The Political Divide (Prelude): Winning the Popular Vote

It was emotionally difficult to make the table below.  It’s difficult to think about all that has happened in the past quarter century that in every election since 1992 Democrats have won the popular vote.

But those are the rules of the game, or to put it another way, that is the way our current system is set up. If we wanted to change the rules, procedures or laws, the time to do it was before the election, not afterwards.

Therefore, when thinking about how to proselytize for a future where our leaders and representatives chose to tackle real problems rather than narrowly defining issues for their constituents for and agenda hidden in plain sight, I think it is incumbent on us loyal members of the opposition to understand that we are out of the leadership roles and there is no way anytime soon those in power would have any inclination to change this.

To be fair, that is the root of the “Republic” in Republican.  Republicans are theoretically here in part to protect the minority from the whims of the majority, and honestly I don’t think it should be too big of an ask for us in our coastal commodities to find common ground with our friends and family in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Michigan.

Having said all that here is a table that will make your breakfast just a little harder to swallow this morning.  Since 1992, Democrats have won the popular vote in all of the presidential elections save the jingoistic 2004 election.  You can find a link to this Google spreadsheet here.



16 thoughts on “The Political Divide (Prelude): Winning the Popular Vote

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    2016 election

    Urban versus rural, FACT!

    City Slickers versus Hicks from the Sticks.

    Concrete and steel versus ag land, resource land, farm land, etc….

    Imagine that, rural folks said enough.

  2. ClassWarrior says:

    So, what you’re saying is… we haven’t been successful in changing the system yet; it’s too late, so stop trying. We now should keep the status quo in place, is that it? That’s very… not liberal of you, Jon!
    The system will not change if we continue our current tactics, tactics that have been failing since the ’60s. Carrying signs and chanting peace slogans have gotten us nowhere. They speak only two languages: money and violence. The 99% of us do not have the money, and our daily news proves that we do speak the other language quite fluently.
    The other thing we lack is focus; a plan. Why do we protest these things in Eureka? There are no oil pipelines or president-elects in Eureka. If you have the resources to spend a week chanting in front of the courthouse, you have the resources to spend the week in DC or North Dakota. And if you can Occupy Wall street, you can occupy the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! Half-measures are the American way, and it’s frustrating.
    And that concludes today’s rant. Thank you for reading!

    1. I’m absolutely not saying stop trying. What I am saying is lets focus our strategies step by step. I’m also saying we need to be about “and” not “or”.* If your passion is North Dakota or Occupy, we need your passion and voice. In the process always keep in the back of your mind that unless you want a physical revolution, we will have to convince voters in Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin to vote for the same President you are voting for.

      This doesn’t even begin to discuss the problem of getting 51 to 60 Senators who are not poisoned by the rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh (or sadly I now have to add Michael Savage or Alex Jones).

      “They speak only two languages: money and violence. The 99% of us do not have the money, and our daily news proves that we do speak the other language quite fluently.”

      I’ll just quote John Lennon.

      “But when you talk about destruction don’t you know that you can count me out”

      *Credit: Thom Hartmann.

      btw, and thank you for reading my rant. This process of conceptualizing a Trump Presidency will take a bunch of typing, partly as therapy.

  3. ClassWarrior says:

    The voters voted. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 400k. (Full disclosure: I would prefer to see a Sanders/Warren presidency.) Congress is poisoned more by corporate money than the frothy babblings of the insane.
    To be clear; I don’t WANT a physical revolution, but I think one is imminent. A massive number of Americans know what is wrong with our corrupt system, but who knows how to change it? Can we “convince” a greedy politician to love money less? How can an entrenched machine, hell-bent on destruction (ours and Nature’s), be stopped? And it must be stopped; more than 200 years of history have proven that it shall never bend to the will of the people. What will now look like then?

  4. MOLA42 says:

    I have to ask the question: Do we have four more years of the same we had for the last eight years? Do Democrats just change places with Republicans?

    Do we cross our arms and stare stonily at those we disagree with and under no circumstances cooperate with the Republicans? Do we become the obstructionist nit wits we accused the Republicans of being?

    There is an old saying I think is very apt here: Choose your enemies carefully, for you will become them.

  5. SMH says:

    false babble from the right that Trump won the popular vote …Conway claiming a mandate!
    …haha, what a loon.

    The false google search site googl;e :election results or similar) is a russian hack job, it is being relentlessly retweeted by the usual liars.

    HRC leads the popular vote now by approximately 800,000..with the expected final to be 2 million votes over Trump…shown by many ,many legitimate election results sites.

    the.phony but callously upvoted on google is ‘wordpress70’ is the propaganda site, lie!

  6. Terri perdue says:

    get your facts straight trump won both electoral and popular vote and I personally have seen trump rallies and clintons rallies, hillary was barely pulling 200 to see her and that didnt include press and security detail. trump had sold out stadiums. and as i watched the elections in every state he won he was ahead of clinton by 2000 in some to 100,000 in others. wake up and fire the leader of the dnc for cheating sanders out of being the nominee

    1. SMH says:

      I just got done explaining that 70 news result is a phony website promoted by hackers to appear at the top in google ratings, it is a lie, you claiming it, in the face of any reputable election result makes you one as well.

      Trump did NOT win the popular vote.

      He has no ‘mandate’ .

      About 50% eligible voters did not vote.

      HRC 25.6%

      DTrump 25.5%

      No mandate for him.

  7. Terri perdue says:

    oh yeah let’s not forget alot of her voters were either Dead, Illegal aliens or double voters so u gotta toss them votes out

    1. ClassWarrior says:

      Actually… ALL of the news articles I’ve read concerning voter fraud featured duplicate Trump votes. One even explained that she was afraid her original vote would be “changed to a vote for Hillary Clinton.” (Washington Post, October 29)

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