Ungoverning: #draintheswamp

With the GOP in control of the White House, both houses of Congress and soon the Supreme Court again, we’ll get another look at the promise that another GOP leader promised to his voters.


What this will mean is exactly more of the same that got us where we are.  The reason for this is we are still in the midst of the Reagan revolution even though we had been on the long, hard road of reversing the damage these policies had done.

Well Trump voters, please pay close attention going forward.  Hispanics, African-Americans, women, the LGBT community, Muslims, among others are not the ones that are leaving you with an increasingly small fraction of the wealth from world’s wealthiest nation.

Government is there to help protect you and your interests, instead it will now protect those with financial interests.  That’s is the ultimate goal of the GOP.  A wall, an imagined right to personal militias, paying lip service to those that would like more theo in our -cracy that is all inexpensive and doable.

Now they will have a President from their party that will allow them to continue the decimation our our public sphere so those that live off of their investments can continue.

That is the goal fellow citizens across the political divide.  If you get what you wanted in the process I for one will be happy for you.  Your children?  Well if you’ve saved up enough for them and send them to the right schools, they’ll be fine too.

They’ll just be stuck with a world that is a little warmer, a little less generous, a little more dangerous, a little less interesting, and if they stick to Trump’s golf courses and hotels, one that is exceptional and familiar.

That’s my prediction of what #drainingtheswamp translates from campaign tweet to governing strategy.  I’m curious what it means to you, my conservative friends and neighbors.



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