District 02 ADEM Results: Huzzah!

Here are the results, thank you HCDCC Chair Bob Service!


It’s tough to make out, but it was an old school landslide for the progressive slate that you can find here.

Maybe it is a contrarian in me, but as much as I welcome this news and I congratulate good friends and good Democrats and wish them all the best for the next couple of years as our (2nd Assembly District Democrats) representatives, I can’t help but be a little nervous with the results.

As one candidate brought up, I think with credence, this wasn’t a very democratic process as she was left off of the progressive slate and did not even get a chance to petition for inclusion.  This criticism is not meant to reflect poorly on Bobby Shearer who lead the creation of this slate or anyone else on this slate, in my mind these are FDR Democrats without the inherent racism.  You know, Democrats in the vein of Senator Sanders.

Still, going forward, and believing in a sustainable future, we need to make sure this process becomes less susceptible to malfeasance such as a sort of blue-washing or Democrat-washing of candidates in the vein of a, say, Supervisor Virginia Bass lead slate.  Democrats, especially FDR and Bernie Sanders Democrats, have to remember the route forward for Democratic victories and, importantly, governance, with Democratic principles is by standing with principle, not moving further and further right with the Republicans.

Remember, we are one of 80 Assembly Districts, if a simple slate had this much effect here…

One more thing.  Phyl Specer was not a member of the slate and won by 8 votes over Jeffrey Reynolds.  He wrote this in his statement “It’s the basis of a simple message about what Democrats stand for: Continuing the American Revolution.”

I do not believe Democrats stand for continuing the American Revolution.  The first and second (attempted) revolts are over.  It’s time for Democrats to lead America to building a country run by the people sustainably and indefinitely into the future.  Revolutions are by their very nature not sustainable.  We in America have a pretty good thing going sans one Party that is intent on destroying what we have and returning us to the type of government that governed over a society before the industrial era.

But what about Bernie’s political revolution?  Lookit, I can buy that as rhetoric, but we should allow the Republicans be the party of destruction, secession and revolution.  Democrats should work toward a society that is sustainable and powered by people.  Democratic-lead governments evolve to the needs of a changing society, modern Republican-lead governments are here to revolt and destroy that which FDR and even Lincoln helped build.

It’s a distinction Democrats must learn from the environmental movement.  Our blue marble can not stand incessant cycles of revolutions.


3 thoughts on “District 02 ADEM Results: Huzzah!

  1. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    I thought the process was a little sloppy and I wish that Lesley Ester had made it onto the board. I have been Green for some years after having been a Democrat. I switched back to Democrat to vote for Bernie but after attending a few Green meetings I didn’t feel moved to re-register. These are dark times and our democracy is slipping away. On the whole I felt encouraged that so many people showed up for this. Leaders don’t take care of things unless the people who voted for them keep at it.

    Thanks, Jon, for the results.

  2. A belated thanks to both of you Julie and Mary Ella. Exciting times locally acting as a little balance to the worry of our national politics? I think I saw you there Mary Ella, but didn’t register that I did until later as it had been so long since we last spoke.

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