Please Pass This Video on Human Population Growth to a Republican

This is another beautiful video brought to my attention by the good people at Vox.  Well worth 7 minutes of your time to better understand how we got to 7 billion people and why it is very possible that even us lowly humans might be having an impact on our blue marble.

I think it is appropriate that the sound to indicate another million people is a click that reminds one of the sound a Geiger counter makes.  Are humans radio active to the blue marble.  No, we are not.  It’s wonderful that we are here and some day soon there will be 11,000,000,000 souls living on the blue marble at the same time.  In reality, we have no other choice.  The question is:  how will we manage the needs and desires of 11 billion of us at the same time?  This question isn’t even on the radar of the Republican Party and the fact that it is not should be considered a national security issue.  imho.



5 thoughts on “Please Pass This Video on Human Population Growth to a Republican

    1. Rusty – In case that is snark, I deserve it. That headline was patronizing. It gets me to thinking though that maybe the GOP’s solution of fortress America is a conservative’s reaction to the idea of a blue marble which has too many people for the free market to promise a decent standard of living.

  1. brian says:

    Good message. Paul Erlich’s book the Population Bomb in the 60’s was required reading at Humboldt State when it came out. It impressed me. Overpopulation, crowding is always on my mind as a cause of stress and strife among human mammals.

  2. hijonitsyourbrother says:

    We can sustain 11 billion people at non-hellish levels of quality-of-life with fusion power, lots and lots of robots (including cars), 3D printers in every household (more advanced than our current generation), and the elimination of traditional notions of currency, since there will not be enough “jobs” in the traditional sense. Basically Gene Roddenberry’s fictional Federation utopia just minus the meat floating around in tin cans in space. If we can survive until 2100 I think all of those things are technically feasible. Warning: we will need GMO’s. Sorry.

    But we need to get going on a universal income now for that last part (elimination of currency) to take hold psychologically.

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