10 am Today, Humboldt Courthouse. #JusticeforJosiah. UPDATED! (I’m an idiot)

This was yesterday at 10 am.  I guess it was 4 parts not paying attention and 1 part wishful hoping.


Let’s not turn our back to equal justice for all.  Given the tenor of local social media right now, that isn’t what many locals feel David Josiah Lawson or his family deserve

Don’t allow the ignorant, spiteful, petty or hateful speak for our community as a whole in a quest for #JusticeforJosiah.  Do what you can to make your voice heard, shaming or shunning the anonymous words left throughout social media, but with a particularly wicked wake still visible at John Chiv’s site.

Bullshit like this…

AnonymousMay 12, 2017 at 9:47 PM

the dead black was a racist.
that has already been established by his facebook page.
he was in a racist, black gang.
that racist gang jumped on Kyle Z.
the blacks admitted it in court.

the dead black probably fell on his own knife

and the cops stood down, enabling the guilty crew.

shame on Arcata

shame on racist, enabling, sanctuary-city sjw con artists.

Or this…

I know a member of the Arcata Chamber Of Commerce.
The guy is a total racist (against White People)
You should hear what he says & … “thinks”!!!

I will NEVER spend another dime in that town.
It’s disgusting.

Or this… (includes either clueless or complicit reply from John Chiv)

If less than 20 protesters try to riot in Eureka, I predict fat lips will abound.


There were less than 20 this morning. Who knows if any will show up and how they will behave now that this post is up.

It just goes on and on and on.  On John Chivs site and in the comments below LoCO.   At least on LoCO we are allowed to reply, John Chiv does not allow comments he doesn’t approve.  So, btw, if you have something you’d like to post and haven’t gotten through, please feel free to post it here.  It’s best to copy and past what your are responding to so it makes sense out of context.

Coverage of yesterday’s events on Lost Coast Outpost, including an hour and a half of audio.


8 thoughts on “10 am Today, Humboldt Courthouse. #JusticeforJosiah. UPDATED! (I’m an idiot)

  1. Derek reese says:

    Proper propaganda for the BLM crowd. No one else believes this nonsense. End Black Racism Now!

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Josiah deserves finality, even if he hated whites…..and btw, blacks and whites experience less racism together than mexicans and blacks or latins and blacks…..

    Further, follow the “names” of the suspect and his girlfriend, her friends, etc…,

    For example, who are they related to?

    Zoellner, coh planner tech II ?
    Zoellner, HSU prof.?
    McFarland, AFPD?
    Anyone else?

    Is the issue really about race or something more political like “who’s kid is whose”, or both, being that Ortega has been accused by her own eyewitness accomplice of using a racial slur and wishing Josiah die repeatedly.

    Who is the slim person identified by Martinez(?) as “the jabber” ?

    Gleaton (?) and her testimony is sketchy, compared to Martinez and Chandler.

    A person claiming cocaine as a reason she can’t remember as an answer toward a prosecutors question (which was not castigating her at the time on anything implying “why she can’t remember”) is an eyewitness who his witholding information intentionally as if protecting someone.

    Then, of course, the statement about knives, sachel, one missing, zoellner car driven off crime scene by McFarland mother (a fire department family understands evidence protocols for investigating crimes, police too, so why car was driven offsite with Ortega possibly knowing knife sachel was inside car, fiber could be from that car, a glove, etc….)

    Lots of weirdness and apparent sexism thus far, mixed with double standards of law and order to protect from prosecution the typical screw ups of grass roots level public servants.

    As people are pleading, arrest those girls for assault and battery, disturbing the peace, unlawfully discharging chemical agents for non self defensive intentions, causing a riot, admission to hardcore drug use, etc…… arrest all known to commit infractions, get to the bottom of this case.

    Not much else to review until coroner, forensics, investigation and processing of evidence.

  3. Note: WordPress Comments does not appear to be allowing comments under one that is either pending or deleted. Full disclosure, I really have very little practice with this so I may be missing something. Anyhoo, John Chiv caught the offensive comment before I deleted it (and I did too before reading his comment. Below then is a) John’s comment from 10:16 am yesterday and b) my comment from 10:27 am

  4. From John Chiv (10:16 am)

    “But this kind of comment is okayfor you to print right Liberal Jon? As well keeping silent about me being outrd recently as well as several times for reporting facts. I moderate comments, so does every site. Liberal Jon, you are a hypocrite. You act differently in person to me, than post stuff on your blog which is different. Do you ever have any original stuff except using me or others you obsess on as content. No one takes you seriously Jon. You dropped out and couldn’t even run for a race. I don’t see you calling out any other media. Except for a handful of haters, everyone is on to the trolls online who trash me, anonymously as well as the tactics of peoe like you.
    I dont see you calling out LOCO for their thunderdome section comments. You are a typical regressive, jumping on the race issue in this case, with no clue.
    You are a great example of those in the left that use smear and intimidation tactics to silence.
    I have said this before, will say it again. Nothing you say or do has contributed to this community. You are racist, transphobic, sexist, so look in the mirror before you preach. There are other races who face racism, don’t see you defending them.”

  5. My response at 10:27 am (This comment had been deleted at 10:07, about 20 minutes after it was written.)

    “John, for the record, I deleted the comment minutes after it was written and before I received your admonishment.”

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