Republican(s Don’t)Care | CA-21

I don’t believe the American Health Care Act (AHCA =House verision of the Affordable Care Act repeal) or the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA =Senate version) has much to do with Donald Trump at all. He now understands health care for all is complicated in our economy but it is something government has (at the very least) an obligation to try to meet.

No, whatever passes the three branches of government under Republican control will be a Republican act. And if you listen to them, the reasoning for this is it will give our citizens more choice and reduce premium costs.

But here is the thing, that is demonstrably not true. It’s wishful hoping. Here is an infographic from that illustrates those states that expanded and their increase in roles of the insured due to Medicaid and those states that didn’t and the numbers of potentially eligible that are likely to remain uninsured.


And although it is not incredibly clear in that infographic as to whom is most affected by the lack of expansion, there is this (From The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation) that might help drive the message home.

Lookit, if you are one of seven people who read this blog, I think you know my feelings about how important race is to the themes and policies of our national politics. This graph may be one of the most illustrative of (what I feel is) that reality.

So, no, it isn’t about choice, it is about reducing the size and scope of the federal government. I understand no Republican can say that at this point in time as you try to pass the BHCA or AHCA, so let me say it for you.

Because as all of us paying attention know that real choice would have been to vote in the public option with the ACA. And we know what the results of that choice would have been, which is why Republicans (and a couple of Democrats) couldn’t let it pass.

In other news, there is this…

From a tweet by Mike Levin, an environmental lawyer who has stepped up to run against Darrell Issa of CA-49, here is the current margin in those Congressional Districts where the Republican member is vulnerable.



Top among these is CA-21 where David Valadao last won election in 2016. Remember the conservative PAC asked us to let us know what we think about his vote to decimate the ACA? I agree with them, Californians should.

Yes, Representative Valadao won by 13 points in 2016, but Hillary Clinton carried the District (centered on Kings County in the Central Valley) by 15 points and Democrats in the district out-register Republicans 46% to 29%.

I honestly wish that Humboldt or Californian Republicans would be on board with this. The evidence is clear, we can insure more people with the ACA AND it set up to work with moving people into gainful employment. But Republicans are not stepping up and standing up for what could be argued is a conservative approach to universal health care, therefore, I think we as a people have to stand up against them. It can start with CA-21 and finding a candidate who can thank David Valadao for his work against the ACA with an extended vacation.

More on the CA House delegation’s vote on the AHCA here.  It’s pretty simple really – all Dems were forit all Reps aginit.


6 thoughts on “Republican(s Don’t)Care | CA-21

  1. american says:

    HaHa You libs still have not learned have you, your scare tactics just dont work anymore. Day after day more and more of your fake news is exposed, and more and more independent voters lean right. You see when you have to use made up scare tactics and then are exposed for doing so americans wonder what you are deflecting from by using scare tactics. The facts you libs always leave out is the ACA is in massive death spiral just like was said would happen, state after state no longer have providers, the premiums have gone up 10x’s. The deductibles are out of control. ACA was setup to fail to force america into Single payer. Luckily for you california is going to single payer and you can pay 20% more taxes to pay for it. SO everyone should be happy. California will lead the way in showing why sinbgle payer wont work and the cost of it to the working class for the lazy and illegals

    1. MOLA42 says:


      Let’s let slip by the Republican talking points for the moment and just take a quick peak at the real world.

      There is single payer health care in nearly every first world industrialized nation… except the Good Old USA. We’re number one in health costs and negative health outcomes (USA! USA! Number One!).

      It’s not like Universal Health Care has never been tried before. It’s not like it’s too new to evaluate properly. It works. Period.

      Universal Health Care is not perfect, no human institution is. But much better than what we have. And so called “Obama Care” is also far from perfect, Democrats admit to that freely. But “Obama Care” is far better than what came before it’s passage; and far far better than what the Republicans in Congress have cooked up for us.

    1. MOLA42 says:


      Judging by the up and down voting, you have more conservatives than liberals reading your blog. Looks like of your 7 member audience, two of us are liberals, three of us are conservatives and one poor benighted soul that has no idea what to make of this.

      1. MOLA42 says:

        I would have thought someone would have had something to say about my math skills (or lack thereof).

        There are indeed two readers of the seven readers of this blog who are poor benighted souls that have no idea what to make of this.

        My bad.

  2. MOLA, I’ve noticed that too. In my mind tho that is a good thing b/c I’m discovering that during the period between local elections, my intended target audience is conservatives – local and not. You and I can talk at our society parties while we chow -down on arugula and brow-beat the hard working salt-of-the-earth people whose interests are best represented by landlords and property owners like Donald Trump (nationally) or Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights (locally). This blog is a (mostly unsuccessful) attempt to dialog with conservatives because I listen to them and the words that are coming out of their mouths do not correspond to life or reality as many of us perceive it.

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