LNP*: P is for People Power

* Letters Not Published.

This one happens to be mine and was a late submission (last weekend) to the North Coast Journal.  If you have any that were not published please pass them along and I’ll post them here.  If they are coherent and seem sincere, even if I disagree with the position or content, I’ll post them.  If they don’t seem sincere then it can be a comment.  One way or another it can be content for 7 readers.

Please do submit your name for these as the idea is these where letters that were not published.  If you don’t have my email, call me at 496-5311 or post a comment below.

P is for People Power

pThere is a clear and familiar political divide on Eureka’s Measure P which would return Eureka to voting by district.

When you vote for President, you are one of 120 million voters on a state-wide proposition or office you are one of 13 million voters. State Senator or Representative?  One of just over 10,000.

If you vote to pass P, you would be one of 2,000 voters for your city councilmember.  That is getting close to the type of democracy that makes sense on a human scale.  

This is the power of P and why I believe those who have been influential in Eureka in recent history are against it.  They don’t want to relinquish their “votes”(plural) or their influence to those people to whom it belongs – all of us.

Please consider P on November 8th.

                                                                                           Jon Yalcinkaya, Eureka


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