Will Hillary Spend Time In Jail?


Will there be any more substantial Benghazi hearings?  No.

Will there be anymore talk of reducing the number of Supreme Court Justices to 7?  No.

The modern Republican Party believes in politics over governance and has for years.

The way Democrats react to this will be critical.  As always and like MOLA suggested in a comment last night we will have to be the adults in Washington and never ever lower ourselves to their level.

A functioning government is too important, and if nothing else, November 8th, 2016 proved our government remains a vibrant democracy dependent on the vote of we the people.


7 thoughts on “Will Hillary Spend Time In Jail?

  1. ralph says:

    Yup, the Cubs won’t win ….. Trump won’t win ….. the markets are gonna’ crash ….. Brexit will never happen ……. wrong, wrong, wrong, ………wrong again Jon boy. The Clinton’s are BOTH going to prison and they know it! The traitor POS and POTUS Obama is next!!! Time to wake up Jon boy.

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The Power Of Prime.

    Trump 289 delegate total (HOJ predicted 285-290 yesterday at around 6:00 push)

    289 = 17 x 17 or 17^2 = 19 (sum total prime) that also equals 8+9 (the day libs were arrogant plus the day libs were devastated) HOJ the first dude or Susette to use the word “devastated”…… once written,news copy cutters follow at the major networks)…..CNN did it 3 minutes ago..lady on far right with glasses in blue……

  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Some Russian guy just discussed:

    1) Trump sees eye to eye with foreign leaders who are benign

    2) Clinton too much a hard liner with neo conservatives in America……

    Now, that aligns exactly with what HOJ had been blogging for months now about the face pulling liar.

  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    As far as local politics,

    At least Eureka gets an opportunity for making a better home…..measure P passed and Austin Allison did very well.

    Most All the YES vote results were typical sheeple results……

  5. sgtted says:

    “The modern Republican Party believes in politics over governance and has for years.”

    This statement ignores the last 8 years of Obama and the Democrats doing exactly the same thing. The weaponization of the IRS to go after political opponents, the blatant refusal to enforce laws that certain Democrat constituency groups don’t like and the subversion of the Federal law enforcement apparatus to protect Democrats engaged in clear violations of the law have all happened under Obama. Americans are tired of being slimed by progressive intellectual bigots who cast all opposition is “racistsexisthomophobia”. Next time, don’t hitch your wagon to an unindicted felon with zero charisma and an obvious neurological disease as a Presidential candidate and you’ll probably beat Trump in 2020.

  6. MOLA42 says:

    I believe a quote from Secretary Clinton is in order here: Give Trump a chance to lead.

    Which is more than what Trump (and his supporting commenters above) would have given if Clinton had won.

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