An Outlet for Comments Banned or Censored from Conservative Sites.

Turns out both John Chiv and The Humboldt Consequential* have banned my long boring comments as they are too long and too boring and nobody wants to reach that junk anyway.

I don’t blame them, it’s good ideological housekeeping and it’s not a First Amendment issue as both sites are theirs to administer as they see fit.   (I just strongly disagree, but that is a rant for another day)

Here is my therapy/reaction/alternative.  I encourage anyone else who is having the same problem to either join me or create another site where we can all go to have voices of reason heard.

Because there is not two sides of the issue here.  We are talking about voices of reason which proprietors of conservative web sites cannot handle.

Here is the website:

Shhh! Not OK to Say (In Humboldt)

If you have any comments which are being censored you can post comments here on this blog or the one linked above and I’ll create a new post for it.

The theme is reason and good will.  No personal attacks etc.  Liberals and progressives can take the high ground on policy issues in my opinion.  We (almost) always have and always should.

Because Humboldt, the United States and the World depends on liberal democracies and an open, honest and fair dialog is the foundation of that desirable political order.

(Turns out I got a bit of the rant in after all.)

*It may be THC does not realize I currently can’t post due to a comment I had that had 3 links.  It may be WordPress automatically filters out all future posts once a multiple link comment has been sent.  We’ll see.


8 thoughts on “An Outlet for Comments Banned or Censored from Conservative Sites.

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Matt McFarlan:

    1) son of former apd fire chief
    2) possible father, uncle of Josiah murder suspect girlfriend friend
    3) interesting dots
    4) another PR family like Powell ?

    Local families looking to media for attention??? Sheriff dispatch, epd, concrete, blue lake school, loco media “friend”, public employees, fire, safety, uniforms, etc……..patterns.

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:


    Wait until LOCO hires back Kym Kemp to do a hit piece on ya, a full article….ya need a dudette for gender balancing…..then maybe a third party psychosexual, transsexual, transgendered and non binary branded point of view……

    No worry, until all types censor, it makes for opportunities elsewhere and it helps segregate those who would censor versus those who would not……which is telling about how strong or not one believes in the country.

    Censorers don’t care about the country, but care about only themselves……..hence the censorship of thought, speech and expression that obviously unsettles the censorers.

    Facts snark out people, makes them mad.

    Facts feel great to boot because facts no lie.

    1. Henchman Of Justice says:

      For those too young or not familiar:

      1970’s & 80’s = era of terms psychosexual, tranny or transexual (lots of dark makeup)….today it is goth look

      Transgender = 1990’s

      Non binary = last decade to current metamorphuseses

      Seriously, someone is gonna go for part human, part animal…….like mythology, it’s creatures.

    1. Henchman Of Justice says:

      People don’t trust those outlets that DEFAMATE CHARACTER.

      Defamation is allowed by those who censor, coincidence???

      Not only do they (binary types) want to silence free expression and thought but punish those who freely Express and Think…….

      Unpopular politics versus censorship, with a twisted sister sinisterism synergy at play….balance……light is to dark……night is to day……good is to evil……..balance, determined BY YOU!

  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    John mentions no personal attacks and MOLA tests the rule and messes up at that.

    News: Bait and Switch Headlines

    A) Kym Kemp does it often since her LOCO bad relationship went rogue & ganegreen

    B) so does Google…..

    Example: north korea fires missile at us ship…….trending now…….but beware…… media is attempting to start a war on Trumps watch, apparantly using lies in the form of catch phrases to molest readers and mindfug…..

    Looks like McFarland got administered by Gillespie over lapel politics after Josiah got murdered.

    Looks like NAACP is ticked off mad.

    Are any of the suspect girls (Ortega, McFarland, etc….) wearing BLM lapels?

    How about possibly an Uncle ??? at HSU (Professor Zoellner) or Dad at COH Planning???

    Curious it is that all of a sudden after Josiah is murdered a McFarland adult wears a BLM lapel, but not the suspect McFarland Girl. Coincidence ???

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