Supervisor Rex Bohn Hearts Taxes (and Weed)

And he should.  Taxes are what fund government which I glad he can acknowledge is important.  I just think it’s nice to have him on the record just in case the left is a little more organized in June 2020 than it was in June 2016.

I know it seems like a long way away but the next four years will be flying by.

Here is Supervisor Bohn from this morning’s Times-Standard.

On taxing and spending …

 “The last transportation reauthorization we had was Fix America’s Surface Transportation in 2015 and that was only for $305 billion.  With a trillion dollars, we should see some of that trickle down to rural counties. We need to have it trickle down.”

Also, Supervisor Rex Bohn on weed and taxation …

“However you feel on the subject, we do have to take the large amounts of cash out of it, because once we get them in the system it will be easier to tax and we’ll know who is in the industry,”

I guess like most red-district Republicans across America, he’s OK with socialist policies, just as long as it’s mostly someone else’s money that’s being spent.

Supervisors hit D.C. to lobby; Topics discussed: Health, immigration, infrastructure funding, pilot shortage (Will Houston | Times Standard | March 7th, 2017)


One thought on “Supervisor Rex Bohn Hearts Taxes (and Weed)

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “Should and need” (the trillion, rural versus urban appropriation@ taxing and spending.

    ““However you feel on the subject” (not about feeling, its about ideology)

    “we do have to take the large amounts of cash out of it,” (reads like a corporate stock broker)(common people use cash, not credit cards – go to a yard sale, see any credit cards???)

    “because once we get them in the system it will be easier to tax and we’ll know who is in the industry,” (Rex Lugar means “them” = ??? @ personal users who are part of the ordinance as an identifier , @ other small farms that are making bank 💰💰💰💰💰 unregulated and untaxed, @ all government for turning an intentional blind eye to the criminal laws on the books while knowing all these decades weed was making more cash than now, so the tax base really in all honesty and truth and fact shrank by 500% because of the local grass roots cover up to allow insiders and others to hoard cash prior to permitting……hipocrisy

    Taxing is legal for the basic functions of government and that is it all….NOT the private sector or bloated faux government that spoofs society with increased responsibilities not the respinsibility of government….

    2 Party System is a magician’s majestic tabernacle….

    Whose money is being spent?

    The Grinch will gladly tax himself $1 if most everyone else alike or similar pay more than $1 and the Grinch its paid more to make the decision as to how to collect en masse and spend to grow government bigger, not simply maintain.

    Enough locals for generations knows Bohn profited for decades growing (outsourced) unpermitted weed in the hinter land while working various other jobs…..get ripped off, oh well, don’t call cops……..

    Enough Locals know that local government planners have been decades long growers too……ya, an inside rigged policy rife of publicly paid special interest consorters with conflicts of interest…….AND NO EIR TO BOOT, REALLY DEMOCRATIC AND ANTI ENVIRONMENT…….on behalf of …….

    …….. “not opening up a can of worms” ……..

    ……..which is a new categorical exemption to deny the need for a full blown EIR……what a toot……

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