Nezzie Wade Resigns from Humboldt’s Human Rights Commission

That is the headline an important protector of all Humboldt citizens’ rights, Nezzie Wade deserved.  The Times-Standard editor who wrote the headline, seemed to be miffed that Nezzie interrupted the meeting with her resignation.

Here is the headline for today’s paper.



Here is what it looked like if you printed the online edition.



Sadly there is nothing in the paper today to indicate what actually happened or why Ms. Wade had to resign, except this.

“The issues centered on process and procedure of the commission’s chairman, James Glover, regarding how he presented information to Humboldt County 2nd District Supervisor Estelle Fennell. Though the rest of the commission members felt Glover’s action were not out of order, an argument over the issue erupted resulting in the public commenter exiting the meeting and commission member Nezzie Wade resigning on the spot.”   –

…and this…

After their exit, Glover read to the remaining committee members an anonymous letter calling for Glover’s resignation over the same matter. Glover suggested a special meeting to consider the letter writer’s proposal, but commission member Byrd Lochtie put forward a vote of confidence in favor of Glover remaining chairman, and the motion was passed unanimously. 

-Times Standard November 5th, 2016.

To Nezzie Wade:  I’m sorry Nezzie!  Please keep doing what you do even if it isn’t as a member of the Human Rights Commission.  You will be missed by many the panel is meant to protect.  Thank you for your time and service!


2 thoughts on “Nezzie Wade Resigns from Humboldt’s Human Rights Commission

  1. ClassWarrior says:

    It’s sad that anybody who wants to help someone besides a politician or businessman gets pushed out. And the Times-Standard exists solely to push the anti-poor fascist agenda that is so beloved of these people, so their take on the story is not surprising. I haven’t bought a copy of their paper in several years, and have no intention of doing so. They should merge with the Mad River Union; two peas in a pod.

    1. Henchman Of Justice says:


      But the T-S is a hard print source too, so it is not fair or equal to not include a few handfuls of local blog sites who moderate in wishy washy, sly and deceitful practicings to misrepresent the issues……

      Lots of agendas being blogged about by local blog moderators……kinda makes the T-S look saintly……

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