Matt McFarland and Black Lives Matter Front and Center on The Root!

The Root
Screenshot from The Root this morning.

Fire Chief Wears ‘Police Lives Matter’ Pin But Says Firefighter Cannot Wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ Pin

Thank you for what you do Mr. McFarland, and thank you for so eloquently making your points in how you approach the important work you do.


Let’s find a way to help local emergency services understand the difference between political activity and their jobs.  Do you know anyone involved in politics that might be able to help develop and elect representatives that understand the difference and could pass their thoughts along to their employees?

(Answer, for those out of the area or unaware:  Tamara McFarland, Matt’s wife and major force behind the local organization changing the political landscape – the North Coast People’s Alliance.)


Thanks to the tweeter behind Teacher in CA for tweeting this story.  Also, ouch.  That hurt’s, but it ain’t all together wrong.


7 thoughts on “Matt McFarland and Black Lives Matter Front and Center on The Root!

  1. MOLA42 says:

    I’m going to get into trouble over this, but…

    A uniform, no matter the purpose, is no place for any kind of personal messages or endorsements. The Fire Department is to blame for allowing it’s member’s to wear one non-standard item on their uniforms while on-duty.

    Mr. Gillespie is wrong. Mr. McFarland is wrong. The code that allowed Fire Fighters to wear personal messages on their uniforms is wrong.

    1. I get that and respect that and disagree. In this case Fire Chief Bill Gillespie’s Blue Lives Matter was the basis for The Root’s article. There is a somewhat, excuse me, dickish philosophy about how that distinction was made.

      I believe there should be an exception for statements to wear the Black Lives Matter, I don’t know if that distinction could hold up in court, and I don’t know how it would look in practice as others might ask to wear an American flag label and what it would mean to a patient if they saw either the BLM or American flag pins as the firefighter performed life-saving measures.

      But I do believe in affirmative action to correct known societal ills, and right now there are communities of color that don’t believe they are afforded the same protections by our first responders. I don’t know for a fact they are wrong, do you? A pin could be an individual’s step in the right direction. Coming from leadership, the idea behind the pin could be a critical training tool which could help save lives. Sadly, I can think of one life in particular right now.

      (BTW, for the record I am a former EMT who was fired by City Ambulance (non-unionized) for poor performance. I don’t necessarily agree with their finding, I definitely don’t agree with the company’s standards for taking corrective measures to keep employees who could have met their unclear standards)

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Moral encompassing corrupts gubbamint at every level.

    Racism = moral encompassing

    Pro sports ran by moralists who force morals in sports by punishing the pkayers, coaches, etc…. for violations of morals……

    Example: Player subjected to racist or moral or bigoted or prejudice remarks directed toward player……..player flips the bird……..player gets in trouble………fan not so much……..

    See any problems folks with America???

  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Bill Cosby was acquitted yet again through mistrial this time…….

    The real joke was a member of his contingency holding up his black power freaking fist………old news, old tactics dead on arrival……..move along time for fist bearers and gubbamint employees who fake their internal desires.

  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The only time liberals and progressives protect the police is when the police take action on something that fits The Narrative of politics that liberals and progressives adhere toward……… So when a blue town is part of covering up a murder of a minority as it relates to the conduct and actions of government officials who happened to be white is by no means a coincidence.

    Maybe John to determine whether or not he wants to be a local news source that does investigation into the circumstances of any of these local issues that are also National issues and also state issues with regards to who the players are.

    Would it not be very interesting a story to tell factually that someone involved in the Josiah murder is related to a government official who happens to don black lives matter lapel statement on his public uniform.

    Still waiting for confirmation has to the relatives of all these suspects at that killer party…….

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