Matthew Owen, You Are Awesome.

(NOTE: 12/11/16  Matthew called to remind me his last name has 4 not 5 (Owen not Owens letters in it.  OOPS, sorry Matthew title corrected!  I can’t update the link to Lost Coast Outpost sadly.)

Matthew Owen before the election:

“It don’t take a genius to figure out the White House is gone. Short of Bernie supporters not voting for Hillary miracle, put a fork in it. I’m calling the Presidential race for Hillary Clinton in a landslide. My mother used to say, “Ya gotta lie in the bed you made.” Unfortunately for Republicans, you nominated Trump and are stuck with a narcissistic megalomaniac until November 8 at 9:00 pm (or earlier) PST when the balloons drop from a hotel ballroom where Hillary Clinton is having her election night party.”

Matthew Owen yesterday afternoon on LoCO.

“If you’re still asking, “What the hell happened?” then you’re probably living in “The Bubble.” The Bubble is where only like-minded people hang out together. They drive their Prius hybrids from their Bayside McMansions after retiring at 55 with their six-figure CalPERS pension checks (inflation adjusted for life), while complaining how bad things are out there. In case you haven’t noticed there are two America’s and you can’t stick your head in the sand and say, “I’m right and you’re wrong!”…

The final numbers tell us there’s a huge difference between a 48 year old charismatic African-American man with great oratory skills who looks like a Nordstrom’s model and campaigned relentlessly versus a soon to be 70 year old woman that wears pants suits from a thrift store and put us to sleep with her wonky speeches between naps. Hillary was very good with numbers and policy, but she was a seriously flawed Democratic candidate to start with. You can’t be under investigation by the FBI and expect to generate voter enthusiasm. Hillary earned almost $3 million from her Wall Street speeches. Good for her. Just don’t run for President as a Democrat. You can’t earn $15 million a year and say you understand what the average American is going through ‘cuz ya got no clue. Hillary didn’t do live interviews for over six months as she was above the media. Hillary turned down a Megyn Kelly prime time interview on Fox News, which probably could have converted some undecided voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea all turned down Showtime’s documentary “The Circus” interviews, while Donald Trump and his team were the stars.”

(emphasis mine)

He has an answer to everything.  If Democrats lose, it’s Bernie’s fault, when he is wrong, it’s presumably his progressive neighbor’s fault that created a progressive bubble around him.

And wait, did he really write this?

“Hillary earned almost $3 million from her Wall Street speeches. Good for her. Just don’t run for President as a Democrat.”

Should she have run as a Republican Matthew?  Maybe Democrats should have elected a better candidate.  Who would you have supported?  Bernie?  That rock-star body builder from Rhode Island?  Joe Biden?

Of course there is only one alternative Democrats nationwide would have voted for and you, as a Democrat, would never have supported a regressive (using your words) like Senator Sanders.

While we are on the subject, let’s enjoy once again wise words from Linda Atkins handily linked by Mr. Owen in one of the few bright spots of his latest column.

Political parties exist to advocate for the values that they consider important. Heartfelt disagreements about who should be endorsed by a particular political party in an election are a part of how our democracy works. In the election of 2010, we locally had the new twist of people from one political party changing their registration to another party in order to take advantage of the local political climate. There’s nothing wrong with that, other than being opportunistic, but the party into which these people came has every right to doubt the sincerity of these sudden converts until they show that their values fit with those of the party.

… When people move into the opposition’s party, however, things become intentionally confusing.

Progressive values of compassion, equality and support for the working person are … values that deserve a place in our local conversation about where we want to go in building a community that is respectful and dynamic. Disagreements about our path to building that future are healthy, not debilitating. However, there is no reason that people who hold views that are in opposition to the values of a particular political party should feel welcome in that party. That is why we have more than one party in our country, as well as the option to belong to no party at all.

Those of us who consider ourselves progressive are not about to stand back and let our community be manipulated by an interest group that represents a narrow slice of the people while having the financial backing to run campaigns that overwhelm any grassroots candidate.

I’ve removed a couple of sentence of Linda’s piece.  You can find the entire piece here.

Councilwoman Atkins was responding to a My Word by John Chiv which you can find here.


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