FYI for Tonight: Congressman Huffman’s Mother Passed Last Sunday

Some context for tonight’s meeting, explaining why there was almost no notice for the town hall which is at 5:30 at Arcata High.

From Congressman Huffman’s personal Facebook page…

If I could replicate just one thing from my mother Phyllis, who died peacefully last night just before she would have turned 87, it would be her authentic kindness and seemingly endless empathy. If you ever had a problem, she was the one to talk to – whether you were a family member, neighbor, or the person refilling her coffee cup at the diner.

She took a real interest in people from all walks of life, and went out of her way to offer them respect and compassion. If you wore a nametag on the job, you were going to be on a first-name basis with my mom. She’d ask where you are from. She’d tell you about her hometown of Independence, Missouri, and maybe her nomadic childhood moving up and down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers because my grandfather maintained the navigation channels for the Corps of Engineers. Before the conversation ended, she would invariably find a way to brag about her three sons, two in California and one in Alaska. I know this because every time I picked her up at the airport, the porter who brought her out in the wheelchair would somehow know everything about me and my brothers!



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