Republicans: You Own Trump, Comey, and Putin Election Meddling…

… and it’s up to you to be interested in fixing it.

I, like Kevin Drum, Nate Silver and pre-election Michael Medved, have this nauseous feeling that our top cop likely did enough damage by his 11th hour unwarranted letter  to Congress that put candidate Clinton, emails, and Anthony Weiner (of all people) in the news to sway the election.

There is good evidence that the drop in national polling was just enough to allow then candidate Trump an electoral college victory.

Is there any way to make this right?  Absolutely not.  That’s why it was so important in the first place that our Top Cop not send what turned out to be a meaningless letter to Congress.  We, of course, did not know it was meaningless until the weekend before the election leaving about a week of the news cycle pondering what James Comey thought Anthony Weiner’s laptop had that might allow Republicans to make good on their mantra to “lock her up”.

There is no going back.  Because of that decision, we have reverted to a conservative Supreme Court, promised to the religious and corporate backers of the Republican party for another generation.  Because of Comey’s decision, we are subjected to day-after-day of the Republican destruction of what they call the “administrative state” and what I like to call government.

At least that’s how I see it and I think Michael Medved’s show on that Friday afternoon a week and a half before the election proves that Republicans, too, understand what happened that day.

I bring this up in light of the post yesterday on Michelle Malkin’s site “Twitchy”.

“Calm down, Skippy’: Sen. Brian Schatz declares full-fledged constitutional crisis after Comey firing”

This was a reaction to Democratic Senator Brian Schatz’ tweet yesterday

Senator Schatz is absolutely right. But the spin is, that the firing of the FBI Director should be lauded by Democrats and somehow we are being hypocritical reacting with outrage to the fact Director Comey was fired.

Welcome to Republican politics.  It never ends.  It’s always the Democrats at fault, even when the Democratic nominee for President lost the election, it’s still our fault for pointing out the obvious – the Trump campaign and its surrogates remain under investigation for collusion with a hostile foreign power.

So again, as therapy, I need to push back a little to these lies.

“People who wanted Comey fired a few weeks ago are now outraged that Comey was fired.”

AG Conservative.

Firing Comey would have solved nothing to correct what he did.  The damage is done.

“Democrats have literally accused Comey of siding with Putin to throw the election. Are they going to retract all that now?”

Dan McLaughlin

Comey acted independent of Russia to throw the election.  He apparently was under heavy pressure from his staff.  These are two completely separate players (Russia and internal FBI staff who were pushing to notify Congress of the new email cache) in the 2016 election whose only overlapping concern was their interest in electing Trump.

“Come on people–if anyone should have been fired six times in the past 12 months it’s Comey, who did literally everything wrong”

-John Podhoretz.

Thank you for admitting Comey failed in sending the letter.  Are you now forgetting about why President Trump might have fired him now?

And here is Brett T.’s (from Twitchy) cynical reaction

A lot of Americans have never been in a full-fledged constitutional crisis before … what’s the procedure? Duck and cover? Emergency protests?”  

Remember, please, the Republicans are the ones who brought you 4 years of Benghazi hearings that ultimately helped delegitimize Hillary Clinton in the eyes of many.  You know full well the procedure and we are counting on you all Republicans to do what it right for America.  Democrats, like the rest of us, are simply witnesses at this stage.

How does this look going forward?  How are you all going to handle a President firing the head of an agency with an open investigation into his campaign?

Well, let’s not expect to much investigating to go on going forward, except maybe of re-opening either the Benghazi hearings or re-investigating Hillary’s private server.

@brianschatz @RyanLizza

No. These events are within constitutional prescriptions.

-Bea Johanssen

@brianschatz Then, you should simply quit dishonoring your oath and start revering the Constitution and see if that helps YOUR problem.

-Saml Patrck Jffrson

…or, finally…

Alright then.  We’re OK.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.  It doesn’t seem Trump’s transactions or those of his campaign surrogates reach those of a Democratic Secretary of State who had a private server and lied to the people about a cruel and incendiary video.


Let’s please keep paying attention, we, as a country, need to believe in governance again.  I believe we can and will get there.


2 thoughts on “Republicans: You Own Trump, Comey, and Putin Election Meddling…

  1. MOLA42 says:

    If Comey was really being fired for being “mean to Hillary” (to quote Senator Warren) then I wouldn’t have much problem with it. But obviously, being “mean to Hillary” has nothing to do with this.

    I have no love for former FBI Chief Comey but it is obvious the real reason for getting rid of him is to derail an investigation into the Trump White House. The assistant White House spokesperson said as much. And that is what I (and most Democrats who are Comey critics) object to.

    The Republicans are a lost cause. They dug this Trump-shaped hole for themselves and they seem to think the only way out of that hole is to fill it in with themselves still inside.

    1. “I have no love for former FBI Chief Comey but it is obvious the real reason for getting rid of him is to derail an investigation into the Trump White House.”
      Exactly MOLA.

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