The War on the Poor. Health Care Edition

I know Jonathan Haidt’s premise in his book “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion” is true, we are all good people struggling for a better America.

However, we also have to be clear about what the proposed replacement for the ACA represents.  We have to get the word out there that this is the plainest example in recent memory that Republicans a waging a de facto war on the poor.

It’s not a war on poverty and the war on the poor is not the goal.   The good people on the right are not focused on the vulnerable.  They, like all of us, compartmentalize their responsibility and focus and their focus is on enabling people to make better choices.  If there is a real demographic or economic need out there that can’t be addressed individually, that is not their primary concern as governors.

It’s an understandable and defensible position but we on the left have to internalize what this actually is and call it out as such.  It is a de facto war on the poor as the Republican legislators have all their attention on their idealized society where individuals, families and communities are the ones best suited to help those in need, when in need.

Let’s be clear, the Republican health care plan as drawn up is built to fail.  It’s not satisfying those conservatives on the far right who believe the Constitution guarantees all Americans that governing at the federal level consists of providing for the common defense and very little else AND the end result will be a catastrophic failure for the majority of those the ACA was able to help.

And you know what, for Republican politics a catastrophic failure is a lose-win.  Sure they will have to take the heat from the opposition party and their “enemies” and nattering nabobs of negativism in the press, but if they can just tell their populist conservative base to relax and pass help them pass a bill built to fail the end result will be another failed government program and the #1 Republican talking point lives to see another day. (“see we told you government sucks”)

Democrats and the left has to start to do a better job explaining and fighting for economic liberalism (to include healthcare economics) because Republicans, libertarians and conservatives are united and focused on their cause of economic royalism posing as economic populism.

Here are some clear-eyed tweets (and retweets) from Kurt Eichenwald, mostly from yesterday.



5 thoughts on “The War on the Poor. Health Care Edition

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    As if either the Democrats or Republican parties will put out at health care plan that is fair and reasonable to the patient that which does not punish the non patient.

    what Trump did was what a military leader would do with a health care plan. Trump merely shifted benefits toward the younger population because of three main priorities:

    1) old people sit on their asses and collect checks they don’t work so they’re not doing really that much to pump the economy up where as younger people who are looking for jobs just out of college or maybe they don’t go to college and they go to a trade school or maybe they don’t go anywhere after high school but they get a job…… the young people are the ones putting into the economy now and not the old people sitting on their ass, farting out their britches.

    2) since old people sit on their ass and fart out their britches and collect checks, Trump worries less that old people will be rioters and anarchists and agitators……….. but young people that’s a different story.

    3) Trump is pulling a cat and mouse bait and switch mousetrap maneuver……………. in that shifting benefits towards the young working class (hopefully persuadable anti anarchists) will be a sucker punch………….. in that Trump envisions getting young people to purchase health insurance because they have jobs and can pay for it…………well, up until the time that the economy crashes and those young people lose their jobs and can’t pay the monthly premium………. for at that point Trump says the next time you get insurance you’re going to have to pay 30% more…………… now talk about how to set people up from the Next Generation…………a set up to sign into something so that elites can crash the economy so that the young insured can’t afford the very thing that elites sucker ed them into signing up for so that elites could charge the young insured 30% more knowing that elites were going to crash the economy……..

    Corruptive politics, but that’s how the ACA is right now, so it’ll be interesting to hear the liberal side pick and choose their arguments of how Trump’s healthcare plan is bad and HOJ won’t fault liberals for doing it because HOJ knows deep down inside it does not matter who comes up with a healthcare plan……. it will never work in today’s age of a free society.

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