Candor Versus Bluntness in Missourah

I’m not sure if there is a deeper meaning in the last names of the Senate race in Missouri, but it’s a national race I’d like to highlight on election day.

It’s 35 y/o Democrat Jason Kander vs 20 year Republican Senator Roy Blunt.  I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with candidate Kander on every issue, but one issue on which we would is the right of Democratic Presidents to nominate Supreme Court Justices.  This is not a concept the Republican Senate seems to understand at this point.  Here is a review of the “coup against the Supreme Court”.

Niv Bavarsky from today’s NYT.  Please click link above for more.

Also, there is the ad below, which is simply awesome.  Do the right thing Missouri! (and Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and Nevada, and New Hampshire, and North Carolina, and Illinois and …)

Happy Election Day Humboldt!  Exercise your franchise!


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