On John Fullerton’s Limited Vision of Leadership

This post by request from politically active local artist and friend Peggy Dickinson after having read this digital news account of a recent impromptu Facebook debate between Mr. Allison and Mr. Fullerton.  (If anyone else has last minute ideas or thoughts please let me know. – 2 days left!)

Reading the exchanges between candidates Fullerton and Allison regarding the closure of the care homes in Eureka, I was shocked to learn that Mr. Fullerton feels that the acute distress of some of our most vulnerable citizens, (and their families), in being evicted from their care homes is no concern of the members of the City Council! I think the welfare and treatment of Eureka citizens must be a primary concern of our representatives on the City Council – not something to be shrugged off as irrelevant to Council business! Granted that Mr. Allison’s profession makes him more aware of, and concerned with the healthcare and personal welfare of vulnerable citizens, and, granted, that Mr. Fullerton’s profession makes him more concerned with citizen’s financial situations: Which orientation makes a candidate best suited for service on the Council? By my values it is clearly better for Eureka to have Mr. Allison on the City Council. I urge Eureka citizens to VOTE for Austin Allison!

Peggy Dickinson, senior citizen of Eureka



6 thoughts on “On John Fullerton’s Limited Vision of Leadership

  1. C. A. C. says:

    The care homes not only provide services and housing for our area’s most vulnerable, but also provides employment for citizens that work there in Eureka and the surrounding area of Eureka. It most certainly is an issue that should be part of the ECC.

  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Care homes…..places where enough unwanted family members are abandoned.

    Care Homes……an entitlement we all deserve at birth?

    Care Homes closing? Why? Is it a society of 5 points where Charles Dickens walks through New York’s streets of squalor in late 1800’s after the conglomeration of power between the elite families of corporate US companies…..don’t think so.

    Seniors not paying for services?

    Maybe John works hard, saves and won’t ever need outside care living?

    Maybe other people who are now Seniors used to be young and did not understand that their votes were making retirement or old age life problematic? Maybe when young, seniors did not anticipate the dollar ‘s devaluation?

    Maybe some Seniors were just mean, evil people growing up and don’t deserve care?

    Maybe some Seniors are just former devils playground scum from years past?

    Some Seniors are surrogates of others…..Clintons, Trump’s, Bushes, Videos, Weiners, Wasserman Shultz’s, etc…..people who deserve to live on the streets without care….so many seniors to choose from, who qualifies under just worthiness and who gets zilch because they deserve nothing for free?

    At any rate, DANCO (Dan Johnson) preys on the elderly money…….no worries, Dan Johnson to the rescue using other people’s taxes stolen to build political profits through local. municipal pay to play kickbacks……for assisted senior living units after the city and DANCO collude to take away another hotel or motel because of crime and drugs…….notice the newer hotel on Broadway and Wabash has criminal and drug activity, but the city says it is new and crime and drugs are allowable and the hotel is off limits to Dan Johnson because the city won’t add yet another problem on a “hit list” given to DANCO because the property was recently “redeveloped”……who also dabbles in civic activities as an unqualified suitor to suck up community non leaders in leadership positions.

    Dan Johnson makes John Fullerton look like an angel…….

    As long as DJ is alive, senior care facilities are not under a significant threat, but are real options for tax created job wealth.

    1. What Peggy said
      “I was shocked to learn that Mr. Fullerton feels that the acute distress of some of our most vulnerable citizens, (and their families), in being evicted from their care homes is no concern of the members of the City Council!”

      what you wrote in the Journal

      “To the young lady who attack me for not speaking up on the care home issue: The issues has nothing to do with the Eureka City Council and is totally out of the city’s hands. It is a complicated and tragic issue about which neither Austin nor I has all the facts. It is political pandering at its worst and cheapest to speak out when you are uninformed. Our senior citizens deserve better.”

      John, the facts are extremely clear. Brius, who has a record of horrible care and shoe-string budgeting is doing everything in it’s power to leverage more payments from a non-profit tasked with administering public Medi-Cal funds. It’s doing this in a fairly despicable way by printing full page ads in the Times Standard personalizing the business with a “Brius” signature line and calling on its employees and the people of Humboldt (through these ads) to increase Medi-Cal payment rates.

      John, to be clear, you were just part of a party a couple of years ago, and financial records show you are still support this party though 2016, that will do everything it it’s power to reduce Medi-caid payments federally and Medi-Cal (this is what CA calls Medi-caid) locally, so I am not surprised that you cannot take a stance on this subject.

      If you took the stance Mr. Allison did, you would lose your base. You and I both know this.

      I’m sorry but from those two statements, it seems relatively clear that Ms. Dickinson’s representation of what you said is pretty spot-on. Where is she wrong? And more importantly, why aren’t you out there with candidate Austin Allison as a person if not as a hopeful counsel member.

      Both Peggy and I hope for leaders that understand their mission isn’t simply to make it through another council meeting by signing everything the City Manager puts on your desk. We expect and hope for leaders that will do what they can to represent all of us, to make it so the government can find ways to address very real needs in their community. Even if that means you have to stand alone on a street with a sign to bring attention to a gaping wound in critical public infrastructure.

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