Dear Thadeus, (RE: Campaign Finance)

Dear Thadeus of the NCJ,

John Freakin’ Fullerton, multi-term Eureka School Board member and non-HCDCC endorsable candidate/measure treasure and activist, has informed me that you would like clarification on the HCDCC’s money laundering ways.

Well I’m here to fill you in on the details.  I’m not sure why you didn’t simply ask me yourself.

Before we do, let me add a little more to Councilwoman Atkin’s My Word yesterday, since this is really what this is about.  The opinion piece must have struck a nerve with fellow TOS Star Trek fan Fullerton.  (Hi, John btw.)

Let’s focus for a minute on this sentence from Linda’s article before addressing your and John’s questions.

Their hope is to dismantle all reliable retirement systems, including Social Security, so that you and I will live a frightening old age in poverty, while the execs and corporations rake in the billions.

Our Republican Congress, John F’s former Party, is up to the following according to Michael Phelan of Social Security Works

Remember the Bowles-Simpson plan?

It was the proposal–later rejected–from the co-chairs of the Fiscal Commission, which attempted to cut Social Security and Medicare while also cutting taxes for wealthy Americans. And guess what? Members of Congress are trying to bring it back right now. Just yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham said he was working with a group of Senators to introduce legislation that would constitute a “mini-Bowles-Simpson.”

But as Mr. Phelan later writes…

The truth is that Social Security has a $2.8 trillion surplus, can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 18 years and approximately 80% of benefits owed after that. And all we need to do is ask the very wealthy to start paying their fair share and we can not only extend the lifespan of the Social Security trust fund, we can expand benefits for millions of Americans.

But wait, one more thing before answering your questions

From Paul Krugman’s NYT column today, Million Dollar Fraudsters

… the just-released budgets from the House and Senate majorities break new ground. Each contains not one but two trillion-dollar magic asterisks: one on spending, one on revenue. And that’s actually an understatement. If either budget were to become law, it would leave the federal government several trillion dollars deeper in debt than claimed, and that’s just in the first decade.

These are just two of the types of policy decisions John Fullerton’s former party would like us to ignore while focusing on the ethically-challenged ways of unions and Democrats.

Finally, back to your question below the fold.

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