Q: What North Coast People’s Alliance Can Do Better?

A:  Not much.  Here is a list of items I came up with at the 12th hour in preparation for a sort of visioning session for the North Coast People’s Alliance (NCPA).  I should note, that I am a late addition to the group and much of what follows is as much a report of what just happened over the past 4(ish) months for me as it is a continued wish list for the future.  Don’t change (too much) NCPA!


  • Continue to focus where we can have the most influence – local.  Network with other rural communities where possible sharing resources and knowledge, but let’s continue to lead by example.
  • Continue to focus on the alliance of people as opposed to money.  Stay away from too many office holders or organizational obligations.  Be a place people with disparate people can come together to fight for economic and social inequality in our county.  Somehow remain flexible without losing sight of the principles a genuine candidate like Senator Sanders taught us all.
  • Encourage, educate and exercise people-power.  Find people who are interested in becoming active and seek out either their area of expertise or an area of expertise they would like to pursue.  Areas include, campaign management,  data management, outreach, registration, and so many more.  Btw, let the volunteers themselves define this list.
  • Like Bernie did, use and become a part of political infrastructures.  They are there to be used as tools by we the people and Democrats in particular are often too busy having parties and patting themselves on the back to do the work you did this year.  Occupy the Democrats.
  • Be part of a vibrant, fair, civil, open public debate.  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind yet take measures to be inclusive.
  • Be mindful that as a group we are only asking for a portion of a person’s time.  Encourage participation in the political process, especially as part of the NCPA, but also appreciate that the NCPA should be a place for people of diverse interests.  Encourage and help people to find local connections which fit their individual passions.
  • Fight for a  government that is force for public interests and concerns.
  • Have fun and find joy in what we do, whether we win or lose elections.  Help to nurture the passion that so many people at the NCPA share.  We should be a place where people can express anger, frustration or even fear but always focus on optimism and even the joy of empowering people to shape the future for their families and friends, and their neighbors and community.
  • Don’t allow Tamara McFarland to move on.

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