Can Republicans Reconcile The Big Lie?

The big lie, since I’ve been aware of politics in the Jimmy Carter era, is that America is best governed by a federal government which provides only for the common defence and works to promote general welfare through state governments, non-profit organizations etc.

That is the baseline for conservative and libertarian rhetoric.  That is what gets the Freedom Caucus insurgents elected over establishment candidates in Republican primaries.

This is ridiculous on it’s face.  Do the Republican voters really wish to do away with Social Security or Medicare which are federal programs?  Of course not.  At least not their own benefits, but they are willing to listen if you are talking about Medicare or Social Security of the next generation.

With this in mind, here are some select quotes from yesterday’s American Health Care Act House vote debacle which continues to today with a dictate from President Trump to bring the AHCA to a vote.

From Ezra Klein at Vox

(Title:  The health care bill could be Donald Trump’s Iraq War)

The core philosophical disagreement here is real and worth hashing out. Whereas liberals see access to health care as a right, conservatives see it as more akin to transportation — important, and perhaps worth subsidizing at low levels, but if someone can’t afford a car, it’s not the government’s responsibility to buy them one, much less buy them a nice one. This is the viewpoint the AHCA reflects.

It is not the viewpoint elected Republicans are selling. Instead, their rhetoric fits the sort of plan that Sen. Bernie Sanders might offer. Donald Trump won the 2016 election promising to protect Medicaid from cuts and ensure coverage for all. After the election, he reiterated the vow, telling the Washington Post “we’re going to have insurance for everybody” with “much lower deductibles.”

And click the link below to watch Topher Spiro, an expert on Health Policy at the Center for American Progress call out Betsy McCaughey’s credibility on the topic of health care as she is the person credited with  originating the “death panel” lie that helped create a largely baseless (or at the very least confused) animosity against the Affordable Care Act.

From John Amato’s blog

“McCaughey tries to counter that the AMA doesn’t represent all doctors, as if that matters to her argument, and claims “lots of doctor groups” want the ACHA to pass.

“Name one.” says Spiro. She ignores the question. Of course.

Just a little context from yesterday’s edition of the intertubes as we enter day two of the House vote on the AHCA.

Who knew that ungoverning could be so difficult?

update:  3/26/17 8:30 am… (2 days late)

Answer:  Nope.


5 thoughts on “Can Republicans Reconcile The Big Lie?

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Is it a big lie or fact that it worked……until the Civil War, that is a legit tidbit.

    The Civil War was not a defense and didn’t promote the well-being of everyone, it was social politics with slavery being the rock star status level of interest, full of shills, dupes and stooges as Pelosi would chime.

    Ever since it has been debatable as to whether or not every foreign occupation or war or battle by the United States of America was intentional, calculated and having nothing to do with defense of a country, but surely promotion of invasion, threat, takeover, etc….

    Then as journalists would have it, the media, you can’t get a straight thought as to whether or not Pearl Harbor was an internal sabotage Trojan Horse set up by the federal government, 911 same God damn thing.

    In fact how does anyone know if any level of government is telling the facts, telling the truth, unless they themselves are the individuals 100% directly involved.

    America is not a country to trust! Never has been, never will, but with more people comes exponentially increased lying……

    Liars = Murderers of life, lifestyles, liberty and the freedom to pursue happiness……

    To protect and serve, to provide opportunity…… is a load of crap!

    Buyer Beware💀

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Classic Trump……can’t handle losing, jusy likes to win, and when he can’t win, he quits…..has bill pulled to avoid worse shaming and ridicule for being a crappy negotiator who quits after making the promise (now lie) that ACA would get repealed and replaced FIRST, then economy.

    Thing is Trump never endorsed an actual repeal and replace plan…… what Trump was endorsing was a tinkered ACA and he knows that, and so he never ever kept his promise so far with his voters that first was repeal and replace.

    HOJ believes Trump wanted to “test” the house with the “tinkered” fully knowing that an actual repeal and replace would be much harder to achieve……..Trump just admitted to the whole world yet again that he is a bullshitting, lying sack of dead animal parts, wreaks of pig pen slaughter house pungency…….

    Trump supporters – How many are still gonna support this chump is a concern now because misleading, lying, bullshitting ordinary people is not good at all.

    Told ya Trump was a right wing Democrat wearing a wannabe conservative face…….

  3. hooktender says:

    “Do the Republican voters really wish to do away with Social Security or Medicare which are federal programs? Hell yes! Social Security and Medicare is a pyramid scheme and most ways worse than Osamacare.
    Just do the math and you will see how terrible the return is compared to taxes paid. You can easily receive 10 times more per month if you invested the taxes paid into SS and Medicare your self.
    If you are to damned stupid to invest your self, that is your fault, don’t punish me just because you are stupid.
    I stopped paying into SS and Medicare in 1985. I realized how screwed I was if I continued to pay these taxes.
    All my income post 1985 was unearned, therefore exempt from SS and medicare taxes.
    As a single self employed person, I pay 15.7% combined for SS and Medicare taxes. If I make what the Govt. considers to much money, I pay an additional .9%. Plus, these taxes are before and deductions, much worse than income tax.
    You have to pay these taxes on the first $127,000 of earned income(unless you make more than the Govt. thinks you should, then you pay even more.
    That is about $20,000/year. $127,000/year is not that hard to make, even in Humboldt County.
    That means, if I only work for 30 years, I have paid over $600,000 in SS and Medicare taxes.
    The most I can receive from SS is $2687/month, which equals about $645,000 if I live to age 85. That means that SS is a terrible investment, you only make $45,000 over 30 years.
    But wait, it gets worse, if I make over $34,000/year while receiving SS I have to pay another tax on the money I already paid taxes on for 85% of my income over $34,000/year. That means instead of $645,000 received from SS over 20 years, I am now getting less than $550,000, which is now a negative return.
    Now, according to you, I am supposed to think that this a great deal!
    If you took the money you paid in SS taxes and invested in a low risk fund, you would have at a minimum $4million saved for retirement and probably a lot more.
    Just look at what happened in Feb. One fund of mine increased in value $265,000. Now that is not typical performance, but even if the fund made no more money this year, I would still be happy.
    If the Govt. really cared about its citizens, It would allow those that wanted to invest in funds and those that wanted to could stay in SS.
    Of course that won’t happen, because then the Govt. would have to admit that the money you paid in SS taxes is yours, problem is the money you paid in SS taxes is long gone.
    There is no SS account, that is illegal.
    If you read the SS Act, you will see that the Govt, does not have to pay out one dime. Each Congress(every 2 years), votes on whether any SS checks will be issued and any checks that are issued are paid with borrowed money.
    California’s 2 pension plans are even worse off, with nearly a $1 trillion in unfunded liabilities.
    Most of that is due to stupidity. CALPERS and STRS are not allowed to invest in anything that actually makes money.
    Social justice the Liberals say. I guess it doesn’t occur to them that when a retirement fund is broke and retirees get nothing, that is not social justice either.
    The 12 years I paid into SS will pay for my Medicare… barely. But, it would not affect my life style one bit if Medicare went extinct.
    Never ever let a Liberal near your money. The Govt. should promote policies that that help you retain your income so you can invest it. If you choose to spend it all and not save for the future, that your choice. a bad choice, but that is freedom.
    As far as Osamcare goes, I was with the Freedom Caucus. I am glad the bill never went for a vote. Osamacare is imploding on its own. I was better off before Osamacare. I am tired of paying for the useless, hopeless, worthless and helpless.

    1. “If you are to damned stupid to invest your self”. What do we do for those who don’t have discretionary income to invest. What do we do about a free market system that will benefit those who start out with both their own labor and capital to invest? That is a recipe for an increasingly economically polarized society. Don’t you see that problem in your formula. The eventual and necessary end result of what you are advocating for is an aristocracy with money and wealth and the rest of us. Is that we should design our country to head?

      Maybe Social Security and Medicare are not great deals for you in particular. I do think it is important to consider yourself and your family first. However, in that equation, don’t forget that those around you, your neighbors, your community, your nation and our globe, also have to be able to survive. No of us live in a vacuum and I think we should be wary of our lives potentially having negative effects on those around us – economically – and take that into consideration as we design our future.

      Also, congrats on you Feb earnings!

  4. hooktender says:

    Everyone has discretionary income to invest, even those who receive all their income from welfare.
    You just have to make some hard well thought out decisions.
    Even someone who never exceeds $50,000/year in income can easily have over $1 million in investments by the time they retire.
    The first rule of economics is that you should always do what is in your own self interest. Unfortunately, many people see that it in their self interest to fitter away their income and then expect others to pick up the slack.
    I always consider my self, first, last and always. Making me pay for others poor decisions just makes me want to make less money, or in my case put my money where others can’t get at it.I believe in promoting the general welfare, not in providing it.

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