Trump Won by Bringing Southern Politics to the Midwest

This interactive nationwide map from the New York Times shows the red-shift from in various counties from Romney to Trump.

Southern GOP politics have moved Northwest out of the South and Appalachia and into north to bluish Midwestern states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio.  Add this to the GOP’s solid South and you have President-Elect Donald Trump.





8 thoughts on “Trump Won by Bringing Southern Politics to the Midwest

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Trump won because Democrats did not vote in numbers necessary.

    Democrats lost 5 million votes to the Republican s 1 million votes.

    Some Democrats flipped parties.

    Most lost votes on both sides due to anti 2 party system

    Trump won because the sea of red is rural.

    Humboldt County suffers from urbanites too.

    That is really it…….personal economics/wealth, national security and deregulation……Democrats had the advantage on all three, but blew it.

  2. Another Deplorable says:

    Donald J. Trump even got 1 out of 3 vote in liberal Humboldt County. Trump won because he showed leadership. Donald J. Trump won because an overwhelming geographic sector of the US voted for him. That is what the electoral college is for; to assure a fair distribution of power. Trump won because he had a campaign and didn’t need Beyoce’ to twerk on stage for him. He won because he didn’t need Obama guilt tripping the race card on black voters. He won because he took the vote fair and square and didn’t need to cheat, steal, lie, and slither his way into office. Trump won because white women voted for him and saw right through that criminal witch Hillary.

    1. For the primary:

      And exit polls show there was no change in GOP support for president from 2012 to 2016

      ralph, the GOP voters spoke and they got what they wanted. I agree that not all GOP leaders agreed. They would have preferred Rubio or Cruz. But believe me ralph, the entire GOP will be united in lowering taxes, repealing the ACA, punitive foreign policies on Muslim countries, increased voter ID laws, school choice, policies that increase atmospheric carbon etc. etc. The benefactors of this will be your bosses ralph. The ones that will pay, our children.

  3. MOLA42 says:

    Trump did NOT win the election. Clinton did. Trump won the Electoral College vote. The nation, by an admittedly small margin, preferred Clinton.

    No one comes away from this election with a “mandate.” Whether the above posters like it or not, we will need to work together.

    1. Henchman Of Justice says:

      The election is a combination of rural power versus urban power.

      Can’t have millions of urbanites controlling politics, stealing rural land resources……kills Salmon, toxified water, etc……oxymoronic politics sucks.

      Rural is a minority that ganged up to defeat the majority in the cities……

      Cities on the great lakes, west coast, East coast, gulf…… where violence is more accepted than rural America.

    2. Henchman Of Justice says:

      The nation does not include the abstainers, 3rd party supporters, etc… no, the nation did not elect Hillary by a majority.

      This election was:

      The Bullshitter versus The Liar!

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