Sunday Morning Links



This county needs a health plan — stat! (Today’s Times Standard)

  • I don’t think higher wages from the county is the answer, or daily air service.  The problems are deeper and we require federal programs to assist rural areas like ours.  One idea would be better programs to pay for medical school for students willing to spend 5 to 10 years of their lives in our provincial rural backwater. (that is obviously not how I view the North Coast)  Another is federal money to help rural areas maintain the first rate medical care that urban areas can enjoy.  You know, something akin to a 3 letter program from FDR’s America.  Not the WPA or TVA or CCC, what about a RHA (Rural Health Administration).  Obviously these are not solutions that will be available to us in the next 4 years.

Will Donald Trump Cave on Social Security?  (Today’s NYT)

“What Mr. Trump actually will do is unknown, but his actions so far don’t inspire confidence. By law, the secretaries of labor, the Treasury and health and human services are trustees of Social Security. Mr. Trump’s nominees to head two of these departments, Labor and Treasury — Andrew Puzder, a fast-food executive, and Steve Mnuchin, a Wall Street trader and hedge fund manager turned Hollywood producer — have no government experience and no known expertise on Social Security.

His nominee to run the Department of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, a Republican congressman from Georgia, has been a champion of cuts to all three of the nation’s large social programs — Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”

Arguing the Truth with Trump and Putin  (Today’s NYT)

Let us imagine the conversation we would be having if we were not preoccupied with Mr. Trump’s denial of the C.I.A.’s conclusions. We would now be discussing the appropriate response to the hacking. We would be talking about consequences for the American electoral process in general and for the results of this election in particular. We would be asking why it matters if Russia’s hacking efforts were intended to benefit Mr. Trump. …

Double standards in politics are not uncommon. They are not even necessarily wrong. But they are also not obvious, or obviously correct: They need to be understood and articulated. The conversation we should be having right now is a complicated one. We should be talking about how public opinion is formed in an interconnected world.

The Tent Cities of San Francisco  (Today’s NYT)

“Californians came together for public works in the mid-20th century — freeways, public housing, the finest public schools and universities in the nation. Caring for the least among us, however, has never been a hallmark of California liberalism, and our most notable innovations of the past 50 years have been more about environmental conservation, tolerance and technology — sustainable agriculture, gay marriage, Snapchat — than formation of mutual aid societies, except for communes and cults that end with industrial-scale marijuana cultivation or mass suicide. The technology industry takes this to a millennial extreme by celebrating the moral neutrality enshrined in Google’s corporate motto, “Don’t Be Evil.””



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