United? Why Again Exactly?

Yesterday’s Times Standard contrasted two stories on the reactions to the election.  One was from people who took to the street to register their anger at our country’s choice for our 45th President.  In it Humboldt County Trump campaign chair and College of the Redwoods political science teacher (ugh, btw) John Schutt said this…

This is what we’ve got and we really have to come together because we have a lot of big issues facing this country

Really? Come together?  Now?  What about the past 8 years?  Why now?  What about the intransigence of those Republican Governors that would not accept federal funds to expand Medicaid because of their opposition to the Affordable Care Act?

Remember, despite the rhetoric you will hear on Fox or Rush Limbaugh the ACA was based on a conservative solution to an ongoing health care crisis from the completely non-liberal Heritage Institute in the 1990’s.  There was no uniting under a Democrat even with largely conservative or Republican ideas, why are you now asking liberals to do what conservatives wouldn’t.

Republicans wouldn’t even put to a vote a Supreme Court nominated by a President elected by the same electorate that just nominated your preferred candidate and now we are expected to unite?

Again? Under what?  That many Mexicans are murders or rapists?  That it’s somehow OK to kiss beautiful women if you are a male celebrity, because they “let you do it“?  That Muslims are by definition suspect?  That there is a high correlation between Democrats that voted for Hillary and high criminal rates?  That we have to wait until coal company executives agree that climate change is real and human-caused?  That we need to take action to repeal a program which helped insure another 10 million Americans?

Please.  Look-it, Mr. Schutt of course you can count on most liberals, and Democrats being united with Republicans and conservatives and even President-Elect Trump in working for a better tomorrow for Americans.  That should go without saying.

However, as most Republicans knew under Obama and Democrats understand under Trump there will be real differences on the vision of what tomorrow’s America looks like and how we are going to get there.  Isn’t that as it should be?

And while we are at it…

Could the Times-Standard and Republicans like Michael Medved please lay off this old trope that protesting is somehow wrong or un-American?  Many are angry, and rightfully so, at who we just elected President.  They have every right to express their anger, dismay, frustration and disbelief in public.

And again, count on the Times-Standard to use the headlines and editorial cartoons to further this right wing meme.

From the reporting on Lost Coast Outpost, it seems most of the anger and vitriol came from the anti-protesters in Eureka (those that support Trump), but not one word about this in the Times Standard.  Furthermore, in today’s Times Standard law enforcement were reported as saying they were not going to step up patrols…

University Police Sgt. John Packer said officers did not step up patrols ahead of the protest because they expected it to remain peaceful and to take place largely outside of the campus. He had not received reports of violence as of that evening, he added.

…yet the Times Standard still sees fit to subject it’s readers to another caricature by Columbus’s Nate Beeler that decidedly does not represent reality on the North Coast.  BTW, with print media like this in Ohio, is it any wonder Donald Trump will be our 45th President?


4 thoughts on “United? Why Again Exactly?

  1. MOLA42 says:

    Let me tell you how it’s going to be: Republicans will label any form of debate as being obstructionist and question the loyalty and patriotism of anyone who does not toe their line.

    How do I know this? Because my memory goes back more than eight years. All through Bush II Republicans and conservatives kept whinging about how the Democrats and liberals wouldn’t leave Bush alone to do his job. If they would only get out of Bush’s way, he would fix things.

    Anyone remember what Bush had to deal with? A prosperous nation at peace and paying its bills. What did Obama have to deal with? A broken economy shattered by war, incompetence and cronyism with an ever mounting debt. It took Obama eight years and over the constant obstruction by Republicans and conservatives to even begin to set things right.

    For eight years any Republican that showed a willingness to work with the President were branded as traitors and treated as such.

    For the next four years, we on the left will be branded as traitors if we so much as whisper our opposition. It’s not going to be any more pleasant than it was during the Bush II years.

    Folks… Please remember that Trump did not win the election. Clinton did. But the system we have set up for ourselves does not recognize that. So be it. We really do need to work together, to listen to one another. Trump is our President, like it or not. Let’s start to deal with it.

    No one has been given a mandate of the people. We must act accordingly.

    1. Absolutely M42, until the last two paragraphs. I had to comment on this though because I am about to post about the popular vote and how we can’t spend to much time on this, at least for our own sanity. It hurts but Trump did win the election. I can hear the late Paul Weyrich’s voice as I type this.

      “I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections have not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now”.

      It’s true and it is a strategy. If we want to change the rules, then we will have to bring it to the people before an election. Kinda like Councilmembers Arroyo, Bergel and Atkins did locally this year. 🙂

      I’m not posting this upcoming post to disagree with you. I only thought about your comment here as I was just about to publish it. I guess I wanted you to know I wasn’t going out of my way to disagree with one of the handful of non-family member readers.

      Have a good Sunday M.

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