HSU Walkout Today at Noon #JusticeForJosiah. Updates.

From the Lost Coast Outpost.

f85bd959dae0f3c04da0754fcf467892Also please don’t miss this radio town hall with Lorna Bryant at  KHSU from last night:

David Josiah Lawson Radio Town Hall

I feel we have to do something to prove to our students we are not represented by the bullshit that can be seen in the comment zone on news sites like Kym Kemp and Lost Coast Outpost, or in the content and comments of John Chiv’s site.

We are not them and many of us see through the sophistry almost as clearly as many of you that are victims of the bigotry feel it.



Source:  HSU Faculty, UPD, Brothers United Participate in Radio Town Hall on Lawson Case Tonight; Arcata Mayor Releases Statement; HSU Walk Out Planned Tuesday

Time: 11:12 am 5/9/17

By: Rob Ash

Perhaps the reason David Josiah Lawson felt so confident sucker punching people over some perceived minor slight is that he was well connected within the administration of HSU. He knew that corrupt self-dealing administrators would back him up 1000 percent regardless of his actions. He just didn’t count on someone having a knife.

Problem:  Blaming the victim and imagining a crime that may or may not exist.  Imagine for a moment race was reversed here.


Time:  8 am 5/9/17

By: Stoney Case

Nice to see Johnathon drive right through that mass of brainless nitwits. Can any of them read?

“We demand you recharge Zoellner”

I thought they were demanding justice? Nope. Lynch mob.

Problem:  Historical context.  Lynch mob?  Problem: justice by maiming or killing those who are protesting a lack of justice.

Time:  7 am 5/9/17

By: SGT Ted

Notice they all talk alike; there is no intellectual diversity when it comes to the diversity cult on college campuses. This entire spectacle was a big show of virtue signaling from our alleged civic leaders using the special language and terms that shows that, they too, are members of the cult.

The cult of diversity being pushed on campuses is merely a power play that seeks to pervert language to claim harm from speech that dissents and disagrees with their assertions about society in order to weaken the 1st Amendment and use campus authority to punish dissenters or people not like them. That’s what the “microaggression” junk is all about. They also pervert the therapeutic language of trauma and PTSD to abuse the rules about accommodation for medical reasons. That’s what the “safe space” junk is all about.

These people respond to a very reasonable decision reached by the examination of available evidence to not charge someone with murder not by acknowledging that we are a society with civil rights that protect people accused of a crime, but by speaking the language of their cult in order to comfort themselves and ignore that these rights exist

Problem:  Here we begin to get at the heart of a pseudo-rational for inequality of justice.  There will be a great deal of overlap here with alt-right talking points.

Time: 7 am 5/9/17

By: SGT Ted

The protest and allegations of racism directed at our first responders and the community over this murder isn’t warranted. In fact, it’s slanderous.

Problem:  Again changing the subject and focus to a much lessor crime.  The victims are now first responders.  Problem:  what about the racism inherent in these threads?

Time:  1 am 5/9/17

By: Free Thinker

This is a sham. They called it a Town Hall and did not invite the town at all. They turned off the phones for it. They have, as the dominant monoculture, the run of the mass media, aside from the online component, where they now are casting aspersions on the community as racist for expressing honest doubt about the narrative expressed by the students (specifically that of BU, which is incoherent and suspiciously inconsistent). If you do not want doubt, then you have to tell the whole truth and not coordinate (poorly) half-baked shamming instead of truthful testimony.

Nunley discredits the whole university. She gets angry that, “A white student came up to me wearing a dashiki. That is a problem. That is not okay.” The real problem is that she wants a dress code for students that limits their choices based on race. What is this incompetent and dictatorial cultural censorship useful for here? While at HSU or when I am just in Arcata, should I be limited to 1/4 traditional Portuguese pieces, 1/8 Taino garments from the Pre-Colombian era, 1/8 Eastern Band Cherokee regalia and the rest needs to be Irish? Statements like these are why progressives say that people like her are neither liberal NOR progressive. They are totalitarians wearing the veil of their self-determined victimhood to obscure their malignant hatefulness. Dashikis have practical applications beyond heritage reflection, and were being worn by hippies in Northern California long before any real numbers of black Americans (much less those knowing of their specifically West-African roots) moved there. She is shamelessly imposing her own microaggressions here over her desire for power and influence. She even claims she laid in bed, afraid she would be carried off to some initiation ceremony in the forest. Really?

No matter, she finally found racism in every inconvenience and difference in mannerisms the locals have from her own comfortable surroundings. She goes into her personal collection of memories of microaggressions in the community. Nobody owes anyone ‘carte blanche’ treatment. I listened to her description of microaggressions. If I was as sensitive to the crap she has trained herself to categorize as simply a reflection of her race and the hatred of it by the generalized other, I would have long ago been a rock star in the SJW racialist speaker’s circuit. Maybe I could chill with Tim Wise and extoll the evils of melting pot culture and the racist mythology of progress! No. Instead, I recognize that: some people are not open to your greeting, my hands are sometimes sweaty when we shake hands, and some restaurants serve people as they can in the order they enter, which means I might have to wait after I get a seat. You aren’t a celebrity. Get over yourself.

With Nunley being a university leader, it is no wonder these students are such confused and, apparently, belligerent personalities. She is poisoning them with a point of view that turns them into hypersensitive, uber-entitled, scared, racist babies. We had diversity and sensitivity training and seminars in the 90s. When people basically began to examine themselves and tried to change, the race to keep race racist began. Hence the invention of cultural misappropriation and the innovation of ‘microaggressions’. So… you don’t see the ones you are used to? It must be the innocuous mannerisms that are perfectly fine anywhere else that are your new evidence, right?

She has no credibility as an agent of change except in the context of being a fomentor of division and totalitarian overreach. She damages black students with this supercharged, hypersensitive and accusatory perspective she propagates. She needs to self-reflect and do her own self work. Arcata IS really as nice as she first thought, and people really DO welcome diversity and activism there. They do NOT, however, bow to racism in the guise of victimhood and pointing an accusatory finger at the community while collecting a salary far above what the people in the city on average can earn.

This is the most disappointing PR stunt of them all. The CSU system needs to investigate this misuse of HSU’s resources and review that club before this tragedy, a child’s death, becomes a spot so sore that every fantasy Nunley has imagined as her own oppression are realized by an increasingly insulted Arcata citizenry that should not have to justify its honest, working-class liberal and progressive credentials.

Also, please cancel her initiation ceremony. She is apparently not ‘one of us’ and her entry into the circle of light has been postponed.

Problem:  Again sophistry to re-direct blame to serve a political goal.  Again, we are deep into the alt-right mind set here.  “Dominent Monoculture”?

Time:  1 am 5/9/17

By: Connie Dobbs in response to Free Thinker’s comment above.

Ms. Nunley has been appropriating European culture every time she uses a flush toilet.

Problem:  Cultural superiority.  Walking a very fine line between pure unadulterated racism (racial superiority) and the right-wing approved multi-cultural rant.  I think this is clear evidence of racism, given the parameters of right wing talking points, they would argue it isn’t.  Maybe this is meant as a joke.

Remember:  Here is Steve King, a Republican Representative from 2016

“This ‘old white people’ business does get a little tired, Charlie,” King said. “I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about, where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

“Than white people?” Hayes asked, clearly amazed.

“Than, than Western civilization itself,” King replied. “It’s rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States of America and every place where the footprint of Christianity settled the world. That’s all of Western civilization.”

Time:  12 am 5/9/17


All deaths are tragic but the trend by your violent liberal friends is too ignore any and all lawful and legal decisions with which they disagree.

These political and leftist criminals take to the streets and allowed by feckless and pandering liberal local leaders and police to thoroughly pevert the First Amendment of our Constitution. Last weekend they blocked roads and traffic causing dangerous road conditions, blocked access to business parking lots, several drivers were injured by protesters grabbing their steering wheels and attacking their persons. Some were vehicles with families on board.

You can be assured that the unsupervised protester’s unlawful behavior and violence will escalate into further violence when allowed to continue this coming weekend. Seems everyone’s getting sick and tired of the BS.

“Liberals are willing to put the Constitution and the entire legal system aside because they just “know” the accused is guilty. It’s truly an emotional, astonishing and dangerous trend. This is exactly how a society loses its freedom and rights. All it takes for tyranny to take hold is to allow anarchists, opportunists and protesters demands that action be taken to right some perceived wrong. Power is handed to the government to, “make it right” and we all wake up in a land with fewer rights.”

Read more: http://www.americanthinker….
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Problem:  Projection, missing the point that the victim was subject to violence and again attempting to make a murder a political issue based on resentment of others who are trying to better themselves through education.  Someone just got murdered.  It’s pretty simple people want an accounting and justice without the alt-right bullshit.  Is that too much to ask.  Of course it is.  At least when you can hide behind anonymity.

That’s all I have time for.  I’m sorry for giving these sentiments even more publicity, but I am not OK letting them stand on their own.  I’m also not OK discussing them on the platform of their choice.

I’m also sorry I do not have the expertise or language to diagnose all that is blatantly wrong with these types of comments.  This is one person doing his best to try to fight back against hate speech carefully packaged as political grievances.



2 thoughts on “HSU Walkout Today at Noon #JusticeForJosiah. Updates.

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Too bad HSU types have to fart in the wind instead of identifying all the party goers………the march to find a killer, not to talk smack that covers up a conspiracy.

    The deceased most likely had a headlock on the identified stabber (if HOJ was stabbed and had access to detain the stabber for as long as possible, HOJ would)

    There is a conspirator/3rd Party who:

    A) wiped down the knife to protect the suspect….

    B) another stabber who attempted to set-up the suspect…..

    Both A & B scenarios play into each other for misleading LEO authorities.

    The only reported heresay that is weird thus far is the “jumping into the bushes”……

    What to wait for:

    Fiber – what kind…….pants, shirt, underware???? Other chemicals on that fiber…..detergent, alcohol, type of clothing, where sold, etc……

    Knife – Blood and finger print oil……compare dna age, does blood overlay print or vice versa, what design of blade is versus wounds, etc….brand name of knife, age of knife, sold where (some stuff ya cant buy in Humboldt)

    There is soooooooooooooooooooooo much investigation opportunities to get things right, but local grass roots politicians wanted a race bait driven story to champion progressively.

    Sophi Pereira is repugnant for her race baiting, gas lighting drivel.

  2. To be clear. I am not moderating, other than the old DHF policy. When I have time, I will use IP addresses to link those people who are trying to change their handles. I’m sorry in advance for the bullshit that may appear disguised as free speech.

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