More On Trump’s Proposed Secretary of Education


From Mitchell Robinson at eclectablog:

Privatize, Monetize, Weaponize: How the DeVos family devoured Michigan’s schools

As Michiganders know, Betsy and Dick DeVos are religious and school privatization/choice/voucher zealots. They were humiliated by the twin failures of voucher legislation in 2000 and Dick’s loss in the Michigan governor’s race to Jennifer Granholm in 2006, and these dual humiliations resulted in the development of the DeVos’ “long-game” strategy to achieve their goals of privatizing public education:

  1. destroy the Democrats biggest single source of financial support by gutting teacher unions via Right to Work legislation
  2. capitalize on the elimination of the charter school “cap” to explode the number of non-regulated and for-profit charter schools in the state
  3. use charter schools as the mechanism to “blur the lines” between public and private/religious schools
  4. use this “blurring” of boundaries between church and state to build public support for the redistribution of public funds to religious and private schools

(emphasis mine) The ultimate results, perhaps intentional and if left unchecked, may look like this…

a two-tiered educational system:

One, a system of elite private and religious schools for well-to-do, mostly White parents with the means to afford expensive tuition payments, staffed by qualified, certified teachers, with a rich curriculum based on face-to-face instruction in clean, safe, well-maintained schools…

The other, a parallel system of “fly by night” virtual and online “schools” that open and close seemingly at random, and for-profit charters operated by scam artists like Northern Michigan’s Dr. Steve Ingersoll, with little to no state or federal regulation or oversight, and a bare bones, “back to the basics” curriculum delivered by unqualified and uncertified “teachers”.

And from this article comes this enlightening video of Betsy’s husband Dick DeVos at the Heritage Institute.

Those who try to follow the DeVos family and their covert activism call this the “stealth” video or strategy, and here is why…

We need to be cautious about talking too much about these activities. Many of the activities and the political work that needs to go on will go on at the grass roots. It will go on quietly and it will go on in the form that often politics is done – one person at a time, speaking to another person in privacy. And so these issues will not be, maybe, as visible or as noteworthy, but they will set a framework within states for the possibility of action on education reform issues.

    – Dick DeVos.

It worked, and in Trump, they have a leader who like themselves, believes eviscerating our public infrastructure is the best way forward for America.


2 thoughts on “More On Trump’s Proposed Secretary of Education

  1. proud american says:

    cant wait, finally the liberal indoctrination school system is about to get change for the better. Common core Gone. Who in there right mind thinks common core is good. Really. The kids in america picked trump as president in there mock elections gives us a little haelp. Look at our schools systems. We have amazing teachers being run by the teachers union FOR PROFIT. So what is it about For profit you dont like. You obviously like the current for profit. Very well Documented charter schools hands down have better ranking then public schools so quite obviously these unqualified under certified teachers you dont like do a pretty dam good job.We can both assume what might happen but in the next 4 years we will actually see what will happen. I have seem to miss your article on Nancy Pelosi saying been Carson is under quailified to run hud? The most racist statement of the month by Nancy and why is it you have not covered it? I see all the stories about how people who dont agree with The current president only do so because they are racist. All the attacks on republicans for being against women but every repiblican women is attacked daily by the democrats but not a word about it from the media. If you guys want to regain any trust by the american people you should start covering these subject without Bias, cause as it stands no one believes you guys anymore. and Media’s bias reporting is exactly why Trump got elected. Real world americans of all faiths and political parties are just sick of all the liberal controlled Bias reporting and showed it in this years election.How many stories about why trump the man who isnt president yet hasnt spoke on dakota pipeline have we seen but not one on why the current sitting president did nothing to stop the aggression, yes this week he did only because he is trying to once again pretend he cares, but why with all the executive orders he has signed did it take him so long to step in and better yet why has the media ignored this? Media is complicate in this this. Have a most wonderful day.

  2. jtimmons88 says:

    “Proud American” is a an illiterate example of what’s wrong with our schools already..God help us when the Trumpies take over.

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