Racism NYC Style = Racism Humboldt Style.



One way to define racism is if we are silent in the face of clearly unequal racial justice when we otherwise pretend we are a nation of laws.

Here is another pathetic example from readers of the Lost Coast Outpost (which btw, really needs to somehow clean up it’s broken comment policy):LoCO 170703.PNG

It’s not just the initial mind-numbing statements, it’s the support from others and silence of sanity that makes these comments so insidious.  Here is another example:

LoCO 170703 b.PNG

But these threads don’t stand alone. Obviously they exist in our society at large and even with all I knew about President Donald Trump, I was shocked to find out last night about the $85,000 full page ads he bought in 1989 to condemn and call for the execution of the Central Park 5. Not only that, but as late as a few weeks before the election, as New York City was found culpable in the miscarriage of justice in the light of forensic evidence, he maintained his established views which all publically-available information contradicts.


How different is Truthaboveall from President Trump? They have their minds made up and there is little before or after evidence is provided that will change their minds.

That is racism and it’s unacceptable if we are to aspire to be a nation of laws which include due process and equal protection and we need to call it out as such.

if you haven’t seen it or are unfamiliar with the Central Park 5:


CCentral Park 5.PNG

The Central Park Five


And from 2014, yes 2014:

Donald Trump and the Central Park Five  (Amy Davidson | New York Times | June 23, 2014)

It’s simple, in some ways, to see the Central Park jogger case as an artifact of a feverish moment in late-eighties New York—of a piece with its joyous and awful kinetics, the crack epidemic, the painted-over subways, the fear of AIDS, the absurdity of Ivana’s ski-slope confrontation with Marla. But some fevers never seem to subside. The tendency to write off teen-age boys because of distrust of their neighborhoods or the color of their skin, to assume that jail is the place for them, has not gone away. Neither, somehow, has Donald Trump.



T-S article: good. T-S headline: atrocious.

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Above are the two headlines from the Times Standard today for a informative and detailed article by Will Houston, one from the print edition and one from the online edition.  Both headlines imply something that isn’t in the reporting.

PRINT:  “Could raise rents long term”:  The only thing I could find to support this is that county staff lamented that V is linked to the Bay Area consumer price index rather than the state CPI because doing so

“is not necessarily in the best interests of the residents because it’s higher than the state level would have been”

So, point being V is important and will lower rents, but not as much as it would have if it was linked to the state CPI.  That is not “raising rents long-term”, in fact the article shows that county staffers found rents have been raised higher than the CPI recently in Humboldt county.

INTER-TUBES:  Also the ‘unintended consequences’ scare-quote in the headline of the online article refers to this…

“Mushrush also pointed out some “unintended consequences” of Measure V, including an estimated $6,200 annual cost to the county that would not be covered by the annual $5 fee mobile home park residents would have to pay to the county to cover operational costs of the ordinance.”

$6,200 dollars?  That is about what Rockport’s parent company Brius just paid for it’s recent full-page articles in the Times-Standard.  Is that amount really noteworthy?  For a headline?


Btw, thank you for the informative article Mr. Houson, job well done.  If you are also responsible for the headlines, can we talk?

The NYT Changed the News to Favor Clinton

The story by journalistic super-hero Matt Taibbi is here or the response from an outstanding NYT public editor here.

It’s wrong, dead wrong, and there is no excuse just an explanation.  The explanation is even the media is political.  But… duh.

From Samuel Alito and Sonia Sotomayor (Supreme Court Justices) to the NYT (media) where we might hope for objectivity there is no escaping that we are subjective animals and in the end our institutions will be a reflection of this.

Again, not an excuse, it was wrong and the changes to a piece that told the story of how effective Senator Sanders has been was edited to tell the other side of the story.  You know the one, the story a Clinton staffer would have wanted to be written.  Here are two versions of the article from the NYT website.

Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years Via Legislative Side Doors


Via Legislative Side Doors, Bernie Sanders Won Modest Victories

But here is what we have to remember.  While the race for the Democratic nominee is not over, it’s mostly over.  If Bernie loses it won’t be because of clunky and partisan editor(s?) at the NYT changing a news story the day before the last set of primaries where Bernie seemed to have a very real chance of winning the nomination.

The reason Hillary will will is she has around 50% of the votes from most of the United States so far with a huge advantage in the South.  Here is the map from, of course, the NYT.

Democratic Primary 160316
From the NYT. Democratic primaries margin of victory as of March 16th, 2016

The stealth editing of the NYT story during what may have been one of the most critical moments in the 2016 Democratic primary will not have changed the election results.  What Sanders supporters such as myself need to understand is one unfair editing aside, we will have a long hard slog ahead to return this country to economic sanity for the middle class.

It’s a bigger story than the one the NYT edited this week, it’s one I don’t think the editorial staff at the NYT will write.  It is one that time to time their reporters do and will.  The reason is that as always reality has a liberal (and in this case – democratic socialist) bias.

You can do better NYT, it’s why I will continue to subscribe to what I consider the most important source of news in the U.S.


Linda Atkin’s ‘My Word’ on the Pension Panic

Another great ‘My Word’ for those who missed yesterday’s paper.   Click the link below for the article.

Pension panic? Consider the survey source

Question for the Times Standard – why lump these two great progressive  (see yesterday’s link to Richard Salzman’s article on the BOS) ‘My Words’ in one edition?  I guess these along with the good coverage of the county employee’s demonstration in front of the courthouse yesterday were determined to be best placed all in one day’s newspaper.  (note, sarcasm beginning) Why spread out the good news?

Oh and also, let’s give the third opinion piece on the page to the outrageous claim that somehow the condemned letter by most of the Senate’s Republicans was President Obama’s fault for being, you know, a tyrant. (my word, not his) (sarcasm ends)

Back to Councilwoman Atkin’s opinion piece.

This Sunday’s headline story (“City’s pensions 10th in state,” Times-Standard, March 15, Page A1) was about a report issued by the California Policy Center, a renowned conservative pressure group disguised as a “think tank” that’s out to push the California public into believing that they deserve government services for free and that a secure retirement is only for those with enough income to provide it for themselves. Their hope is to dismantle all reliable retirement systems, including Social Security, so that you and I will live a frightening old age in poverty, while the execs and corporations rake in the billions.


I’ve added the link to the CPC above and also captured a screen grab below.


“The mission of the California Policy Center is to secure a more prosperous future for all Californians.”

uh huh.


More from Ward 2’s Councilwoman…

To understand what’s happened, we have to look at the history of funding for cities in California. With the passage of Proposition 13, all commercial property was protected from being reassessed, sometimes forever. This staggering decrease in revenue to local governments just got worse every year as inflation gobbles up the tax base we used to have for local services. We have more expenses and no way to pay for them except by reducing our staff and eliminating the maintenance of our infrastructure (paving streets, sewer repair, etc.)

Less revenue to cities, criminal manipulation of our economy and the mindset pushed by the California Policy Center that the public employees are to blame and government should be able to function with very little money is way off base. Maybe they want to control who gets the money in our society by convincing California citizens that we should give our tax dollars to the corporations that fund the Policy Center, rather than to our friends and neighbors who work for a living.

The piece is a wonderful and important reminder and offers important context to the conservatives rush to the bottom for our governments and their employees.  Full disclosure, I am one now.