in the business community and from right wing pundits like Bill Bennett who do care in a having a set of national standards, it will never get done.  Do you see Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or even Chris Christie or Jeb Bush passing something like this with the difficulty their base would have with it?  I don’t.

And the reason the Common Core, or something like it as it evolves, is important is we don’t want to leave regions of the country behind.  That what is currently happening as local and state governments cut out this or that section of the curriculum which may not comport with their beliefs.

I realize there is strong opposition against Common Core coming from the left too.  This liberal is in favor of a set of common, testable standards for our nation’s children.  I’m also in favor of paying close attention to these standards going forward to make sure our children are well served.    We can start doing this by paying less attention to the HRWF’s and Daily Caller’s nonsense and start paying attention to actual news items on the subject.

Speaking of which, here’s a good recent article from the NYT which isn’t particularly favorable to the common core, but it also isn’t panning the entire program whole cloth.

Here is another recent article that talks about the conservative politics of Common Core.  The opposition to this started in the Tea Party right and is moving to the conservative mainstream as conservative politicians begin to realize how important this is to their fervent base.    The real problems with Common Core are reasons this will be something to keep an eye on, and to make sure the reporting is accurate.

My brain talk tells me that there are obviously going to be issues with Common Core as one would expect when a national program is implemented. Let’s not let the true believers on the right get away with confusing their anti-government dogma with something we should all want.  A common set of core education standards for the nation.

Who knows… maybe at some point we could get civics back into the curriculum?

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Under the Category “Elections Have Consequences”

Those favoring an empowered public sector in planning -or- to put it another way – government doing it’s job - lost another strong pro-public-policy planner on the Planning Commission – Sue Matsen.   I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happened after the election btw.

If I may compare apples and oranges – I don’t expect another Souter here in this appointment.  I don’t know Mr. Paine, but I also don’t expect Supervisor Sundberg to appoint a Planning Commissioner who believes that the professionals we pay for should be allowed to do their job.  Only time will tell.

Congratulations to Mr, Paine.  See you at the Planning Commission meetings.  I’ll be the one in the corner pondering if I should try to overcome my glossophobia.


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