Motivating Cultural Resentment in Today’s Times Standard

From today’s opinion page in the Times Standard.  Syndicated conservative columnist Susan Stamper Brown. (emphasis mine)

Besides their recount temper tantrum, Republican Electoral College members across the U.S. report harassment and threats from disgruntled Clinton supporters in a last-ditch effort to put their candidate who should be in the big house in the White House.

The Detroit News reports Michigan electors received “intimidating emails or messages” demanding members vote for Clinton and ditch Trump. The report says one young Michigan elector, Mike Banerian, received a message “containing a death wish” and another, “a death threat” in which someone threatened they’d “put a bullet” in his mouth.

Democrat leadership would be wise to detach itself from these whack jobs because the party will continue to implode unless they eradicate the despotic progressiveness which currently rules within the ranks.*

These despotic dimwits don’t give a whit that America’s founders created the Electoral College to prevent the kind of mob rule democracy that Alexis de Tocqueville once called “the tyranny of the majority” — which will happen if a few big cities and states always control the outcome.

Electoral college frames aside, please let me know when people on the left can get away with rhetoric like this and win elections.  This is a winning formula for conservatives.

This victimization of conservatives by progressives or liberals or elites works on at least two levels.  First, Americans in general are people that strive to do and be good.  If we can link progressives, or Democrats to threats and paint their chosen leader as a criminal, well that goes a long way to winning any political argument you might have.

It also works because it diminishes the truth of violence or violent intimidation as born out by hate crime data.  Here is a chart from this week’s Economist that is based on almost 6,000 hate crimes recorded by the FBI for 2015.


This chart is from a short but good article from a great business-leaning British publication.

While not all states recognise all these types of hate crime, in 2015 a total of 5,850 of them were recorded by the FBI. Hatred itself is not a crime, but crimes motivated by hate result in longer sentences. The vast majority of hate crime is comprised of racist intimidation and assaults, and vandalism of religious buildings.

The FBI probably undercounts this kind of crime, because police departments are only required to submit numbers on a voluntary basis.

Lookit, comparing what is in essence a political threat to hate crime data is comparing apples and oranges.  Hate crimes, by definition, do not include victims defined by their political leanings.  But hate crime data sets are the only solid information we have of what is going on in the real world.   Do you not think that there is at least as much tit for tat from political view in horrific anonymous threats to try to frighten  politicians, leaders, or representatives?

I’d like it if we kept the data of threats against politicians too, the more data, the better.  Something tells me though that Republicans wouldn’t be on board.  Maybe part of the reason why is they have a pretty good thing going on now priming cultural resentment by asymmetrically reporting obnoxious and criminal behavior.

*Susan, I’m not a leader, but I feel fairly confident I can speak for all of them when I say we condemn ANY Democrat (or person for that matter) who would threaten ANYONE with violence or murder.  Please.

Also, Times-Standard, really?  I would ask that you think again about printing this kind of baloney.  Do any of you know of any Democrat or progressive or liberal or elite or … that would threaten someone?  If you know someone, please provide a link to this news story or let me know about it because it needs to be shunned. If not, please re-consider what syndicated opinion pieces you are reporting.  Muchas Gracias!

3 thoughts on “Motivating Cultural Resentment in Today’s Times Standard

  1. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    Has there been an investigation to determine who is actually making these threats? How was it determined that they are from “progressives”? With media being what it is today, including the corporation that owns the T-S, nothing can be taken at face value.

  2. SMH says:

    Anybody who believes that ‘progressives are doing this is operating at diminished capacity, and wants you to.

    The intent of such activities is often much more calculated.

    We have seen the so called ‘black block anarchists’ get blamed for violence and property damge at various progressive events, marches, demonstrations, but never have such been actually apprehended and identified. The situation is ripe for the kind of operations bragged about in Republican circles, the ‘rat-f**ing operations’ meant expressly to cause progressives damage, such as causing them to be blamed for violence somewhere.

    The very same FBI whose actions compromised the election with their unfounded rumors and fake news near the election is the very same as the FBI who used their resources and agents for an operation called COINTELPRO in the 60’s and 70’s.
    They infiltrated and actually led and did actual damage, among them burning the IV Bank of America, as revealed and admitted to by retired agents that actually did it…and at the time they were successful at discrediting students/ leftists/ progressives in the media.

    The very same FBI.

    So don’t preach to me about ‘progressives’ doing or threatening violence because there is a long and factual history of the right and the Klan and similar doing that and much much worse, as well as staging events while posing as progressives etc.

    Any reports of ‘progressives’ doing these things should be examined for just such false flag activities first and foremost, and secondly, the persons doing such are to be decried, discredited and disavowed whatever their supposed political orientation really, actually is..

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