Charles Blow on Trump’s Ungoverning

From today’s NYT:

Nothing is safe or sacrosanct in Donald Trump’s developing governance team, and America had better start being alarmed about it and moving to actively oppose it.

He has chosen a man hostile to immigrants and with a complicated — to put it mildly — history on race to be attorney general.

He has chosen a man who is anti-abortion, pro-fetal “personhood,” and anti-Obamacare to be secretary of health and human services.

He has chosen a man who has criticized paid sick-leave policies and opposes increasing the federal minimum wage to lead the Department of Labor.

He has chosen a climate change denier and anti-environmental-regulation crusader to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

He has chosen a vocal proponent of school vouchers to run the Department of Education.

In a way, Trump seems to be trying to destroy these agencies from the inside out, the way a worm slowly devours an apple.

I know that it can feel like we are all drowning in a deluge of compounding outrages, with every headline about this impending administration appearing to one-up the last, but take heart.

You may have been on the losing side of this year’s election, but you are on the right side of history. In the final tally, courage will always defeat fear; love will always conquer hate; the beautiful diversity of America, and indeed all of humanity, will always outshine.

Thank you Mr. Blow for describing Trump’s America yet reminding us that this is but an aberration.  American history is not on Trump’s side, it may seem like it at this particular moment four and a half decades from the beginning of the Reagan revolution, but it’s not.  We know this to be true even if the evidence in all three branches of our national government currently indicate otherwise.  Be strong, keep calm and carry on!  We will make it though this, but we are going to have to work hard and smart to protect our shared public infrastructure that is there for all of us, not just those with money.



3 thoughts on “Charles Blow on Trump’s Ungoverning

    1. Why is it excellent news? Let’s just focus on one, education. Why would you want to move to a system that would privatize education? The problem being with privatization of education is there will be an increase in the separation of children who get good education and those that get poor ones. Do you disagree with that? Are you only concerned with your family and you are pretty well off? Do you feel that a little more competition in education will allow a better system of merit and those being left behind will be more motivated to do better in school and/or are you not concerned about those who will be left behind? Perhaps you feel, like proposed Secretary of Education that breaking up the monopoly of government schools would allow for more religious schools?

      I’d like to know Hooktender, these are not snarky questions. If you have answers for another agency that is more of a passion of yours, I’d love to hear that instead.

      It’s going to be a long four years, so we have plenty of time to type.

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