Rose Welsh on Racists and Racism

This comment by Rose Welsh on that site I recommended all to ignore (I think “discount” would have been a better word) has been bothering me all week and I have yet found a way to address this comment in a context which is constructive and not in any way self-serving.

Here is what she said on a recent post by John Chiv letting us all know …wait for it… that the Arcata Police continue an investigation into a recent murder.

Rose WelchHere is where we all agree with Rose…

a)  We want the killer (or murderer) of David Josiah Lawson to come to justice within our justice system, and

b)  we agree, that in the light of the tragic or criminal death of David Josiah Lawson, he is remembered as he was, a bright young college student full of potential.

Rose, thank you for expressing those thoughts because it is important to hear them and it’s important to discuss our shared values.

Having said that…

In your defense of McKinleyville, as non-racist you intentionally used race-infused words.  Phrases like “lynch-mobs” or “stringing people up” cannot be used in this country without the context of our post-Civil War society.

For the record Rose, I don’t think you are any more or less of a racist than I am.  I think you used these jarring and inappropriate words in an attempt to draw attention to what you see as the reverse-racism inherent in any criticism of Humboldt county justice.   Criticism which, in turn, may impede the legal process on which we all depend to find and convict Josiah’s killer.

Isn’t that right?  Because that is pretty much the only defense I can imagine, other ones are less defensible and include ignorance and/or racism.

As always, I’m really hoping for some conservative or Republican engagement on this issue because we need your leadership especially on the issue of race and racism.  Yes, racism exists everywhere, it exists on the left (Bill Maher) and in the North (Boston/Adam Jones).  It also exists in Eureka* and McKinleyville.  It’s exactly because of this ubiquity that the great majority of us who are repulsed by racism need to be able to speak out together to condemn racist ideas and punish racist activities that harm others.

What’s up Rose?  Why did you chose to use “lynch-mob” and “stringing” people up in the exact same sentence you wished to defend where you live as free of racism?  Can any other conservative explain this and/or admit that we have a deep and seemingly intractable problem in this county that we need to address head-on?


This the home of a new neighbor of mine in Eureka.  This photo was taken on Labor Day in September 2016.

Conservatives or John Chiv, while you are at it, would you please address this comment from camelg1.  Because this bullshit has to be shunned. If it will be left to the left to do the racism-shaming, the comments can be discounted as partisan or self-interested.



Ms. Welch circa 2010 here.



19 thoughts on “Rose Welsh on Racists and Racism

  1. Johannes Lorenz says:

    Judging people through online commentary is HILARIOUS. You haven’t met me or most people who post. Calling people racist – or implying it – and using leftist, socialist terms like “race-infused” and “post Civil War society.” That’s your fantasy realm, ruining the beautiful English language to serve your Maoist cause. Like the racist Canadian head of BLM (her anti-white rants online are well publicized), you assume there IS a post-fill in the liberal blank – society. The War Between the States was about freedom from northern industrial tyranny, not slavery, which was already dying (Robert E. Lee had freed his few slaves long before the war). Liberals love to dredge up the ancient past to prove some ridiculous postmodern point. The fact is, a bunch of drunk college punks from SoCal mixed it up and one is dead. A white boy got railroaded. The lynch mob was FROM THE LEFT, not good ol’ boy Klansmen from your fevered imagination. Until socialist street agitators all move to North Korea where they belong, marching in lockstep to another insane tyrant, the rest of us have to live with the legacy of your favorite tyrant Lincoln, whose troops illegally invaded the south and started the worst war on our soil.

    1. I believe we can tell from camelg1’s post that he (or she) is racist. No? “Ghettoists” who will struggle to act like law abiding citizens? If that comment cannot be judged as racist, then we do not share a common understanding of what that word means.

      And I will try to find time to cut up Michael Medved’s show last week on New Orleans’ removal of Reconstruction-era statues. He had two hours of a Republican free-marketer’s view of the Civil War. A caller made the point you did about Robert E. Lee (MM set him straight) and MM talks about the Cornerstone speech and the Confederate constitution to deny the fantasy that the Civil War wasn’t, at it’s core, about maintaining the institution of slavery.

      If you won’t listen to a Maoist like me, I’m hoping you’ll not discount the opinion of a non-leftist talk show host and Yale law school grad with a degree in history.

      So back to your story. All of that lead up of yours was a way to introduce what you have labeled as “fact”, that a bunch of “drunk college punks from SoCal” killed Josiah Lawson. That is what I am talking about, and this is much worse than on whether or not an individual is judged to have racists views. The problem is one of systemic racism and what we have seen in the HumCo social media is support of this status quo. The judge who released Kyle Zoellner did so because of a lack of evidence, but he also mentioned those with motive to kill Mr. Lawson, at least from my recollection of the reporting. There isn’t any evidence or …motivation… for anyone at the party other than Zoellner or his acquaintances to have killed Lawson, and all of a sudden you are talking about facts.

      Like Rose said, we all want justice, and I’ll add, justice free of prejudice. Our community is not doing a good job of demonstrating a lack of prejudice.

      1. Anonymous says:

        . . . the context of our post-Civil War society.

        For those of us raised West of the Rockies “lynch-mobs” or “stringing people up” came out of the old West, and had nothing to do with the South. (Like “thug”, a term – again, in my experience – synonymous with bully, having nothing to do with race). I refuse to allow previously regional speech into one linguistic basket. Fatal error, perpetuated by people who choose to shout across opposite sides of a canyon just to hear their echoes.

          1. That sounds reasonable do someone who grew up West of the Rockies like me. But there are two things wrong with that in this case.

            a) We are part of the United States of America and we have a shared history that informs our language. Are we not responsible for updating the meaning of our language to include the historical context of others, others who have just as much right to living in our community as we do?

            b) Rose knew what she was saying. I frequented her site when it was running. She ran an extremely politically-incorrect cartoon at the bottom of her site that railed against Muslims. I think part of the reason she used that language was to juxtapose the race of many of the protesters with her perspective on what they were doing to someone who might be innocent – in her view – and was intentionally politically incorrect in the process. A view, btw, which a local TV news site is reporting David Josiah Lawson’s mother does not share.

            But I’d also like to add that I’m not completely buying this narative you are selling of an innocent West. Why are we so darn white in the Pacific Northwest anyhoo? Is it just the way things turned out, or has there been a stream of tribalism throughout the history of the West as we know it today? What about February 26, 1860? What about an anti-Chinese ordinance that wasn’t repealed until 1959?

            Humboldt County can’t be held guilty forever, but we also cannot feign innocence. And guilt and innocence is at the heart of the justice that Rose and you and I are seeking. We all want justice for Josiah, but I hope we all can admit how subjective our laws can be. Evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt”. That’s subjective, and what I’m worried about is we cannot see our own biases.

            I think your comment demonstrates this.

            1. Anonymous says:

              . . . intentionally politically incorrect in the process. A view . . . David Josiah Lawson’s mother does not share

              What she said.

              . . . narrative you are selling of an innocent West. . . also cannot feign innocence. .

              “Innocent”??? Hardly.

      1. Sam, you are not helping your or our cause with “teabaggers”. I think the key to persuasion in political differences is taking the high road, even when the other side takes the low road.

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Personally it appears RW’s comments are just mimicking what the media already tried to present, along with Arcata city councilwoman Sophie Pereira.

    Secondly, Rose uses the choice words (it appears) for signficance so that people can be familiar with history and not repeat it…….through role reversals.

    If anything appears unwarranted, it would be A) the very last portion of the comment that mentions a poor kid…… He’s still a suspect as is his girlfriend her friends and everyone else at the party and B) about police doing a good job……police fucked this case, as they do on so many.

    Rose also won’t touch with a ten foot pole the “inner connectivities” within the community that bumble cases because family members of gubbamint officials are involved in the crime………the real news goes unreported or misrepresented, untelevised, unheard of……ever wonder why folks?

    Where is Wonder Woman when you need her………….time to call Supergirl.

        1. Henchman Of Justice says:

          Maybe, but darn it, the voter who down votes near instantaneously is just too quick, need more lead time to earn more down votes.

          Fairness – what is right versus wrong……Kirkland of Seattle Washington, 1982 LLWS Champs……the sad story of the evolution of nasty adults who harass children, fostered a culture that mediaized kids to extremes……kids quit having fun, left the very game they once lived for, loved……..kds learned about how adults twist unfairly reality………fast forward to society in the now………the children of then are now grown, and with them the loss of fundamental values of respect and affording courtesy, dignity in exchange for the win, win, win at any cost mentality……..and so America waffles in its iron clad nepotism built toward parents ridiculing the other kids…………to the point of kids being trained to act out like adults more violently, abusively.

          Can’t imagine the girls and boys in this incident being good parents……especially if loose cannons exist over phones.

  3. I don’t know of ways to link to, or search for comments, so instead I’ll post a couple of paragraphs from “BJ” of Fredericksburg, VA from a column about liberal intolerance at universities by Frank Bruni at the NYT.

    “So I am happy when I see White college kids call out this stuff. Because the media has a problem pointing out the anti-Ann Coulters but not the ones who invite Ann Coulter. The Kathy Griffin’s and Bill Mahers get scrutinized and shamed but the Gianforte’s, Session’s and Trump’s of the world are embolden by society. They get a platform when they do offensive things.

    And I am not saying that you need to burn down the campus to keep Ann Coulter out. I’m not saying Kathy Griffin or Bill Maher shouldn’t be scrutinized. I am saying the consequences are not equal because only one community holds it’s members accountable. Only one side is beig told to be tolerant.”


    1. Henchman Of Justice says:

      Maybe, but power and who holds it at that time dictates the only side of the story.

      It is a teeter tot that both democrats and repubes sit upon…….sometimes a liberal has the high end hey ho hum, and other times its the conservative…… is never fair, which keeps alive for those who care, the social fairness doctrine……..its a domino effect that humans have yet to get right, in all fairness…….and when leaders are placated to levels for which fairness can better be coralled most inevitably…….fuck shit up worse…….no need to look further than in our own neighborhoods when enough locals are the shit stirrers fucking shit up, but then acting all innocent in self denials…..

      Validation is when a waving elected supe and his family in Macktown’s parade gets shunned by the audience (the crowd) who could not give a shit about politicians who fit the bill of politics as usual……could not even walk the town to shake hands because the confines of the car were a safety zone……at least coast guard was personable, and the sheriff deputies on patrol schmoozing around meeting and greeting locals. Good day, no hitches, sun was out, light wind………but the horse shit on the sidewalk was uncalled for, makes horse owners look like lazy fucks.

  4. Sam says:

    (Sorry Sam, I had to remove this comment b/c it served no purpose other than to attack someone personally.) – Jon.

    Also, I’m sorry I didn’t get to it sooner. Personal attacks are just not OK, at least not here. All of this is about policy, not personality.

  5. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Josiah murder “top misrepresentations and misunderstandings”:

    #1 People believe KZ was unconscious and could not have been stabber

    Reality: KZ was unconscious prior to brothers united (josiah, girlfriend too) leaving……..THEN LATER THEY CAME BACK (KZ may have been fully conscious by then)…..

    Or the beatdown never occured during the timeframe given and only occured after BU came back (which makes Castillo brothers liars about timing of unconsciousness)

    2) People don’t seem to understand that Martinez witnessed most likely the suspect stabbing Josiah, so Martinez needs grilling beyond belief.

    3) Girls know more, and are hiding information that someone else will reveal that will pin one, then squeal, narck and snitch in time to not go down……but Martinez, grill him.

  6. Henchman Of Justice says:

    News just out that the 3 cops who murdered a black youth are being indicted on charges that include falsifying their reports to cover up the truth, facts…….due to their guilty actions……

    Reading any police report is to read lies after lies…….it is a set up to continuelegal abuses using an unsanctid judicial system that is only a sham for greed, piwer and control in politics, not law!

  7. Henchman Of Justice says:

    John, don’t forget Josiah, he is a victim to falsified police reports too, not just a knife/object that killed him.

    Don’t you see John the pronounce the fact that fall cities and lies within a police report have after the fact and especially when the police report is really about a deceased person and what happened…….. See now how the police report carries more weight than it should and the person which is in the report can’t even respond to it to call out the falsities & lies by local cops.

    1. Henchman Of Justice says:

      Voice to text google is still really messed up….bad software and overpaid college grads.

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