May President Trump Serve All 4 Years.

But we do have to reconcile why a Putin-lead Russian Government is a bad actor on the world stage.  It’s not the Russian people, it’s their leader and the kleptocracy that has sprung from the fall of the Soviet Union.

Here is famous (or is it infamous?) atheist Sam Harris with historian and center-right columnist Anne Applebaum on The Russian Connection.

I can’t recommend this podcast more highly if you have the time.

While I am at it, here is another hour from another famous atheist.  Bill Maher’s show last week is a good summary of the Congressional mayhem which was the fourth week of March 2017.

One more thing.  I don’t think it behooves Democrats to be Republicans lite in drumming up scandals.  Like us, our representatives often are not perfect.  Governing (and campaigning) sometimes gets ugly and we make mistakes.  Where there are clear breaches of the law, yes we need justice to be met, apolitically.  Democrats are not the party of email or Benghazi hearings, we are the party that governs.

What is more important than punishing Trump or his campaign for missteps, I think we can work with the Republicans on this, is to make sure we are in lock-step with responsible conservatives like Anne Applebaum on why Russia remains an existential threat to western democracies (yes, I’m looking at you France) and find a way to get around the real fake news and educate and inform ourselves and our neighbors.

That should be part of the Democratic agenda for the next 1,317 days, not to overturn 2016’s election.  Let’s look forward!


3 thoughts on “May President Trump Serve All 4 Years.

  1. Shak says:

    Putin must be ever so flattered that both Dems & republicans keep fighting over him, from Uranium deals to ballot riggings, as he sips his champagne and rolls his eyes.

  2. ClassWarrior says:

    4 years? With all the gerrymandering and the sold-out electoral college, we can “look forward” to 8 years of this. See how the media loves him!

  3. jtimmons88 says:

    I can’t believe you’re serious. I will resist Trump and his BS with any means possible. You should too!

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