Did Walter Scott’s Life Matter? Lady Justice: Well…

First of all, justice should not be seen as a zero-sum proposition. By this I mean, a quest for justice for those who are suffering systemic injustice should not be taken as a fight against law enforcement.

We can respect law enforcement and wish fair and equal justice for black lives and for blue lives.

Case in point.  Thank you EPD for the work you did keeping us safe last night from an active shooting situation.  We are all thankful no bystander nor officer one was hurt.

Having said that, let us please review briefly the lack of justice following the death of Mr. Scott.  Walter Scott, a 50 year old black man was pulled over for a broken brake light attempted to flee by vehicle, and then when caught, by foot.

When attempting to run away, very slowly, he was shot 8 times in the back and this was caught on tape by a by-stander.  The video goes on to show the South Carolina officer deliberately dropping something by Mr. Scott’s soon-to-be lifeless body.

Yet on Monday, a jury failed to convicted the South Carolina police officer Michael Slager.

Imagine for a moment this case if there wasn’t a video.  Very simple task right?  I guess for those of us who understand the importance of the simple stand-alone phrase “black lives matter”, not only would we like all of us to consider the injustice of Walter Scott’s death, we’d also like us all to ponder what justice is being served when there are no cameras.

Rest in peace Mr. Scott.  This verdict, not to mention your death were national embarrassments.

From Vox:

The non-verdict of the police officer who killed Walter Scott is a national embarrassment

The South Carolina police shooting of Walter Scott, explained

An important graphic from the latter…




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