When Republican Rhetoric Meets Reality: Obamacare Edition

Contrary to popular opinion, there is a great deal of bureaucratic and political wisdom wrapped up in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  It was a compromise bill that took as it’s guide Republican plans for health care which were written as opposition proposals to more liberal plans from Democrats.

But Republicans chose to encourage their rabid base in their hatred of either the President or an attempt at a government initiated solution to health care.  We know the reasons why, there are those interested in continuing to maximize profits or earnings from the private sector related to health care and there are conservative pundits and politicians that no good reason not to add fuel the Obamacare frenzy and every reason to enable the frenzy.

Now that there is no Democratic opposition, Republicans have to take another, more sober look at their plan and a David Leonhardt opinion piece today in the NYT does a good job at summarizing the results of many tea-leaf indicators of the decisions Republican leadership has before them. Although not mentioned in the article there have been several indicators that suddenly, now that they have a Republican President, Republicans are not as eager as they were during any of the 52 times they authored bills to repeal Obamacare under President Obama.  From President Trump’s meeting with Governor Kasich to indications that even Republican Governor Brownback of Kansas may have begun to understand that the ACA’s Medicaid expansion may actually be trying to help his constituents.
We’ll see where this leads, every day brings new news as Republicans continue their planned dismantling of the administrative state.  Something I call “ungoverning”.
Let’s stay active because we need all of us to review, digest, review, and oppose this multi-faceted decimation of our common interests.  From education to endangered species, from health care to foreign policy, the Republicans have control of at least 2 of the 3 branches of government and have made sure they will soon control all three.  We need all of us, keep up your interest and spirits.

The Fight for Obamacare Has Turned  (David Leonhardt. The New Your Times. 28 February 2017.)
“In drafting his health care plan, Barack Obama chose a moderate, market-based approach. It was to the right of Bill Clinton’s and Richard Nixon’s plans and way to the right of Harry Truman’s — and yet Republicans still wouldn’t support it.
Many liberals regret that decision. Obama, for his part, believes that a more left-wing version would not have passed. Either way, the version that did pass doesn’t leave Republicans much room to maneuver.”

2 thoughts on “When Republican Rhetoric Meets Reality: Obamacare Edition

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Elected officials in the 2 Party System that voted “YES” on the ACA did not even read the ACA. 30 years of democrats and healthcare, not even reading stuff before democrats pass stuff……

    “Contrary to popular opinion, there is a great deal of bureaucratic and political wisdom wrapped up in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ” – Liberal Jon

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Hatred is by the DNC groupies, railroading Bernie who then sells out to the DNC and it’s party politics……..this is Democracy by Democrats.

    Now, the DNC has Howard Dean wearing a body suit and Malcolm X as his sidekick.

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