Two Great Reasons to Head to 501 K St @ 6 pm Tonight

Reason #1:

NCPA emailed this to it’s members last night

We at NCPA are so proud of Austin Allison for winning his race for Eureka City Council. He’s a bright, focused, progressive guy, with energy and enthusiasm to make great strides for the City.

Austin will be sworn in at the start of this Tuesday’s city council meeting – that’s December 13th at 6:00 at Eureka City Hall (531 K Street). Please join us to show support for Austin as he embarks on this journey!

Reason #2:

Let’s thank Councilmembers Ciarbellini and Atkins for their time and service with of course a special thank you for Councilmember Atkins.

I think there is very little doubt that she changed for the better many city policies over her eight year tenure even though she was often a minority of one on many topics and issues before the council.

But I also hope that Linda’s legacy will note that she has been the backbone of a community movement toward more inclusive politics for Eureka.  I’m fairly certain Councilmember Bergel would not have been elected without Linda.  Would Councilmember Arroyo have run without Linda’s example?  Natalie’s first 2 years certainly wouldn’t have been as successful without Councilmembers Bergel or Atkins.  Would the NCPA and Councilmember elect Allison have even been able to run without Linda and those that she has motivated to be active?  Would we have had the motivation to get out the vote for both Austin Allison if Linda Atkins hadn’t helped to bring a return to true democracy to Eureka?

Linda Atkins is living proof of what one determined person can have on her community not only in moment but with rippling effects through time.  Thank you Linda for all you have done.  We love you and your presence behind the City County dais will be sorely missed.



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