Congratulations and Thank Yous

Congratulations and thank you to this incomplete list of wonderful people.

To Joan Dixon, Helene Rouvier, Peggy Dickinson, Pat Kanzler, Sandy Ferrell of the North Coast People’s Alliance local group who made calls and went door to door.

To Loraine Parnell, Kathy Srabian, Allen McCloskey,  who volunteered time for the Measure P campaign.  Thank you to Council Members Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo because without your vision and votes we would not have had a chance to return a simpler, more accountable democracy to Eureka.

To Hillary Mosher, Carrie Peyton-Dalhberg, Patti Rose, Humboldt 49, and all the others that launched and maintained an incredible David v Goliath campaign to fight for mobile home owner’s rights despite our County’s current leadership failings.

To John Frahm and those union workers who came in on their off hours to do the same.

To members of the Humboldt County Democrats who supported strong candidates and measures for Humboldt’s future.

And special thanks to Council Member Elect Austin Allison and your team of volunteers, Tamara McFarland Austin’s campaign manager extraordinaire and outgoing Council Member Linda Atkins.

Without your leadership, passion and commitment Linda, I don’t think any of this happens.  Thank you!

Finally, thank you to the tens or hundreds of people I didn’t mention in Eureka and Humboldt who fought for the candidate or measure that was important to you.  This was an amazing day for democracy with many important decisions for the future of this County and Country in a 24 hour period.  I’m so proud to be a small part of our great democracy.

P.S. I’m in a rush this am so please excuse name spellings and anyone I missed.


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